Diego Hunt groans as he stumbles down the stairs, rubbing his eyes. His mother is camped out on the couch, making notes on her laptop, surrounded by papers and medical journals.

Cristina looks up at him and smirks. "I know. Mornings suck."

"Uh huh." The teenager sits down beside her and yawns. "Are you still working on your FDA application?"


"But it's Thanksgiving."

"But I'm going to save lives," she mutters. "I am determined to finish this by lunch and before this becomes a football party zone."

"About time you got up, sleepyhead." Mallory sticks her head out of the kitchen and grins. "Your breakfast will be ready soon. Assuming you want your usual."


"Okay." She flips her long red braid over a shoulder, and disappears into the kitchen.

"They should really move back to Seattle," Cristina muses. "I could use a live-in chef."

"I can hear you!" Mallory calls out. "Not happening!"

"I gave you life!" Cristina shouts back.

"Where is everyone?" Diego rubs his eyes.

"Your dad went to the airport to pick up Chloe, and then they'll get Grandma, and Rob is spending some time with his parents. They'll be here for lunch."

"Diego, come get your breakfast!" Mallory yells.

The tall teenager walks into the kitchen. His sister points to a plate on the counter. "There's your omelet and fruit. The milk is in the fridge."

"Thanks." He grabs a glass out of cupboard, trying to stay out of his sister's way as she moves back and forth, between the stove and several pots and bowls.

"I suppose there is no point in telling you to relax," Diego says. "You take holiday meals too seriously."

"It's not just about the food," she informs him, brushing her red bangs out of her eyes. "This is a family gathering. Everything has to be perfect."

"Mallory, can I get a refill?" Cristina yells.

"Coming!" Mallory starts pouring a cup of coffee.

Diego puts the milk away. "So will you and Rob be here for Christmas?"

"Uh huh," she says. "I've already begged my boss for time off."

"Good." Diego smells the air appreciatively. "The turkey smells great."

"I know! It's the best smelling turkey ever! Everything smells so good today."

"Yes, you're a Culinary Goddess." Diego grins at her before carrying his breakfast into the living room.

"Do not mess up my system," Cristina warns him, pointing to the piles of paper. Mallory hands her a mug of coffee.

"How come I had to get my own milk, but you'll get coffee for Mom?" Diego teases, carefully setting his breakfast down away from his mother's work.

"She 'gave me life'," Mallory winks, before returning to the kitchen.

Diego chews on his breakfast, watching the kitchen. He notices Mallory rub the small of her back a few times. "You need any help, Mal?"


"Aren't you helpful," Cristina observes. "What do you want from her?"

"I was raised by Owen Hunt," he grins. "I am programmed to serve the womenfolk, and I'm taller than her now."

"Good boy."

He picks up the remote. Cristina glares at him.

"What, I can't watch the parade?" Diego asks.

"Watch it in our room," she tells him. "Clean up after yourself first."

"Okay." He picks up his dishes and goes into the kitchen, trying to avoid Mallory.

"What are you doing?" She asks.

"Putting away my dishes like a good son," he sighs.

"While you are here ..." She spoons some green bean casserole onto a plate. "Taste this."

He samples it and makes a face. "It's too salty."

"Really?" She looks puzzled. "I can barely taste the salt, even after adding extra."

"Seriously? It's raising my blood pressure and I'm 16." He looks at her. "Are you pregnant?"

"What?" Mallory frowns. "Why would you say that?"

He shrugs. "Isn't that one of the symptoms? Food tasting weird?"

She looks confused. "That's not funny."

"I wasn't trying to be funny." He puts down the plate. "Don't you want a baby? You've been married for what, three years?"

"I'm not going to have a baby any time soon," she replies, picking up some yams. "That's not part of the plan. I will have one later, when we are more financially settled."

"You and your plans."

"Don't mock me just because I have ambition," she smiles. "You don't get to be a Culinary Goddess by wishing to be one. You have to work for it."

"Yes, Mom."

She laughs and throws a potato peel at him. "What do you have planned today?"

"I'm grounded," he informs her. "So … not much. I was thinking of going for a run before the Seahawks game, I'm allowed to do that."

"You're grounded?" Mallory snorts. "What did you do?"

"I stayed out past curfew a few times," he shrugs. "Last week, I meant to only pick up a new game, then I ran into these girls I know and I went to a movie with them and before I knew it, it was midnight."

"Oh oh," she laughs. "I thought I was the only juvenile delinquent in the family."

"I got a lot of catching up to do to match your exploits," he grins. "None of the local police know my name, for example."

"I was hanging with the wrong crowd," Mallory says primly. "It was all their fault."

"Uh huh." Diego chews as he watches her. "And now you're a respectable married woman with a job and everything."

"That is true."

"And you're not pregnant?"

"I don't think so." Mallory looks puzzled, and then her eyes widen. "Oh – no. No."


"I had a period over Labor Day weekend," she says slowly. "I had to borrow a tampon from my friend."

"Did I ask to know that?" He makes a disgusted face.

"I must have had one since then …"

"This is why I don't have friends over," he mutters. "They can't stand listening to medical information all of the time."

"Mom!" Mallory scurries into the living room. "I … uh ..."

Cristina looks up, impatiently. "What?"

"She might be pregnant," Diego says.

"Tell him I'm not!" Mallory frantically points to her brother. "Tell him to stop saying that!"

Cristina looks at Diego. "What are the symptoms?"

"Her sense of smell is acute and she can't taste the cup of salt in the green beans and she apparently hasn't had a period since Labor Day."

"And you were rubbing the small of your back earlier ..." Cristina sighs and looks at Mallory. "Oh god, here comes the Hurricane. Stop freaking out. Not now."

"I … can … not … be … pregnant!" She starts pacing.

"Then go to the drugstore and get a test," her mother tells her. "Put your mind at ease."

"How … can … I … ?" Mallory gestures helplessly.

Cristina looks at Diego. "Would you go to the drugstore and get a pregnancy test?"

"No!" Her son protests. "I am not going to the store for that. Plus, I'm grounded."

"Please Diego," Mallory asks. "I can't go."


Mallory turns to her mother with a hopeful look.

"Call Rob," Cristina tells her daughter. "I don't have time for this."

"No!" Mallory shrieks. "We … we can't afford this. I can't ask him!"

"Then – call Chloe or your father."

"But I ... don't even ..." Mallory balls her hands up into fists. "This is not happening!"

Cristina sits back. "What have you been using for birth control?"

Mallory sighs heavily. "Well - I don't have a health plan at work and Rob's a medical student, so condoms, but you know, sometimes we forget to pick some up and we're in the mood …"

"And you're insisting that you can't be pregnant?" Diego asks.

"Mallory ..." Cristina looks at her daughter with a mixture of frustration and compassion. "Why didn't you ask us for more money so you could afford the pill?"

"We want to be more independent," Mallory says quietly. "Yes, you and Dad and the Shepherds never turn us down, but we're tired of having to ask!"

"Okay." Cristina turns to her son and clears her throat. "Name your price to go with your sister to the store and help her buy a pregnancy test. I will unground you for this trip, it counts as 'serving the womenfolk'."

He stares at her for a long second. "I want the Call of Duty: Martian Wars III game that Dad won't buy for me."

"Why won't he buy it?"

"He thinks it's too violent. When the Martians die they explode and there are Martian guts everywhere."

Cristina blinks. "You're going to be a vet, you have to get used to blood and gore."

"Exactly!" He grins at her. "That's my price."

"Just keep her out of the house until I finish my application," his mother nods, reaching for her purse. "And I'll give you money for a test."

"I am preparing Thanksgiving supper!" Mallory points out. "I can't go!"

"You're not preparing anything while you're standing in the living room having one of your moments!" Cristina retorts. "The nearest drugstore is 10 minutes away. Can you drive or should I call a cab?"

Mallory sighs dramatically. "I can drive!"

"My keys are by the front door."

"Diego, get dressed," Mallory snaps.

He runs upstairs and quickly changes. When he returns, Mallory is pacing in the foyer, breathing heavily.

"Slow down your breathing," he advises Mallory. "You're going to hyperventilate."

"I. Can. Not. Be. Pregnant." Mallory seethes. She grabs the keys, then promptly drops them.

"You can't drive, not while you're freaking out," Diego observes, noticing how badly Mallory's hands are shaking as she picks the keys up. "Can't it wait?"


"Oh, I am not going anywhere with you in that condition," her brother counters. "Unless you let me drive."

"You're grounded."

"We don't have to tell Dad I drove," he grins.

"No! Lying is wrong."

"You're sounding like a mom already," he laughs.

"Stop it!" Mallory is shrill.

"Diego!" Cristina yells from the living room. "Shut up and go earn your game!"

He sighs and opens the front door for his sister.

"This is the wrong time, this can't be happening," Mallory mutters, stomping to Cristina's car. She looks up and sees people in the next driveway. "Shhh!"

"Hi Mr Farber!" Diego waves at an older man, being assisted into his car by a young and muscular man.

"Hello!" Their older neighbor waves. "Happy Thanksgiving!"

"Are you guys able to come over this weekend?" Diego asks, as he holds the driver's door open for Mallory.

"No, we're going to Spokane, we'll be back late Sunday."

"Okay, have a safe trip." Diego gets into the car.

"I have two questions," Mallory states. "Since when are you so friendly with Mr Farber, and who is that hot guy that was helping him?"

"We've been looking out for Mr Farber since his wife died," Diego replies. "His daughter and son-in-law just moved in with him. The hunky guy is his grandson, he sometimes visits Seattle."


Diego grins. "Dad has been trying to arrange it so that Chloe 'just happens' to meet the grandson. That's why I asked if they could come over. Dad's going to be mad that they just missed each other."

"Hee!" Mallory snickers. "Papa Bear is matchmaking!" Her smile fades. "Let's go see if he's Grandpapa Bear."

At the pharmacy, they stare at the many brands of pregnancy tests.

"I don't know which one to get," Mallory mutters. "Which one is the best?"

"I don't know," Diego replies. "I've never bought one before. Maybe you should get one of each?"

"I can't afford that!" Mallory snaps. "Sorry."

"How about that one?" Diego points to a box. "It has a rabbit on it. You like cute things like bunnies."

"We are talking about a potential human life," Mallory protests. "This is important, Diego. You can't pick out a pregnancy test based on whether or not there is a bunny on the package!"

"I'm going to get a clerk," he informs her. "Because you're crazy." He walks away and pulls out his phone, speed-dialing his brother-in-law.

"What's up?" Rob answers.

"Hurricane Mallory is category 5 approaching landfall," Diego says quietly. "I can't tell you why. We're at a store and will be home in about 20 minutes. You need to be there as soon as possible."

"I'm leaving now."

Diego nods and disconnects the call, looking for a clerk. With some reluctance, he approaches a teenage girl stocking a shelf. "I ... my sister … needs some help choosing a pregnancy test."

"Sister." The clerk stares at him. "Right."

"No, really." He guides her to the aisle where Mallory is starting to frantically pace.

"She doesn't look like your sister," the clerk observes, looking from Diego to Mallory.

"I'm adopted," he sighs. "Just tell us which one gets reliable results fast."

Rob Shepherd enters the Hunt house apprehensively, with his parents behind him. He sees Diego sprawled on a couch, checking his phone, while Cristina is packing up her papers.

"Upstairs bathroom," is all Diego says.

"Hey Diego," Derek says, holding a plate of cookies. "We thought we'd come over early too. What's the emergency?"

"Can't say," Diego says, not looking up from his phone. "Hey, want to help me figure out how to make Thanksgiving supper?"

"Why isn't Mallory cooking?" Meredith asks.

"She is having a crisis," Cristina announces.


Rob bounds up the stairs and knocks on the bathroom door. "Mallory?"

She pulls open the door, crying. He frowns. "What's wrong, babe?"

She leans against his chest. "The bunny test is positive."

"The what?'

She pulls back and hands him a stick. He immediately recognizes it. "Positive. You said positive. This is a pregnancy test. It's positive."

"Uh huh," she whimpers, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Rob puts his arms around her and stands there, stunned. He feels a mixture of emotions – elation, fear, worry. He absently strokes Mallory's hair.

"I wanted to tell you first," she whispers.

"Thank you."

"I'm terrified."

"Me too," Rob sighs.

Owen helps his mother into the Hunt house, while Chloe carries in some pies He glances in the living room, where Cristina is signing some papers. "Was Diego driving your car?"

"What?" His son comes out of the kitchen. "No. I'm grounded."

"it's not parked in the usual spot."

"Mallory drove it," Diego says. "Can you come into the kitchen? We need help."

Owen tilts his head curiously. "That doesn't smell like Mallory's cooking."

They enter the kitchen, where Meredith and Derek are consulting a cookbook. Diego picks up a potato and resumes peeling it.

"Where's Mallory?" Chloe asks, looking at the chaotic mess all around the kitchen.

"Upstairs," Diego says very casually. "With Rob."

"Why are they upstairs? Mallory's supposed to be cooking," Owen frowns.

"They're not having sex, are they?" Chloe smirks.

Diego rolls his eyes. "I doubt it."

"Why did Mallory take the car?" Owen asks. "It's Thanksgiving."

"There was something that she needed from the store," Cristina says, standing beside him.

"They're not telling us anything," Derek informs Owen.

Meredith nods. "All we know is that Mallory is upstairs having a crisis."

"Owen, check the turkey," Derek requests. "Does it look pale to you?"

Owen peers into the oven. "It looks okay. But these yams are ruined," he observes, pointing to a pot on the stove.

His mother slowly enters the kitchen, and everyone clears a path for her and her walker. "I'm sure we can salvage the dinner."

"Hi," Mallory says softly, appearing in the kitchen, with Rob behind her. Her face is tear-stained.

The adults stare at her as Diego smiles quietly.

"I'm, um, pregnant," Mallory informs them, as Rob squeezes her shoulders.

Derek smiles as Meredith gasps. Beaming, Owen puts an arm around Cristina, who is watching Mallory carefully.

Mallory looks down at the floor. Then at her brother. "What are you doing?" She asks Diego.

"I was just trying to be helpful," he shrugs, gesturing to the half-peeled potato in his hand.

"You're doing it wrong," she sighs. "Stop trying to be helpful."

"Oh, I'll stop," Diego sighs, putting down the peeler. "I have been nothing but helpful since I got out of bed. I have been dealing with you. 'Oh my god, Diego, don't say I might be pregnant, Oh my god, I might be pregnant, Diego. Go get me a pregnancy test, Diego. Go with me to the drug store, Diego. Help me pick out a pregnancy test, Diego. No, not that one, it has bunnies'."

Frustrated, he points at Mallory. "You are ungrateful. I helped you buy a pregnancy test from a clerk that thinks I knocked up my sister. I tried to salvage supper while you had another meltdown. I have had enough of you today!"

Diego then looks at Rob. "Congratulations!"

"Thanks," Rob smiles, as the others try to stifle their laughter.

Mallory glares at her family, and then her in-laws. "Stop smiling like that, Dad. You too, Derek."

"We can't," Owen grins. "We're going to be grandfathers."

"And you are 'ungrateful'," Derek chortles. "Your poor brother!"

"I think this is lovely news," Grandma Hunt smiles.

"Yes!" Chloe grins widely. "I'm going to be an auntie!" She approaches her sister for a hug, but Mallory scowls and crosses her arms defiantly.

"Derek," Meredith says. "Stop smiling. This is serious."

"You too," Cristina says softly, elbowing her husband.

Owen sighs, and rubs his beard, willing himself to appear anything but happy. He turns to Diego. "Did you say that you went to the store with her while you were grounded?"

"I have had enough of everyone!" Diego yells. "Mom bribed me to go with her!"

"I'm kidding!" Owen chortles, clapping his son on the shoulder, while everyone laughs. "I can only imagine what shopping with Mallory for a pregnancy test is like. You're ungrounded. You've suffered enough."

Diego grins widely. "Thanks Dad!"

"Everyone out of the kitchen," Mallory mutters, rolling up her sleeves. "I've got a meal to prepare."

"Let's get ready to watch the game," Owen suggests, gesturing to the living room.

As the kitchen empties, Cristina moves to stand beside Mallory. "I'm staying."

"Me too," Mrs Hunt announces. "I'll just sit over here, I can peel and chop."

"Thank you Grandma," Mallory sighs, looking around the kitchen. She peers at the ruined yams and frowns.

"You were a surprise," Cristina says quietly. "I did not want to have two children so close together. It took a year of heavy sex to conceive Chloe, and one trip to the Bahamas for you to show up."

"I know the story," Mallory growls. "Thank you so much for reminding me. I feel so much better now. And ew."

"I'm sorry," her mother sighs. "I'm saying it wrong. My point is, you weren't planned, but you were wanted. Very much. You were a good surprise. And it all worked out."

"You were settled," Mallory shoots back. "You were both doctors earning good money. You weren't a medical student and a baker who can't even afford the pill. Maybe things didn't go according to your schedule, but you could afford to have a baby."

Cristina reaches out and strokes her daughter's face. "What do you think you're going to do?"

"I can't have an abortion," Mallory mutters. "That's not for me. But I don't know how we can do this."

"We'll help," Cristina says. "We are doctors earning very good money now."

"I don't want help," Mallory says petulantly.

"I know," Cristina says, continuing to stroke her face. "You want all of your grand schemes to come true exactly as you planned, and you want to do it on your own, to prove that you can."

Mallory looks at her, tears forming in her eyes. "Exactly."

"Everyone feels like that," Cristina smiles gently.

Mallory bites her bottom lip. "You may hug me."

Cristina snorts and puts her arms around her daughter, who leans against her.

After a subdued lunch, Rob tries to coax Mallory into the living room. "Let everyone else cook," he suggests. "Sit down and watch the Seahawks with us. This is their year, I can feel it."

"No, the new coach sucks," she sighs. "Everything sucks."

"We're going to have a cute baby?" He smiles tentatively. "Hey, we need to tell JoJo. She should be up by now."

"Let's go upstairs," she mumbles.

After a few messages, JoJo appears in a video chat window. "Hello! Happy Thanksgiving!"

Mallory waves half-heartedly while Rob smiles. "How is Maui?"

"It's awesome! I'm having a great time, but it sucks not being home for Thanksgiving." She frowns. "What's wrong?"

"I'm pregnant," Mallory mutters. "You're going to be an aunt. Yay."

JoJo looks confused. "I …. thought you wanted kids."

"We do, it's just … not the greatest timing," Rob says, taking Mallory's hand. "I've got to finish my rotations and get an internship."

"And I have a crappy bakery job which I should be grateful for in this economy but I'm not," Mallory complains. "I should be more self-sufficient by now."

"Aw." Her sister-in-law smiles gently. "Well … I'm happy for you. When are you due?"

Mallory shrugs. "I took a test a couple of hours ago. I guess … I'm two months along?" She sits up. "What if it was a false positive? What if we're going through all of this angst over nothing?"

"Do you want to take another pregnancy test?" Rob asks. "I can go to the store."

"We can't afford to keep buying tests," she mutters.

"I'm … going to let you talk about that!" JoJo says. "Say 'hi' to everyone for me, okay?"

"Okay. Love ya." Rob smiles at the webcam, before ending the chat session. He turns to Mallory. "Do your parents have a stethoscope in the house? I could listen for the heartbeat, make sure you're pregnant."

She smiles. "I bet they do!" She jumps up and leaves the room, heading downstairs. "We need a stethoscope," she informs her parents. "We want to check for a heartbeat. In case the test was wrong."

Owen frowns. "You won't be able to hear the heartbeat this early."

She looks impatient. "Can I borrow money to go get another test?"

"I'm calling the hospital," Derek declares, pulling out his phone. "We'll get you a nice ultrasound and confirm the pregnancy."

"You're going to make some tech do an ultrasound on Thanksgiving?" Meredith asks.

"It's our first grandchild," he smiles. "Yes."

"We'll come with you," Owen tells his daughter.

"No, you won't." She points at the TV. "The Seahawks just scored."

"You're more important than football," he chuckles, standing up to hug her. "And if you let me observe the ultrasound, I'll buy you all the fancy expensive baby furniture that you want."

That makes her smile a little. "I guess I can be bribed."

"I am also prepared to buy you whatever you want," Derek grins. "Just agree to name it after one of my parents."

"See?" Rob smiles. "We'll make this work."

"Do we all have to go to the hospital?" Diego asks. "I want to watch the game."

Mallory snorts. "Looking at my uterus is definitely optional."

All four parents and Rob squeeze themselves into the room, as the tech spreads jelly on Mallory's stomach. She holds Rob's hand, as the tech starts to probe.

"And here we are," the tech says. The room falls silent.

Rob tilts his head to look at the screen. He frowns. Mallory raises her head and looks at her parents. "Well?"

"Um," is all Owen can say, mesmerized by what he sees.

"What? I'm not pregnant?" She is surprised to feel disappointed.

"Oh, you're definitely pregnant," Cristina says carefully.

"Okay." Mallory smiles tentatively. "How … does it look?"

Meredith swallows. "They look healthy ..."

Mallory stares at her mother-in-law, feeling a growing sense of dread. "You did not just say that," she sputters. "You did not just imply that we're … having multiples. Rob!"

He winces as the tech turns the screen so that Mallory can see it. She gasps.

"There are two of them," Rob tells her gently. "See?"

Cristina points to two different spots. "There is Baby A – and that one is Baby B."

"They have separate amniotic sacs," Meredith observes. "They're fraternal twins, not identical."

"Oh," Mallory says softly.

"They look terrific, Mal," Cristina says encouragingly. She awkwardly pats her daughter's hand. "Well done." She looks at Owen, whose eyes are shining. He smiles quietly at her and touches her face.

Derek clears his throat. "If you want to move in with us when the babies come, you can."

"We'll help in any way," Owen adds, gruffly. "You can also move in with us."

"Thanks," Rob acknowledges, taking Mallory's hand. "They look very healthy, Mallory. I saw worse in my Obstetrics rotation."

She gulps. "They look like peanuts."

Their parents chuckle.

"Healthy peanuts," Meredith emphasizes, as the technician moves the probe around.

"This is real," Mallory says slowly. "We're having twins."

"Yes!" Cristina agrees briskly.

Mallory points to the screen. "Those are our babies and they're really growing in me?"

"That's how it works," Owen says, squeezing her hand.

Mallory sighs. "They're … kind of … cute peanuts ..."

Everyone looks at her but remains silent.

She purses her lips. "Okay, I'm happy about this now."

"Really?" Rob chuckles.

"Yeah," Mallory admits. "Why not? We're having peanuts ahead of schedule. It's not the end of the world. And I've realized that we can pit our fathers against each other to see who will buy us the most stuff."

"She's ungrateful and shameless," Derek chuckles, unable to stop looking at the screen.

"They're beautiful," Chloe breathes, looking at the printout of the ultrasound. "Am I allowed to be happy about being an aunt now?"

"Yes," her sister smiles. "Be prepared to babysit."

"Do you know how far along you are?" Diego asks, peering over Chloe's shoulder.

"9 weeks!" Mallory smiles and hugs her brother. "Thank you for being so patient and helpful today." She ruffles his dark hair.

"Stop that!" Laughing, Diego pushes her hands away. "Don't you have a Thanksgiving supper to prepare?"

"Eh, everyone wants me to rest, I'm resting. Dad and Grandma know how to cook." She sits on the couch and turns up the volume on the TV. "Hey, the Seahawks are winning!"

Cristina sits down next to Mallory, and pulls out her laptop. "I've downloaded some pregnancy books for you to read. And we are going to research asthma and pregnancy and go over your medications. You're breathing for three now."

"Mom, I'm trying to watch the game!" Mallory protests.

Her mother blinks. "You've got the next generation of surgical geniuses growing in you, you need to be prepared."

"Can it wait until after supper?"

"I guess." Cristina smiles. "How are you doing? Do you need anything?"

Mallory chuckles and touches her stomach. "Well, I'd love a beer, but that's out of the question. A glass of milk would be nice."

"Good choice." Cristina pauses, then squeezes her daughter's hand. "You're going to be a great mother."

"Thanks," Mallory smiles.

Cristina turns to Diego. "Did you hear your sister? She wants some milk."

He glances at her. "I helped her buy a pregnancy test."


Her husband sticks his head out of the kitchen. "Yes?"

"Can you get a glass of milk for Mallory?"

"Sure!" He appears a minute later with a glass. "Here you go, hon."

"Thanks Dad."

He smiles softly. "Look at you. My beautiful daughter, all grown up and having babies. I know what I'm giving thanks for today."

Derek appears with another glass of milk, and a plate of cookies. "I thought you might be hungry."

"I like this," Mallory grins. "You two trying to out-grandfather each other. I'm going to have the most spoiled babies ever."

"And the smartest," Cristina adds. "Priorities, Mal."

Meredith emerges from the kitchen. "Gentlemen, I think it's time you set the table."

"How bad is the meal going to be?" Mallory winces.

Her mother-in-law chuckles. "Well, the turkey looks great. Your grandmother is doing a wonderful job of supervising everyone, we'll have a yummy meal. And if it sucks, we have lots of pies. We'll be fine."

"So you're not going to have the perfect Thanksgiving meal," Diego grins at Mallory. "At least this is a memorable one."

"It sure is," she laughs.

Author's note: I actually wrote the bulk of this a while ago, but it never felt right to publish it. I was going to save it for November. It felt right to dust this off and finish it this week, to hopefully bring a few smiles after last week.