"You're so gorgeous, you know that?" Hoagie made goo-goo eyes, leaning against the cool countertop across from the object of his affections. "You're beautiful on the outside, but I know that what's on the inside is even better," he crooned, walking his hand nearer. "And you've got some really great buns. I think I'm in love."

"What are you doin', boy?"

Hoagie jumped and whipped around, frowning slightly as he saw Abby standing stock-still in the kitchen doorway. The position of her eyebrows and widened eyes gave him the faint impression that she was a tad confused by the scene she had walked into.

"Professing my undying love for this cheeseburger. Do you mind?" he replied haughtily, dragging the meal in question closer to himself protectively. Abby shook her head and continued to her room.

"Some days I worry about whatever sanity you have left."

I blame The Flying Red Panda for this one! ALL YOUR FAULT!

This is probably the shortest of all my drabbles, yet I think I like it the best. (Even if it's not very detailed at all. Oh well.)

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