Book Of The Blue Moon Fang

Inuyasha had taken off again, rushed, ahead of everyone else. Naraku had the jewel and he was going to make his wish, but he was waiting for his guest, his trap was set. Sesshomaru had shown up after his younger half brother, he stood quite, he would let Inuyasha take a beating before stepping in, in hopes it would one day dawn on Inuyasha that rushing was not the way to do things. Inuyasha swung their fathers fang in anger, blind rage, and in Sesshomaru's eyes it was a waste, it was unfair, Inuyasha was unfit to even hold their fathers sword.

Sango and Miroku had come second, coming to aid Inuyasha, who was fighting a loosing battle. Sango waisted no time in throwing her weapon, though it did no good. Miroku grabbed his hand "I'll open my wind tunnel"

"Miroku no!" Sango said grabbing his wrist, he was to close to loosing his life. Sesshomaru removed his sword, ready to step in, this had gone on long enough. He was about to make his move when a voice stopped him.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled, coming out from the woods, her bow was aimed and she released her arrow. It shot out at Naraku, she had taken him by surprise, in fact she had taken everyone by surprise. Naraku hissed and stepped back,

"Give us the jewel back you bastard" Inuyasha said,

"You fool, you think her little arrow would be enough for me to hand over the jewel" Naraku spoke before laughing, then he shot his tentacle out at the girl who dare hit him, of course Inuyasha was not having any of that and like always he was her hero.

"It does not matter what you do, I have the jewel and I will make my wish" Naraku smiled,

"Now that you are all here" Naraku held out the jewel in his hand his smirk getting bigger. His hand shut over the jewel and his eyes closed.

"Inuyasha stop him he's making a wish!" Kagome yelled grabbing another arrow for her bow.

"I'm on it!" Inuyasha wasted no time, there was no longer any time left, he went after Naraku his blade set high above his head, ready to come down, it never would.

"Inuyasha!" Two women screamed, the echo of their screams reaching for what seemed like miles. Kikyo had show up, her dead void coming close to it's end.

Naraku's tentacle had shot out and went straight through Inuyasha's chest, his poison burning his beating heart. Inuyasha could heal his body, but he shared a human heart, that, that could not heal. Inuyasha's blade fell from his hands, behind his back and the blade hit the dirt. Naraku threw Inuyasha to the ground, closed his eye again and made a wish.

Everyone knew making the right wish would remove the jewel from the world, but making the wrong wish...

Naraku's backfired on him. He had wished to the ruler, to be control of all, and with that, it meant control of the jewel. The jewel did like that, the jewel was a higher evil. The jewel lashed out, killing Naraku, his screams didn't last long, his body vanished. Miroku quickly looked at his hand "It's gone, he's dead" He spoke shocked and breathless before looking back up the jewel.

The jewel hoovered "Shoot it!" Kikyo said in a hard voice, as she made her way to Inuyasha, kneeling at his side, holding him to her chest. Sesshomaru watched as Kagome set her arrow up and shot it with force, her feelings and emotion were in that arrow. The arrow hit and the jewel itself seemed to scream. The arrowed turned, the jewel still attached to it, and flew back at Kagome,

"Kagome!" Miroku yelled, but it was to quick, it went into her chest. Kagome fell to the ground, she didn't scream or twitch, she just fell back. Miroku and Sango moved quick to her side both calling her name. Sesshomaru and the other's watched as the jewel and arrow a few long moments Kagome blinked her eyes ans sat up "Hu?"

"The jewel and arrow just went into your body" Sango said, Kagome touched her chest,

"How do you feel?" Miroku asked,

"Fine, whats, whats going on" But Kagome did not wait for a answer, she sat all the way up "Inuyasha!" She stood up but froze.

Kikyo was embracing Inyasha, his blood was everywhere, Kikyo was dying right there with him, her soul stealer's swirling around her. Tears came to Kagome's eyes, she knew what was going on, she wanted to rush to his side, she should be at his side, but yet, she could not move her feet. Kagome stood and watched, Inuyasha touched Kikyo face "Kik, Kikyo"

"Inuyasha" Kikyo whispered, she bent her head down and kissed his lips, as they did so, their body's changed, it was like a million fireflies,

Their souls went to the heavens, a warm breeze rushed through Kagome's hair, everyone could feel the peace. Kagome closed her eyes, tears rushed down her cheeks, her hands balled up "Inuyasha" She whispered, she didn't even get to say goodbye, and yet she could not be mad, she felt hurt, he didn't speak her name, she wondered if he even thought of her in his last moments.

Inuyasha was gone. "No" Kagome whispered, this was not how it was supposed to happen. She was a girl from the future, who could travel to the past, she met a half demon, a monk a slayer and many other people, she had miko powers, she could heal, it was supposed to be a fairytale ending to a fairytale like life, Kagome was a healer, but at this time, she could not heal the feeling, the life or the hurt of the moment, she found herself wondering what her purpose was, she had not done her job, what was her destiny if this was not it, this could not be it, she refused to believe it, she refused to believe her destiny was just to destroy the jewel and not complete it, she refused to believe that Inuyasha was just a person that came along in her life,

There had to be more, there just had to be more.