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Christine smiled softly as she arrived at the mausoleum that housed her dear Papa. She laid her bouquet of flowers down in front of it and sat down carefully on the steps. It was summer now, so different from the last time that she had attempted to come here. "Oh Papa, how I wish you were here. There is so much I wish for you to see."

She glanced back to where Erik was waiting in their carriage. He'd insisted that they make this stop on their way to the docks, before they took off to Italy for their honeymoon and she'd been extremely grateful. The past six months had been so busy at the opera and in her personal life that she'd hardly had time to go to the out of the way graveyard to pay her respects. But she was here now.

"Erik and I are married, Papa. We're on our way to our honeymoon now." She smiled as she fingered her wedding band. "He proposed three months ago and I was more than happy to accept. He is so wonderful, Papa. He loves me very much, as much as he loves his music. I think that you would have liked him, Papa." She paused, considering her words for a moment. "Perhaps not at the beginning. But he has mellowed. He just needed someone to love him as a man and he would act as one."

"I have had my great triumph on stage. Erik's opera was a huge success and the Opera Populaire has already engaged me as their diva next season, they were so impressed with my performance. And Erik will finally occupy Box Five officially, all season, as Diva Daaé's husband instead of the Opera Ghost. He sent his last note as the Opera Ghost to the managers the day after I received my contract. He said that his purpose was fulfilled and he would no longer be haunting the operahouse." She laughed and smiled as she remembered the looks on her managers' faces the next day when she introduced her fiancé to them. "The next day Erik revealed himself as my fiancé and declared he was to be the opera's newest patron. I think the managers were rather leery of him until he said he'd be giving them money...if only they knew it was their money to begin with!"

Chuckling, she covered her face with her hands, and shook her head. "Oh Papa, I know this is probably not the life that you envisioned for me, is so fulfilling. I love Erik very much and I love the stage. Our lives are filled with music and...oh, Papa, it is everything that I could have hoped for."

She gazed up at her former surname, emblazoned across the top of the stone arch. "I know that you are watching me from heaven. I hope that I have not disappointed you." She smiled, gathering her skirts and standing, walking up to the giant gate that separated the tomb from the rest of the graveyard. Wrapping her hands around the bars, she grinned as she thought she could almost hear her papa's violin music playing on the air. "Erik has promised me that he will play your violin for our children, should we be blessed with them. I rather like that idea...I hope you do too."

Her fingers uncurled from the bars and she brought a hand up, kissing her fingertips and softly blowing the kiss towards the inside of the tomb. "I love you, Papa. I will come visit after our honeymoon, I promise." With that she turned and started the trek back to the carriage.

Erik was waiting outside as she approached and he opened the door, helping her inside before following her. She smiled up at him, curling against his side. "Will you come with me next time?" Christine asked.

He looked down at his wife and couldn't help smiling at her. "If you would like me to, I would be honoured to go with you to your father's grave, Christine."

Christine nodded and then nestled against his side, leaning her head comfortably on his shoulder. Her husband was not a knight in shining armour. But he was something so much better. He was her Angel of Music.