Hello! It's me, Mr. Mistofleas, back with story # 5. WOW! Am I really that far? Anyway, I hope you like this.

Me: I don't own CATS, blah, blah, blah, and all that nonsense.

Misto: Wait… I thought you had one, though.

Me: I do.

Misto: I'm confused.

Me: MISTO! I own a Jellicle, but I don't own CATS the musical. Or TMI. Oh, but I do own Samantha/Cantalina.

Misto: Oh…. Yay!

Me: *rolls eyes*


-Chapt. 1-

-Samantha POV-

"Samantha… I'm getting back together with Alec." Those seven words are the worst ones I've ever heard Magnus say. They broke my heart.

Magnus Bane has been my best friend ever since I found out that I was a warlock. We told each other everything. There was also nothing stopping us from dating. Except one thing: Magnus was gay. Not long after that, he met Alec Lightwood. I've never liked Alec, but I hated him even more after he and Magnus met. Magnus never had time for me anymore. My other friend, Christina, totally approved of the 'Malec' relationship, as it was fondly called. Well one day, Magnus got really mad at Alec, and he broke up with him. I wondered if there was any chance Magnus might begin to have feelings for me, anyway, though I doubted it. However, I needn't have worried. Magnus walked up to me one day, and asked if I wanted to go out with him.

We were together for quite a while. Christina however, was furious. She hated Magnus not being with Alec. And after a lot of thought, he and Alec (quite literally) kissed and made up, and got back together. The nerve of him! But I got over it. We became friends again, and we still hung out, talked, and went for random drives in Magnus's very fast sports car. But I was sad. I missed the comfort of having a boyfriend to go to when I was upset. I missed being able to go the mall and be able to say "this is my boyfriend." Good lord, I even missed Christina not talking to me! (Although, I somehow doubt that has anything to do with me and Magnus not being together.)

So for the longest time, I was single, and I went to random parties, trying to meet people. But there was no success. Of course, it may have also had something to do with me being a Werelock. (Just saying, that's a werewolf/warlock.) No one really wants such a powerful and dangerous Downworlder as a girlfriend. It's true. Don't try to deny it! I suppose that's wahy Christina's still single, too. She's I Shadowhunter/Faerie. Don't even ask me how that happened. I know it makes no sense.

One day, I was on the subway. I was bored, so I was people-watching. At first I thought may have been that I was just very, very, tired, but I know now that it wasn't. I saw three people walking. One was very tall, with a leather jacket and long, black, straggly hair. I almost mistook him for a Shadowhunter. He looked about 25 years old. So did the other one, a girl, who was just slightly shorter, and very pretty. The last one was shorter, with short jet black hair. He looked about 20, not much older than me. He looked very awkward and nervous. Okay, so I know you're thinking, "So what? They're mundanes. Who cares?" Well, the thing is, they must have been using some sort of glamour, because something flickered, and in their places, I saw….. cats!