Jenny walks out of her spaceship with a smile. This is her favorite part & it has never gotten old for her. That first step that she takes onto a different place is so exciting. She does not know if she is walking into a paradise or the finality of a planet. It is always something different.

However, this time she sought out this place.

Jenny has heard rumors about this place in several temples throughout the galaxy. It was only whispers in the highest levels in several societies. Only a selected individuals whispered about it. If rumors on what she heard about this place is true, there has only been five individuals in the universe that has set foot on this place. That alone made her want to come to this place.

She could feel the dry ground crunch underneath her boot. She could hear the crackle in the air as she walk out. Jenny looks around to see not a starry sky, but a pure white sky. She smiles. That did not surprise her. According to the rumors & her ship instruments, they were outside space & time. Of course, that was not the reason why the sky was pure white.

In front of her is a building. It screams majestic & antique. This odd place is a library sitting on a floating asteroid. How it got there, no one knows.

"Whoa!" said a male voice. The voice snaps Jenny back into reality. She turns to see her latest companion simply staring at the whole area with his mouth open. He is eighteen years old and is wearing jeans and black t shirt. His body has an athletic building. The man is the All American individual.

Jenny had wondered how many companions that her father has gone through. She had waited for one hundred years before she even got the desire to have someone by her side. After what she had went through with Chuck, she did not want to risk it again. She could not see herself placing another individual in so much danger. It is one thing that she put herself in that situation, but putting another individual at risk is a different matter.

Jenny met the man in Greece on the side of the road. He was trying to fix a broken down truck. Unfortunately, he was not aware of the approaching black goo that wanted to devour him. She had to step in & save him. In turn, she had to save Greece from the black goo with his help. Then she got to know him and realized that she had to take him with her.

The boy is eighteen years old and he looks like he needed an adventure. Whatever has happened to him, she could tell that it affected him down to his being. Jenny could see a person that lost his center. There is an aimlessness in his eyes. He needed something and she could not help but try to help him.

"This is so unbelieveable." said Matt with a smile creeping up his face. "Where are we?"

"We are in an anolmy in space and time. This particular area is simply outside of everything. It is a grand mystery on how it got here and why. Excited isn't' it?" ask Jenny with a smile that she did not want to hide.

Matt slowly walks further away from the ship. His smile is just slowly getting bigger.

"Have you been here?" ask Matt.
"First time I have been here." reply Jenny.

"No one else has been here?"
"According to rumors, five individuals. No one really knows how they got here or how they got out. According to the rumors, they were profoundly changed by the experience." explains Jenny.

"Oh, dear lord!" said a female voice.

Jenny's hearts skip a beat. If Matt was excited by the prospect by the adventure, his companion seems to be the opposite.

The old woman with the young girl's body slowly creeps out of the ship. Her hair is blonde. While Matt is built for outdoors, she seems more built for high society. Her clothes screams designer brands. She is slim, even though she hides a reservoir of physical strength. She seems to be the opposite of Matt. She looks around the area with suspicion. Jenny could see that she had fear in her eyes.

"Where have you brought us, you lunatic?" asks the woman. Matt stops and turns to her. He walks back to her. Unfortunately for Jenny, Matt was not alone in Greece. It turns out the blonde woman was in the broken down truck calling the police. How did these two ever got together to become travel companions is beyond Jenny's comprehension. Once the offer to travel into space was accepted by Matt, the woman tagged along for Matt's protection.

"Rebekah." said Matt in a calm voice.

The woman looks at Matt.

"Calm down."


"Because this is an adventure." answers Matt. Rebekah starts to laugh. Whatever is the private joke between the two, they never explains it to Jenny.

"We could die here." said Rebekah.

"And I could have die at home many times. I rather die doing something then being a target for some crazed maniac. We are exploring somewhere that even your brother will never see."

"Even if he did, he would name it Caroline like he was some sort of conquering viking." said Rebekah with disdain.

"There it is."


"That is the Rebekah that I know." said Matt. Rebekah smiles.
"Fine. We will explore this place. Just do not say that I did not warn you."

"I wouldn't." said Matt.

Rebekah could not help but smile at Matt. Jenny could see that she was only doing this for Matt. She see the same thing that Jenny see. It may explain why Rebekah was with him in Greece.

Jenny wonders if Matt knew that Rebekah was not completely alive.

"Are you done yet, old woman?" yells out Jenny in jest.

"Shut up you cow! We will be right there." yells back Rebekah. Somehow Rebekah did not like Jenny. Her distaste for Jenny just simply grow and it is only tolerate because of Matt.

"I hate it when she calls me that." said Rebekah as Matt takes her hand.

"C'mon. Let see what this creepy place has inside." said Matt.

Rebekah and Matt walks up beside Jenny. She start to lead them toward the door. Jenny then knocked on the door.

"That is your plan?" ask Rebekah. "Are you going to simply knock on the door?"
"Yes." answers Jenny with a smile. "It would be simply rude if I did not knock."
Jenny knocks on the door.

What surprises Rebekah and Matt is the fact that the door swings open.

"Cool." said Jenny. She walks into the building.

"Yep. We should have went to Paris." said Matt.

"I told you. You chose not to listen to me. Now we are walking into an ominous library." answers Rebekah. She grabs Matt's hand & leads Matt into the library.

What they see is simply a man standing in the middle of a room wearing a robe. There is a hood that cover the face of the man.

"Huh. I was not expecting that." said Matt.

"Hello." said Jenny as she walks up to the robed man. He turns to face the trio.

"Are you the one?" ask the robed man
"The one. I like to think that I am the only one." answers Jenny.

"No. There are plenty of those. No, Are you the paradox?"

"Well, that does get annoying." said Jenny. Jenny takes a breath. "Yes, I am a paradox."
"Good. My family have been waiting for you for centuries." said the hooded man.
"Really. Why?" ask Jenny. Both Rebekah and Matt look at each other with confusion.

"We only live to collect forgotten information. Information that no one will remember or have forgotten. Information that only the paradox can use for good. A long time ago, my ancestor constructed a place that would house such information in a secure place. At first, he thought he would use it for the betterment of mankind. One night, he dreamt about you and knew that you may one day need this place. So our ancestors and family gather information for you and waited for the day that you walk through those doors." said the hooded man.

"You were waiting for her. What is this place?" asks Rebekah.

"This is the Intersect." said the robed man. He extends his hand out in the air. The dark room lights up. The walls on the building start to light up. What the trio realizes that the walls were all monitors. Matt could see images of people on some of the monitors.. Rebekah could see places, some that she has went and forgotten. Jenny smiles. It has been a long time since she has heard of the Intersect.

"You can call me Orion." said the hooded man.