So I put my itunes on shuffle and decided to write short fics based on what song it gave me and I had to finish when the song ended no matter what…

Disclaimer- Don't own anything except plots

Insomnia- Faithless

The creepy eeriness of the forest was starting to get to Merlin. He had been in this forest many times before but never without his Arthur and now he found himself lost in the shadows of the forest all alone. He wanted out now! He wanted his Arthur NOW!

'Merlin' The wind whispered softly into his mind like a forbidden thought. Why him? Why Now? Maybe if he just lay down this would all just be….. (End of song)

O Death Remix- Supernatural soundtrack :/

The drums was like the beat of his heart, thump, thump, thump. Arthur watched terrified as Merlin, his best and only friend, was marched up to the wooden pole set in the ground surrounded by hay. This would be the last time he saw Merlin, he knew it. (End Song)

Beat It- Fall Out Boy

Whack! Thump! Bang! Were the only sounds that could be heard throughout Camelot on this fine morning. Swords clanging together and 2 boys grunting and groaning with each hit. No one actually knew what happened to cause this fight to break out between the prince and his manservant but it was starting to get vicious and deadly, only 1 would walk anyway alive and everyone knew it wouldn't be the manservant.

It started that morning when Arthur was training Merlin how to use a sword when Merlin had the insane urge to tell Arthur he was a warlock, so he did. Arthur didn't take it so well though. (End Song)

Dear Maria, Count me in- All Time Low

The war was coming, the last battle Arthur had taken to calling it, the reason being he knew he wouldn't come out of this alive. He had been crowned king now for 10 happy years but this was the ending of his rein and he knew it. Now all he had to do was break the news to his beloved friend that he wasn't allowed to come with him on this journey.

'Merlin you have been a faithful servant and advisor but I fear this may be my last battle but it will not be yours, I refuse it to be' (End Song)

Worlds Apart- Twenty Twenty (Check them out)

'Why aren't you happy Merlin? It's Arthur's coronation party and the day your destiny is fulfilled and yet you sit here glaring and drinking all the cider.' Commented Gaius.

'Gaius? Dad? How are you?' Slurred Merlin back.

'Merlin! What's wrong with you?'


'Hold on I'll get Arthur to sort this out'

'No no don't please.'

'Then tell me what's wrong now!'

'I LOVE HIM, ALRIGHT? I love him' Screamed Merlin back which caught everyone's attention including his beloved Arthur's (End Song)