DISCLAIMER: Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight land, however I have been inspired by her story and by the people who have become Bella and Edward in my slightly twisted mind...

I sat opposite you that night and I watched you. I watched you out of the corner of my eye as I have done so often. I saw your smile, watched you take a sip of your drink and envied the glass as it touched your lips.

Your eyes danced as you talked and I could glimpse your busy mind behind them. You spoke with such passion – I wished you would speak like that of me.

The soft light caught the locks of your hair and I wanted so much to touch it, to run my fingers through; to twist my fingers at the nape of your neck as our lips met. To feel small and protected as your strong arms enfold me.

And so I take what I can get: a smile directed at me, an accidental brush of the hand, the arm. I know that is all it will ever be, so I allow my dreams to hold me close when I think of you.