"Hisagi-san…," The young blond whispered. He tentatively reached out with pale hands to touch the perfectly tanned skin before him. With a sigh and a little extra will power, Izuru's trembling fingertips came to rest on Hisagi's cheeks. Hisagi couldn't help but to smile at Izuru's shy attempt at affection and wrapped his arms around the blond's thin frame, his hands coming to rest at the small of Izuru's back.

Izuru had wanted this to happen for so long, probably since his academy days if he had to think of the length. His adoration towards the older man had started the day he and his classmates were sent to the world of the living for a lesson on Konso. Out of the blue, numerous huge hollows appeared, seeking to make the four students their next meal. As Izuru ran away to hide, he turned around for a split second, only to see a hollow catch Hisagi off guard and rake it's claws down the side of his face, marring that beautiful visage.

Since that day, Izuru had always blamed himself for the three scars that now defined him. He would never tell Hisagi that, however, as the brunette might scold him for contemplating such frivolous matters.

Izuru was brought back to attention when he felt soft lips ghost along his jaw line and nip his earlobe. He groaned and tilted his head away.

"Hisagi-san," Izuru chuckled, "this is your birthday, meaning that I have to be in control this time. At least let me take charge today. You deserve it."

Hisagi smiled brightly, glad that Izuru was being assertive for once. He had always wanted to see how good of a seme Izuru would be. After their friends had learned of the relationship, Renji, Momo, and Matsumoto had quickly assumed Izuru would be the chronic uke. Tonight, they were to be proven wrong.

Izuru pulled his koibito closer and breathed against his lips.

"Happy Birthday, Shuu-kun."

With that, Izuru tenderly pressed his lips against Hisagi's. This was going to be a very happy birthday indeed.

I realize this is very short, but I wrote this in about a half hour on August 14, a.k.a. Hisagi Shuuhei's birthday. I'm posting this late here, mainly because this was originally published on my dA account. Anyways, enjoy! I might write another one come Izuru's b-day...next year. This story marks my return to after nearly a year away. I'm glad to back!