Perfect Day 20:01

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This chapter is mainly Yume, but i still greatly favor Zeki. If I do a whole serie, then it's going to be Zeki. I'm a zeki fangirl, sorry, even though that chapter talks about marr-! Almost said it, if you want to know, you have to read first! ^^

Takes place 2 years after Yuuki left. Good reading!

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That was it.

She should have felt ecstatic, like she was the luckiest woman on Earth and as if she had reached heaven. It was a one-time-in-a-life moment; the thing that every woman wished could be as special, as perfect as her moment. There were thousands of people in the church, the white columns covered in gold leaves and decorated with roses and orchids, the sweet odor floating in the air. And the kiss…

It was soft, loving and caring, full of promises and non-spoken words, of peace and accomplishment. Like silk petals skimming her glossy lips, pink and inviting. It was every girl's perfect dream, perfect life and perfect future traced like a single gold thread up to heaven…

But it wasn't hers.

Of course, there was no denying the warm and fuzzy feelings growing inside her as she said her vows. She didn't ignore the fluttering of her own heart as she kissed the groom, the rapidly increasing beating hurrying in excitement. She was basking in the glow of everyone's happiness as she reached the epitome of joy and glory. She had reached the brightest star, the untouchable sun that lived only for her. She had what everyone wanted for themselves.

She had Kaname's love.

She had power.

She had pure blood flowing through her veins.

She had respect and richness.

She had beauty and grace.

But, why didn't she feel complete? It was the best day of her life and it still felt like she missed something. Someone, actually.

Stop that! Stop complaining like some egoistical and rich girl who has everything in life but can't even be happy for that. Just because you have this Mary Sue complex doesn't mean you can start complaining and whining.

Mary Sue complex. Yeah, she was caught between two formidable men and she couldn't decide which one she loved most. And now that she has chosen one, she still wanted the other one's love back.

You're so stupid! Wake up, girl! You can't break someone's heart and ask to be apologized and still be friends or whatnot. He said it, didn't he, it's not something that can be resolved by talking. Actions are what are important.

Yuuki took Kaname's hand newly adorned with his alliance, all gold and elegant. Hers was the same but more feminine, with small diamonds incrusted in it and it was graved '' Love ever after'' inside of it. Step by step, they descended the stairs leading to the altar where they had just exchanged their vows.

Yeah, and you just married his archenemy. Like this is going to make him stop hating you. He has all the reasons to despise you. You are the kind of vampire who cursed him to live a miserable life that would end in some tragic way. You left him behind to go with Kaname, breaking the promise you were so set on respecting, without as much as an afterthought.

Yuuki cursed the little voice in her head, nagging her in a time and place like this. She really didn't need that part of her conscience reproaching her of the life she chose to follow. Because she already knew all that and even though it pained her, she would live and be happy without him. She had Kaname. It was more than enough.

Lifting her head proudly, she walked hand in hand with her husband, took a look at his gracious features and so perfect eyes, burning with passion and love. He had won her heart and she had won his, and nothing would change.

She looked back at the sea of people applauding and throwing rose petals at the new weds. She barely knew 1 percent of them. There were of course the maids of honor, Yori, Ruka and Rima and Kaname's best men, Aido, Kain and Takuma, along with the Chairman who walked her to the altar earlier.

There were a couple of nobles with whom she became familiar with in the years following her awakening and even some ex-classmates who came because they kept their memories after the incident.

All of them, all of her past friends, new friends and lots and lots of strangers came to assist to the most special day of her life. Every eye was on her and Kaname. Some looked at her with happiness, some with envy, some with teary eyes while they brushed aside some snot (Eww, the Chairman might consider using an handkerchief) and even some with jealous, burning eyes. (Maybe that choosing Ruka as one of her maid of honor wasn't a good idea after all. But then, she didn't have enough female friends.)

Stop looking for him. You know he didn't come. As if he'd assist his enemies' marriage. Even if he came, that would be probably for work or to try to kill you on the spot.

Stupid conscience. She didn't need to be reminded of the situation. She knew she was being pathetic, hoping to see her old friend and biggest enemy showing up to see her in her white gown, all dressed up and elegant, so unlike the human she was before she awakened to her vampire nature. She wished she could have been prettier back then, when she could show him her dresses (or lack of it) and be teased over her boyish attire.

She missed those times, even though what awaited her promised to be grandiose and beautiful. But in a way, those silly things, normal days and sarcastic retorts, were all precious.

Nearing closer to the doors leading to the outside, open to the warm air of July and the cloudless blue sky, she caught the weird, almost playful, look on Kaname's face before she was swept off the floor.

Stopping herself from letting a small cry of surprise past her lips -that would have been inelegant and she couldn't do that without having Ruka reproaching her of spoiling the day- she hooked her arms across his neck as he held her close to him in a bridal style.

She heard some cooing and ''ooooh's'' and ''aaaaah's'' echoing in the background behind here, inside the gothic church of marble as she leaved past the grand doors held open for the newly weds.

Letting some laughters of joy past her lips, she was fully convinced that it was to be the best day of her new long, long life of happiness with her husband.

''I love you, Yuuki… I'm the luckiest man on Earth'', said Kaname, burying his head in her soft hair before pushing aside with his nose the semi-transparent material of her veil and kissing tenderly the skin of her neck.

She closed her eyes, savoring the moment, before opening her eyes and replying with fervor: '' And I love you Kaname, the man of my every dream…''

She whispered to herself, as she looked again at the new life waiting for her: '' This day is perfect…''

That's when she noticed the shadows near the exterior wall of the church, dressed in black and leaning against the white stones, looking at them.

Her eyes went wide; with terror or anguish, she didn't know.

He was here!

Crossing his arm on his chest, looking at her with disdain and hate written all over his beautiful features, he shot her a glare that stopped her heart from beating, her brain from thinking and all of sudden, she didn't feel so well.

The silver haired man stood some feet away from the couple, dressed into a handsome black tux, with another unknown ash-haired hunter that had turned around while he was probably having a conversation.

Kaname had stopped walking, knowing since the beginning that the level D had been asked to watch over the ceremony and keep on duty while 2000-something vampires celebrated the wedding of the closest thing to King and Queen of the vampire world. He wanted to go on and ignore the hunter, but he knew very well that Yuuki wouldn't want him to do that. He hated the ex-human and he would have liked to avoid Yuuki of being hurt in her feelings again, like she was in the beginning of her life with him, but that was probably the best method to keep her from wishing to be friend with the D again. Zero would be the one to drive her away from himself. If she's hurt by his harshness and rude behavior, then that was probably for the best in Kaname's case.

So he deposed her feet on the stone, making sure she could stand by herself in her emotionally unstable state before letting go of her and turning around to face the hunter.

Still shocked, Yuuki whispered to him in a fragile, hopeful voice: '' Zero…so you did came to the…wedding?''

Boring his harsh amethyst eyes in her garnet eyes, he snapped at her: '' It's not like I asked to witness another sight of the sick, animal side of yours, vampire. Seeing you and your kind celebrating yet another bestial festivity of intermarrying isn't my idea of a good time. ''

''So he came for duty only, '' she thought, '' and he still hates me. Even more so than two years ago.''

Hurt flashing through her doe eyes, she blushed a bit at the defenseless side she showed when she had whispered almost hopefully seconds before. She couldn't let herself be vulnerable to his emotions and words anymore, it was only bringing pain to her.

'' Please refrain from insulting our race and customs. You may be the new Hunter Association President, but it doesn't give you the right to insult us. Taking pride in attacking verbally a race is something very shameful, Kiryuu-san.'' said Yuuki, as she steeled herself into adopting the cold but polite tone of a pureblood to address to her ex-best friend.

She thought for a moment that she saw something akin to pain and shame in the shocked look he gave her.

That didn't last long, as his frown deepened and his hate resurfaced with even more force, darkening his every words: '' Don't screw with me, Kuran. Someone who hasn't enough pride and rightfulness to even keep their promises doesn't deserve any ounce of respect.''

That said, he turned around, showing obvious disrespect to her and her husband, and disappeared from her view in the trees bordering the white church. The other hunter followed him, a small smile on his lips and an interested glimpse in his eyes.

She unconsciously balled her delicate hands into fists, furious at herself for not being able to tell him what she really wanted to and at the way she had been treated.

Like an enemy…

She still couldn't erase the feelings inside her chest that constricted around her heart and pained her deeply when she saw how their friendship had turned.

Turning around, she took Kaname's hand and walked toward the limousine, eager to be back at the mansion with the man she truly loved and who loved her back, and forget about the other who brought her pain and guilt.

She would make this day perfect, no matter what. Even if it meant to have her imperfect heart torn between two men to the very end of her days.




Author's note: Haha, I know Zero's acting like a jerk, but i kinda understand him. I mean, it is the wedding of his only love with his archenemy, I'd be a jerk too if I had to watch that.

The other hunter is Kaito, btw. Yuuki should be 18 and Zero 19. Kaname's 20.

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