Four Hours Later

Xander stretched as claws were shoved into the stomach of, what looked like, a drunken hobo. He snorted to himself, as something about fastest way to a man's stomach flashed through his mind.

'Whole new meaning,' he mumbled as he stretched.

'No go,' Spike mumbled, grabbing Xander by the back of his sweat pants.

Xander chuckled softly, 'coming right back,' he said, kissing Spike.

Spike woke a little more as he heard the toilet flush and the water turn on, 'what in the nine hells is he doing?' he asked to no one as he headed into the bathroom.

He pushed open the door and found a wonderful surprise.

Xander was in the tub, obviously naked, one hand wrapped around a glistening erection, the other hand between his thighs. Moving closer, Spike found those fingers buried to the knuckle in Xander's arse.

Spike moaned, and when, Xander looked up at Spike through long dark lashes, the vampire couldn't get out of his clothes fast enough.

Xander snickered as Spike's tight black jeans got caught on his foot and the vampire hopped around growling at the offending article until it finally relinquished its hold on his foot.

He crowed in triumph before he was wrestling his way into the tub to settle behind his pet.

'You done yet?' Xander asked, he had pulled his hands from himself so he could make Spike's mission easier and turn off the water.

'Just getting started,' Spike purred as he nipped at Xander's neck.

Xander melted as Spike hit that spot that made him go boneless. Spike's hands skimmed over Xander's chest, pinching the nipples into hard nubs before trailing down to his navel. The fingers of one hand dipped in before they wrapped around the weeping shaft.

Xander moaned incoherently as he bucked up into that cool hand.

'What do you want, Pet?' Spike purred into Xander.

'You! I want you,' Xander all but yelled, 'I need you!'

'You have me,' Spike licked where he'd been suckling from Xander's neck.

Suddenly Xander's whole body shuddered and he was panting.

Spike grinned as he swirled the soiled water.

'So sensitive, pet,' he ran hands over the insides of Xander's thighs, his semi erect cock twitched again.

'On your knees,' Spike half commanded, half pleaded.

Xander rushed to comply and was on his knees with minimal splashing.

Spike sat on the edge of the tub, 'this way, pet,' he ran a hand down the length of Xander's back before turning him to face away from the faucet, 'don't want any unnecessary injuries,' he offered as Xander gave a vaguely confused look.

As he turned, Xander tried to get a taste of Spike but the blonde wouldn't let him, he had found the slick that his pet had used and coated himself with it. He slid back into the warm water and positioned himself behind his human.

Spike positioned himself at Xander's entrance and then, as he sank his fangs into Xander, he pushed past that loosened ring of muscle.

Xander cried out wordlessly as he ejaculated again.

He slumped boneless back against Spike and gladly let the blonde use him anyway he wanted. He could feel his neck healing and relished in the feeling of Spike thrusting into him, his cock gave a weak twitch but he pushed back against Spike nonetheless.

It didn't take long for Spike to reach his own orgasm and he coated the silky cavern with cool spunk as he shoved his slightly bleeding wrist into Xander's mouth. Xander didn't think anything of it, but drank anyway.

He rode his orgasm out, thrusting weakly into Xander as he slowed.

They stayed like that, with Spike slumped over Xander as the brunet remembered how to breathe.

'Okay, get off, I can't feel my arms,' Xander stated as he tried to push himself up.

Spike chuckled but complied. He pulled Xander up and massaged the arms in question.

'Better?' he asked.

Xander flexed his hands, nodding. 'Thanks.'

Spike reached around Xander and turned on the shower. After a quick wash they were tangle in bed, Xander idly stroking Spike's cock.

'So when are you going to claim me?' Xander asked, a little timidly.

Spike ran his hand along the scar on Xander's throat, 'already did pet,' he replied.

Xander looked up in surprise, 'since you asked, I'm guessing it was okay,' Spike said, with a hint of worry.

Xander kissed Spike soundly, 'good night, Will,' he replied as he snuggled into Spike.

Spike lay in wonder of the human beside him, and eventually he fell asleep following his angel into his dreams.

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