Sorry you guys… but I look back at both fan fictions and cringe at how horrible they are. They do not use correct grammar, I made silly beginner mistakes, and I no doubt made many readers suffer because of this. I will leave them up for your viewing pleasure (ugh as well as to serve a painful reminder of my first two fanfics). But this story is DISCONTINUED. I am working on a whole new fan fiction, guys. So hopefully you'll all stick around for it and I assure you I will make it MUCH better than this.

But, after this fan fiction I may decide to revamp both of these. And by revamp I mean take them down and repost them after fixing them up so that they appease the writer in me.

Please do not let these reflect my current writing J

And btw, the ONLY way I'll revamp them (after new fanfic is done of course) is if I get enough people urging me to. Otherwise I'll just leave them as is.