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Chapter One

"I hate your mom," Kei muttered, sitting with a pencil.

"Apparently you're not alone in that," Yahiro replied, referring to Akira's list. (A/N: See Ten Things)

"Just write your lists and get it over with! I want food, not the bungee!" Tadashi complained.

"You've got the easiest consequence…"

No S.A… away from Hikari…

Stuck in this room… for a year… or worse…


How can it possibly get any worse? All three boys thought together.

"How do we get these to the girls?" Kei asked suddenly.

"I'm not going to hand-deliver it," Yahiro replied, shrugging off the thought. "That's what servants are for after all."

"I'll deliver mine, because then Akira can feed me sooner!" Tadashi grinned. "Snacks will be great after this!"

"Is food the only thing you care about?" Yahiro questioned. "Honestly, poor Akira!"

"Poor Megumi, seeing you only like her voice!" Tadashi sent back childishly, regretting the words before he even saw Yahiro flinch. "Ah… I-I'm…
"Don't worry about it." Yahiro stood with his paper and went to a corner silently to write.

"He's tougher than he looks; he'll bounce back," Kei noted, trying to reassure Tadashi. "Give him time." Kei began his note to Hikari, and after a moment, Tadashi began to write.

() () () () () () ()

The door was now unlocked, and no one was in sight, likely fearing the wrath of a certain pair of boys.

"I'm heading to Akira's now!" Tadashi cheered. "Snack time!" He ran off in a hurry, not even looking back as he sped off on his motorcycle to her house.

"It's a good thing someone's happy after our imprisonment," Yahiro muttered. "Carefree idiot."

The remaining two boys walked out in silence, wincing in pain and blinking at the sudden light. They continued to move forward in a comfortable silence.

"Did you do it?" Yahiro broke the silence suddenly.

"Do what?"

"What the idiot suggested."

"Did you?"

"None of your business."

"Then I won't tell you."


"I know it is."

They went back to silence, though it was a little strained this time. However, they often bickered, so it was nothing.
"Do you want me to deliver it?"

"Huh?" Yahiro looked at Kei, pulled out of his thoughts.

"Your list to Megumi." Kei watched, seemingly indifferent, as Yahiro blushed a little and looked away.

"No… I'm heading there now…" Yahiro mumbled, getting quieter as the sentence went on.

"I see. Good luck with that." Kei got into his car. "I'm heading to Hikari's. Don't forget about what we'll do if you hurt Megumi."

() () () () () () ()

Less than ten minutes later, they were all in from of three different houses, wondering the very same thing, though none of them knew it.

Am I really ready to do this?

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One True Song: Yahiro's the arrogant yet kind prince. Megumi's a gentle, loving mermaid who falls in love. After making a deal to become human in exchange for her voice, can she make Yahiro love her back in time? (LOOSELY based of Little Mermaid… VERY LOOSELY!)

Bad Romance: Chaos. Cupid has everything mixed up. Yahiro now loves Megumi, who loves Tadashi. Tadashi fell in love with a cake, Jun's in love with Hikari, who fell for Finn, who still loves Ryuu. Ryuu is torn between Alisa and Akira who both love Aoi, who's obsessed with Kei of course. Sakura loves Kei. And Kei? He fell in love with a squirrel. (Got the idea from 'Fate's Mistake' but I got permission to do this!)

Wounded Love (Title may change): "Your parents are dead." The Yamamoto twins are alone now, penniless for a month until the insurance arrives. Lucky for them, they've got their friends to give them jobs! But when Megumi unknowingly becomes a maid in the Saiga household, her heart's been closed off to everyone. Can Yahiro heal her wounded heart, and will romance bloom between them? Or will the darkness in Megumi's heart keep the two apart?

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