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Sumire Karino sat at her desk in her office at the school, looking extremely pleased with herself. Her idiot son had confessed to Akira, Hikari was as clueless about Kei's affections as usual, and the Saiga boy had finally confronted how he felt about Megumi. "Everything according to plan," she chuckled, reviewing the notes on the process.

"Some things went a little awry Madam," the boy in front of her murmured respectfully.

"But the end result was the same Aoi. Report that to the stuffy bore you call your boss. And make sure you get some rest after following those boys. I'm sure you're tired." Sumire dismissed Aoi. "Oh, and…"

Aoi looked at her, expecting another order.

"Don't tell your boss about the 'stuffy bore' comment," Sumire said.

Aoi bowed deeply, and then retreated, ready to go to his next assignment. (A/N: In case you're wondering, he's about to be Alisa's babysitter!)

"Hmm… Now…" Sumire turned to look out her window at the school grounds. "How do I punish those idiots for making me go through so much trouble?


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