Author's note

This is like my favorite couple and so I just had to write for them, y'know? Anyway this is my first try at a JenoRins coupling, sorry for any OOC'dness! Please hold back on any flames! Constructive criticism is all good!


"Alright, listen up boys!" Rinslet exclaimed.

"We said we aren't interested!" Train replied.

"Just listen before you say no!" Rinslet snapped.

"Fine" Train growled.

"Alright, first off, if you do this you'll be doing me a favor and I'll owe you. Second, it involves Chronos. Finally, I don't know what I'll do if you s-say n-n-no." Rinslet finished sobbing.

"Wha! Why are you crying?" Train exclaimed. As Eve tried to comfort her, Sven got some tissues from a waiter. Rinslet took the tissues and tried to calm down.

"Now explain why you cried, please" Sven said softly.

"I… the elders wanted Jenos to kill me and…"

"That son of a B" Sven started.

"No! It's not like that! He refused! He came and warned me and told me to go find you guys. He said when he goes back and refuses they'll punish him and send some one else. He wanted me to tell you that and…" Rinslet hiccupped. Just then Nizer came out of nowhere saying,

"He wanted me to tell you that he wants you to protect the one who is precise to him." Train's eyes widened at Nizer's statement. Jenos loved Rinslet! Rinslet broke down again at this statement in Nizer's arms.

"Shhhh… its okay, I'm here to help keep you alive." Nizer murmured.

"Hey Rinslet, why don't you and Eve go shopping?" Sven suggested.

"Yeah, let me and the boys talk. Here's some cash." Nizer said handing over nearly one thousand dollars to Rinslet. Rinslet dried her eyes and grabbed the money and Eve's hand, thanked Nizer and took off, with Eve in tow.

"So, care to explain?" Sven questioned. Nizer nodded and began the tale.

"Jenos has a very flirty nature. So when he works with a woman, he has a routine. However, he never actually cares about the girl because usually they have already fallen for him. Rins is the first girl he's ever personally vowed to protect. He didn't tell me this until after Creed's hideout number one. That wasn't the first surprise; the first one was when he saved Rins from dieing in the hideout. Normally, Jenos wouldn't have cared, he's very fickle. We'll after the hideout he stayed until I woke up then he tracked down Rins. He wasn't going to visit her until he heard that Kranz and Baldor where near by. Blieze told him to fetch'em so he went. Jenos used it as an excuse to see Rins. Tale continued when it was finally over Train asked only one question.

"How much?" Nizer's reply was also simple,

"Too much."

"Wait! What do you mean?" Sven exclaimed. Nizer nodded to Train, who began to explain.

"When a number breaks a rule he gets confinement without food for a number of days. When one down right refuses, they get confinement and punishment. My limit would be about a week."

"Mine's two weeks." Nizer added "Jenos's is really high, he can withstand thirty days."

"So, how long?" Train asked.

"Thirty five days. Five days too long." Nizer sighed.

"Holy crap! Are they trying to kill him?" Sven yelled.

"Yes…" Train and Nizer sighed.