Set 4 months after New Moon and during the second episode of the second season of The Vampire Diaries. Bella returns to Mystic Falls to help her friends which include the Salvatore's. She met them when she was 16 and a terrible accident happened. With Katherine back and many new supernatural beings around can everyone survive what is coming or will some perish. Will new friendships arise and old ones die out? Will they each find the humanity in the other and within themselves or will succumb to the darkness that is surrounding them all?

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Saving Me

Outside Point of View

He left her shattered in the forest alone and although she believed he didn't care it was quite the opposite. Edward cared so much he was willing to leave her to try to protect her, but he didn't know Bella was always a part of his supernatural world only in a different form. She was a witch and although had not used her powers in two years they were still strong in her. She knew she couldn't deny who she was to him and on that day she planned on revealing everything, but he spoke first and metaphorically speaking drew first blood. She was so broken at what he said she forgot what she was going to say, but then again when the man you love says he doesn't want you all the things you want to say leave.

He left and she withdrew from the world; when she did this the magic she felt at all times blew out like a candle's flame. She felt hollow and numb until Jake; slowly but surely she start to feel the spark of the magic coming back, but once again something happened and he left her as well. He left to protect her as well; at first it was confusing, but Bella decided she was done trying to make sense of the senseless. On that day she got a vision;

Caroline had been in a car accident and Damon had fed her his blood so she would heal. Katherine Damon and Stefan's maker had showed up and killed Caroline while Damon's blood was still in her system. Now she was turning and she would attack a young man Bonnie was fond of.

Bella was pulled out of the vision and went to speak with Charlie. Charlie never did believe the legends that his family held power, but after his daughter showed him he became a believer. Bella told her father what was to happen and with a heavy heart he let her go back to his home town of Mystic Falls. Caroline, Bonnie, Elena, and Bella had grown up together in the summers and he knew they meant the world to her. He wished his daughter well and prayed she would be safe.

He knew the downfalls of her powers; her body would become too weak if she used too much. What worried him were her visions; when she saw them she experienced every emotion; happiness, physical or emotional pain, agony anything the person in the vision felt she could feel it as though it was her own emotion. Charlie could do nothing now, but he hoped the Salvatore brothers would watch after Bella as they had when the incident that caused her not to use her abilities happened.

(Now Two Days Later in Mystic Falls) Elena's Point of View

"Stefan we have to find her." I said. We had realized after talking to Damon, Caroline was turning and I hoped that we could save her unlike Vicky.

We got to the parking lot and there she was feeding on the guy Bonnie was crushing on. I was about to yell, but someone beet me to it;

"Care bear!" someone yelled and I looked to see Bella. She was holding up her hand and blood was flowing from it.

Caroline left the guy and attacked Bella; Stefan moved to help, but Bella said, "No, it's alright."

I watched as Bella's hand began to glow and she placed it on the side of Caroline (who was drinking from Bella) face. I knew what was happening Bella was using her powers to bring Caroline to her senses. I knew about Bella's abilities as did Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Jeremy, and Matt. Stefan and Damon had met Bella a year before they met me; they met her the year she left and didn't come back and now here she was.

"Caroline let go." I heard Bella whisper and she did.

"Oh God Bella I'm sorry." Caroline said stepped back to see Bella's neck which was oozing blood.

"It's alright." Bella said and then she walked over to the guy and healed him.

"Am I late?" I heard Damon say and turned to see him have a stake in his hand, "Move Stefan you know we have to kill her."

"No." I heard Bella say.

"Bella?" Damon asked shocked since none of us had seen her in two years. "What are you doing here?"

"I was…." Bella started and then she fell to the ground.

Damon's Point of View

"Bella?" I asked shocked, "What are you doing here?"

Her hair had gotten longer and she had gotten taller and filled out, but it was her. She started to answer my question, but then she fell to the ground. I was by her in a flash.

"You bit her." I said glaring at Caroline.

"I didn't mean to she was bleeding and…" Caroline bawled.

I bit my wrist and held it to Bella's mouth; her eyes opened and she pulled away from my wrist, "That's enough." She said.

Bella never liked drinking; it wasn't that I disgusted her like Bonnie or Elena it was more she just hated blood period.

"Nice to see you here." I said smirking. "Why is it that when we meet I have to keep you from falling?"

"Damon always the charmer I can't help the effect you have on me." She replied smiling.

Bella got me better than anyone; she didn't try to make me change she just accepted me for my smartass self.

"Good to see you." I whispered as I helped her up.

"You too." She said. "Don't even bother telling me what I missed I saw it all. Nice work with the tomb Damon."

"What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic." I said dryly.

"That makes both of us." She said and I saw her hide her right arm from me.

"What are you hiding?" I asked teasingly.

I grabbed her arm, "Damon don't." she said, but it was too late.

"When?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"About a year ago; look it's a long story so how about we talk about it later because here comes Bonnie." Bella said and I let it go.

"What in the…Bella?" Bonnie said.

"Hey bon-bon." Bella said. "Don't worry he will be okay just a little dazed."

"Thanks, when did you get back?" she asked.

"About an hour ago; I got hit with a vision and came here." Bella said.

Stefan and Caroline had apparently left to go get her cleaned up and were now on their way back.

"Where are you going to stay?" I asked.

"Don't know yet." She replied.

"You can stay with us." I suggested.

"That would be great; I mean if it's okay with Stefan." Bella said.

"Yea, that's fine with me." Stefan said.

"Where's your bag?" I asked.

"In my rental car." Bella said.

"Well ladies and gentlemen it has been quite an eventful evening but I'm going escort this beautiful girl to the house." I said and offered my arm to Bella which she took.

"They still don't understand how I can be around you do they?" she asked.

"No, you and I have a complex relationship." I said smiling as I opened the door to the car."

We drove in silence to the boarding house and when we got in I told her to wait downstairs while I got her room ready. Within ten minutes I had her room ready and I went back down to the living room where she was still waiting.

"You going to tell me about that bite?" I asked her.

"Damon why don't you get some wine for us because it is a long story." She said.

I went and did as she asked and we sat down in front of the fire place.

"Before I tell you my story will you tell me what I missed; in my vision all I saw was the car accident, Katherine killing Caroline, and then what was supposed to happen tonight. Fill me in?" she asked.

"Well the night of the accident Jonathan Gilbert tried to kill me, he killed Jeremy's little vampire girlfriend, Jeremy tried to overdose, Katherine came to Elena's and I was there telling Jeremy about his girlfriend, I thought she was Elena and I kissed her. Then I found out it was Katherine, she told me she never loved me, then I lost it went to actually kiss Elena, I ended up snapping Jeremy's neck but he had on that protected ring." I said.

"You killed Jeremy." She said with wide eyes.

"Yes, but he didn't stay dead so it doesn't count." I replied.

"It does too." She said.

"Your turn." I said smiling as I poured her a glass of wine.

"Well I moved to Forks after living with my mom for six months after you know what happened. I met a guy who I found very drawn too and he was a cold one." Bella said.

"Did he give you that?" I asked stiffly.

"No, now don't ask any more questions." Bella said.

She told me about the van, the boys in Port Angeles, finding out about Edward and his family, the baseball game, the nomads, how she got the bite, her birthday, him leaving her (which I was ready to hunt him down and kill him), Jake and what happened with him.

"So you have been a very busy little human." I said trying to lighten the mood.

"I could say the same about you; causing mayhem and panic." Bella retorted.

"It's what I do best; I am a vampire after all." I replied.

"See that is just the self-fulfilling prophecy bullshit talking." Bella said.

I had missed Bella, she called me out on all my crap and yet accepted me as who I was. She never tried to make me change; I had never met a human I liked, but Bella I did. Hell I didn't even try to drink from her.

"Maybe, but that's how I view things." I said.

"I have a favor to ask." Bella said.

"You're wish is my command." I said.

"I didn't bring a lot with me and I want a change." She said.

"Shopping? Bella? Has the universe turned upside down?" I asked sarcastically.

"Damon I'm serious, I plan on staying here and I want a change; will you help me?" she asked.

"Yes I will on one condition." I said.

"Name it." She replied.

"Take out those ugly brown contacts." I said.

She laughed and took them out and revealed her pacific blue eyes; I had never met anyone with such a dark blue color that could change shades with her emotions.

"You're tired." I said.

"How can you tell?" she asked

I laughed and leaned closer to her, "You're eyes are a greyish blue; come on….bedtime for the little human."

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