Challenge WOW: Dirt(y)

Summary: Dean's sick and hurt, and all he wants is his brother. HurtSick!Dean ProtectiveCaring!Sammy

Word Count: Do I have to say it?

Broken Open

Dirty, coughing, bloody, sick. Joints ache, body shakes, scared, cold, alone.

"Sammy…" He moans. Echoes, darkness, pain. They'll come back, come back to hurt him. It's like Hell…

Prays, begs, pleads, no mercy. So cold, so sick, so helpless.

"Sammy…help me…"

Naked, chest tight, can't breathe! God…No, no God here.


Days and days, worse and worse. Fever, higher and higher.

"No, no, don't! SAMMY!"

Curled in a ball, crying, trembling, agony.



Gentle hands, warm touch, soothing words.

"Shh…You're safe, you're safe, don't cry."

Takes the pain, holds him close, keeps him safe.

"I got you, Dean."