A/N: Just a short story I made today. Thought I'd post it.

Home. It was a place Castiel thought he'd never be able to return to. Yet here he was standing in God's garden with more power running through himself than in all his existence. It felt good. It felt great. Castiel closed his eyes, savoring his return until he heard a flap of wings a few feet away from him. He snapped his eyes open, slightly nervous for a second. It would take some time for him to get used to not being in a weakened and hunted state.

When he saw that there was a low-power angel standing beside him and recognized him and his vessel though, Castiel relaxed.


Joshua smiled, "Hello, Castiel."

"I've returned to reorganize Heaven," Castiel told him.

"Waste no time," Joshua said. "News about Michael is already spreading."

"I will," Castiel promised. "First though, I have to ask, have you heard from God?"

Joshua shook his head. "He is not ready to return yet, and no He did not tell me where He is. He did bring you back though."

"I know," Castiel murmured.

He then spread his wings and disappeared to find the other angels. He knew the next few months, probably even years, would be hectic but Castiel was willing to take it on. After the last year he believed he was ready to take on the responsibility of a leader. Castiel was sure that was what God wanted him to do and despite having lost faith in Him before, he believed again.