"Are you ready little one?"

In the beautiful terrains of Blue Land, there are many people.

"You are finally of age."

Not only do humans inhibit this land.

"Remember this though; the journey isn't just for you to get stronger…"

There are elves and dwarves…

"It's to defend this land from those who wish to harm it."

Monsters exist here too.

"Are you sure you can handle that responsibility?"

But with the brave, trustworthy, and honest…

"Don't worry though; this isn't only your fight."

Fighters, mages, and, the occasional, rogues living on this land we should mostly be fine.

"But even so I ask again little one; are you ready?"

Welcome curious reader to Blue Land.

Author's note: Yeah I start too many stories, but what the hell. This plot bunny has been bothering me for a while. So yeah this story is like the story of a person going through the trials and hardships of the game. I hope that it is okay for me to do this and I do not own the game this is based on.