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Link paused, sitting at a desk in the room assigned to him, realizing that he looked rather ludicrous. A Hylian dressed in Twili gear, a warrior sitting at a desk, his tongue poked out in concentration and an intense look on his brow. He wrinkled his nose and put the quill down, wiping the odd expression off of his face. Learning to write was a difficult task, but he wanted to be able to communicate with people who didn't know sign language. This seemed to be the best way to accomplish that goal. It hadn't been very hard to get Jiko to give him the supplies; the annoying Twili had actually been useful for once.

Of course, holing himself up in his room served more than one purpose. It was much easier to hear himself think here, in the quiet part of the vast castle. Jiko also couldn't follow him here, which was nice. Link suspected that Midna had assigned him on purpose, but the Twili wasn't all bad. When Jiko wasn't talking a mile a minute or trying to steal Link's boots because they weren't frilly enough. Or something.

Most importantly however, was that the Twilight Princess was not nearby. He could hardly force himself to attend council meetings for the last two days, nonetheless run the risk of coming upon her in the halls. Still, he had attended anyway. He wanted to know what was going on in the realm and that was the best way to. The meetings were boring and usually consisted of a bunch of nobles whining, but it was also a good way to pick up the language, though he was afraid his dialect might turn out a little snobbier than he'd hoped. However, he kept his head down the entire meeting, just in case the princess tried to make eye contact, and was the first one out of the room each time the meeting was dismissed.

He sighed, picking up his quill again. He often thought of Hyrule when he was alone like this, wondering how the people were doing, what the weather would be like there. The Twilight realm had no seasons; everything was moderate or average here. Except for the people.

As though to make up for its blandness in some areas, the Twilight Realm had produced a strange cast of characters to fill its land. Its ruler was no exception. Midna was the most annoying, headache-inducing, irritable, and confusing person he had ever met. She was also the most caring, selfless, and beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. Her sharp tongue and fiery wit were major components of her personality, yes, but behind that was a young woman who was concerned for her people and who devoted her life to her kingdom. Or princessdom. She pretended to be careless and light-hearted, but she was cunning and careful with her nobles, and always looking out for her people. She even attended those pointless meetings every day despite the fact that she was exhausted from all the rest of the work she did.

Link had known as soon as she'd broken that damn mirror that he wasn't going to be able to live in Hyrule without her. Zelda had stood there with him, giving him sympathetic looks as he had frozen there in shock after the mirror shattered. It hadn't occurred to him up until that point that when this was all over, he would lose his dearest friend. He had returned with the princess of Hyrule in a bit of a daze. Then, to distract himself, he'd thrown himself into projects. He helped reconstruct the destroyed Hylian castle. He took charge of creating a new training program for the pathetic bunch that called themselves Hylian soldiers. He'd visited Kakariko, the Zoras' domain, and the Gorons' domain, and helped the sole survivor of Old Kakariko relocate to a safer and less deserted place. But nothing, no matter what he did, filled the emptiness he'd felt.

Eventually, the nobles in Hyrule Castletown had turned their conniving gazes on him. They'd wanted him to become King, a figurehead, a pawn. Zelda had told him that if he wanted it, she would offer him the position or anything else he could ask for. He'd declined, telling her that the simple life was his choice. She'd only smiled in understanding and made him promise to visit as she waved him out on his way back to Ordon at last. He'd arrived just after the birth of Rusl and Uli's second child, and life had continued as though there had never been an invasion.

He had stayed in Ordon for a month. He returned to his simple goat-herding job, but now the slightest noise made him reach for a sword that wasn't there, and he fell asleep with a lantern on every night. Mayor Bo went back to hinting an engagement with Ilia, and the rest of the town expected him to eventually become mayor. However, Rusl and his wise gaze watched him from time to time, occasionally asking him questions Link couldn't- wouldn't- answer.

One day he and Ilia were out in the pasture alone, laying back and peacefully staring up at the sky. The mood was one of silence and familiarity, a link between them that had been there since childhood. She had sat up, looking at him sadly but with her gentle, knowing smile, and simply asked him, "Who is she?" And despite the fact that Ilia was the first one to teach him sign language, Link had no words with which to answer. The next day, he was off on Epona again, riding for Hyrule Castle.

Zelda had been expecting him. She met him at the castle gates, as though she'd known he would be arriving, and when he had desperately started signing what he wanted, she had only smiled and told him to follow her. She'd been researching and preparing ever since Midna had broken the mirror. "I wanted to reward our Hero somehow," she had told him. "I knew that this was the way." Using the rock Zant had embedded in his skull along with some ancient magic, Link could be sent back to the Twilight Realm. Once there, he only had to use the rock in addition to the power of the sols, and he would be sent back. Without further ado, the spell was cast and he was there.

Link had felt a strange sense of homecoming with his first step into the Twilight Realm. Of course, he'd also been arrested right away, but Midna had sorted that out almost immediately. Their relationship picked up right where it had left off, as though she didn't remember that she was the one to sever the connection in the first place. He never asked her about it, afraid of the answer. She seemed to appreciate his presence well enough, and he did what he could to help her fractured nation get back on its feet. Though she would never admit it, Midna worked hard to help her country and it wore her out; he was glad to provide some relief. For some reason, he'd also never told her that he knew the way back to Hyrule, insinuating sometimes the exact opposite.

Soon he was a functioning, if somewhat outcast, part of their society. He still had trouble sometimes understanding what people were saying, and occasionally rude remarks and weird looks were thrown his way, but he didn't mind. He worked hard to understand their culture and their language, ignoring the growing power that was connecting him to the Twilight Princess more and more every day. It didn't help that the style of dress she constantly wore was so damn revealing.

It had been getting difficult to handle. She treated him like she always had; a little aloofly, occasionally letting him see the sensitive side of her, and always teasing. They were still close, but not as close as he wanted. Still, she was a princess and he was a poor foreigner; he felt glad that he had what he did.

However, when she had started taking the senators' demands for a suitor seriously, he had been abruptly slapped in the face with the truth; he could not live in the castle if she was attached to another man. He just couldn't do it. Desperately, he'd set about trying to guess what she felt for him. He hinted at leaving to see if it would spark some sort of reaction, but she only closed him off and brushed it aside. She'd started avoiding him, as though guessing what he wanted and trying to ignore him. He felt her putting up walls. After everything he'd been through, that had only made him upset, and he'd confronted her. It hadn't gone quite as planned. Tempers had risen, reason had fled him, and he'd acted spontaneously for the first time in his life. His inability to speak had frustrated him and his need had gotten the better of him.

Which had resulted in him hiding like a coward, pretending that he had never kissed the Princess of Twilight.

He shook his head at himself, eyeing the illegible scrawl his writing had turned into. Some wielder of courage he was, he thought as he retrieved a fresh sheet of paper. Still, he had managed to get the point across. Whether he remained or not was up to Midna now. She certainly was aware of how he felt.

He sighed uneasily, repeating the row of letters he had just botched. He was working on Twili script; at the moment, there was no need for him to use Hylian writing. Luckily, the two languages weren't very different. He finished another letter, painstakingly slowly, and squirmed in his chair. Sitting still for this long really didn't suit him. Perhaps he'd take a break in a little while and-

"You've been avoiding me." If he had a voice, Link would have let loose a string of startled profanities in that very moment. As it was, he jumped a little in his chair, ruefully noting that he ruined another piece of paper in the process, flinging ink across the page. He swallowed and put his quill down carefully, first glancing at the closed door- how had he not heard her coming? darn Twili and their tendencies to go about barefooted- before slowly turning his chair around to face her.

Midna stared down at him, looking vaguely amused. Her eyes flickered briefly over to the desktop before resting on him again. Why was she staring? "I was under the impression that you weren't fond of some of our styles, Hero. Not that I'm complaining." He glanced down, only to belatedly remember that because he thought he'd be alone in his room all day, he had settled for the lighter, vest-like clothing to wear with the usual pants, leaving his torso almost completely exposed. He flushed slightly.

What do you want? he signed. She shrugged.

"We need to talk," she said, and he felt a vague sense of deja vu. He couldn't help but think this was a little hypocritical of her.

Really? he signed back, raising an eyebrow.

"Really," she murmured in response. "I think I should apologize for some of my... recent behavior," she mumbled. He knew she never apologized, and was finding it hard to do so. Still, he couldn't help himself.

Sorry, what was that? I can't quite hear you, he said, giving her a dry look. She was humble enough to look a little abashed.

"I know, I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't have said a lot of things," she said, looking apologetic for about thirty seconds. He mentally sighed. He couldn't stay angry at this woman for long. He was all ready to forgive her when she kept speaking, the look in her eyes changing. "You surprised me, Hero." There was a cunning glint in her gaze that he had learned to be wary of.

Oh? he signed, using the symbol for question as he uneasily sat up straighter in his chair. She eyed him from under her lashes as she leaned back on his bed, hardly a foot away. He focused to keep his eyes on her face.

"Mm-hmm," she intoned. "So I'm sorry for ignoring you." She straightened and leaned toward him. "I know that you hate it when someone does things for no reason. Especially when you didn't deserve it." Her face, along with the rest of her body, was slowly getting closer to him. He stayed very still.

"I'm sorry for being rude to you, too," she continued, her voice low and enticing. Her fingers trailed along his jaw, and then down his neck. "It wasn't very nice of me to take advantage of your silence. Though, I do think you properly revenged yourself for that." Her thumb skirted his lips. He saw her smirk as he swallowed.

"And I'm sorry for lying to you," she whispered into his ear, one leg between his own, her sad excuse of a skirt not leaving much to the imagination. His hand jerked out the sign for question again, and though he wasn't sure if she saw it, she answered it anyway.

"Yes. I lied," she said, lips beneath his ear and against his skin. Her hand had lowered to rest on his bare chest, which felt tight. It was hard to breathe. Her own chest was pressing against his shoulder; she was practically sitting in his lap. He bit his tongue and closed his eyes to keep from doing something he'd regret. "I would care very much if you left the Twilight Realm, Master Link."

This apology would be a lot more meaningful if you weren't trying to seduce me, his hands stiffly said for him. She chuckled into his neck.

"Are you complaining?" she asked, stroking the tense muscles of his abdomen. Heavens no, he thought to himself. "Besides, I'm not seducing you. I'm punishing you." He didn't have to ask for her to explain; she read his mind. "I'm punishing you for threatening to leave me," she purred, kissing his jaw. His eyes flickered open, and she saw the flash of discomfort in them. "What?" she asked.

I can't leave you. I have all of the necessary tools to go... except for a voice to summon the spell, he admitted. I'd need you for that. She eyed him for a long moment, and he held his breath. Then she smirked, the expression as familiar to him as his own silence.

"I guess I'll just have to punish you for that too," she said, and leaned down to take his mouth.

She was a terrible tease, something he'd have to break her of if he ever planned on kissing her again (which he most definitely did). She barely touched his mouth and then pulled back, before leaning in again. She was straddling his lap now, and her slender fingers wrapped around his wrists, keeping them pinned to the arms of the chair. Her long hair brushed his bare chest, what little of her skin that slid against his own was pleasantly smooth and soft. Even her scent was intoxicating. He shifted in protest at being teased as her kisses deviated from his mouth to explore the rest of his face. Her mouth curved as she looked down at him.

"Something wrong?" she murmured, lips brushing his ear. He stiffened involuntarily, and she paused. "Of course," she breathed as if in epiphany, and he definitely didn't like that tone of voice. "Tell me, my pet," she chuckled, kissing his neck and nipping at his jaw. It was a name she hadn't used for a very long time, not since before Zelda had saved her life. He concentrated on breathing steadily, which was getting increasingly hard to do. The woman was giving him frightening, wonderful, very improper thoughts. "You were always sensitive behind the ears, wolfy," she told him, the smirk clear in her voice. He blinked in confusion, wondering what she meant by that because wasn't a wolf anymore- And then he lost his train of thought as she pressed her lips against the hollow beneath his ear.

Oh gods. His eyes flickered shut at the sensation, made worse by her breathy chuckles at his obvious reaction. He let out a shuddery breath, trying to wrench his head away, but he ended up giving her better access to his weak spot. He hardly even noticed that one of his hands had been freed as her hand trailed to explore his chest. Then her tongue flitted out between her searching lips, and her knuckles deliberately brushed against his taut lower abdomen. Before he could even think about it, a low moan rumbled out of his throat, catching them both by surprise. His eyes snapped open. He'd never made sound before except in the midst of a fight, and he could never quite remember how he'd done it when the blood-letting was over. Midna knew this as well as he did, and she'd been there with him when others had tried to make him speak to no avail. He couldn't form sound voluntarily, but this...

Midna grinned at him, triumphantly, and he had the sudden premonition that Midna was never, ever going to let him live this down. If he'd had a proper voice, he would have groaned in irritation. Instead, he settled for shaking his head slightly. "I'm flattered, Hero," she said, her torso pressing into him. His insides burned. "I thought you only yelled in the heat of battle. Feeling a different heat now, are we?" she purred, mouth everywhere except on his. He glared at her in irritation, unable- or unwilling- to put up with it any longer. He moved to tug her face toward his, but she caught his hand and placed it on the side of her thigh, where her skirt split, and he froze again. He got the vague feeling that she enjoyed startling and unsettling him as her lips curled slyly.

She slid her lips down to his ear again. "Trust me, Hero, my way is much more fun." He wanted to ask exactly which one of them found his helplessness amusing, but couldn't because he was, well, helpless. She was quickly finding which of his buttons to press with that spot on his throat, her fingertips on his stomach, her chest against his. His breath was heavy and he struggled to keep his head from spinning. After wanting her for so long, this was too much. He couldn't see, feel, or hear anything but her and her burning lips and caressing hands...

Then the door shot open.

"Link, you've been in here for hours and it's quite improper to-" Two gazes snapped to the intruder, and Jiko's words died with a strangled, gurgling sound in his throat. Link was frozen, only imagining what they looked like to the attendant. Two panting chests, Link's flushed face, Midna's body draped over his, her fingers on his bare skin, their faces too close... Hastily, his hand fell from her leg as though that would somehow better the situation. Jiko muttered something in the Twili language that Link didn't understand before stuttering out what resembled an apology.

"Oh, heavens. F-forgive me, princess. I didn't- I wasn't- You um, certainly... I should have knocked, and- and-"

"Jiko." Midna cut off the rambling servant, her voice cool and even.

"Yes, Your Highness?" he squeaked.

"Get lost."

"Yes, Your Highness." The servant fled the room without even pausing for a bow, slamming the door shut behind him.

The sound seemed to jar Link back into reality, and he realized, yes, he did have a princess sitting in his lap. They stared at one another for a moment before the both of them started to laugh, his silent chuckles balanced by her free laughter. When they'd caught their respective breaths, Link taking a little longer because of the added weight on his chest- not that he was protesting- Midna spoke up.

"Mm... That's going to get around the castle faster than you can say flying Twili monsters," she mused, absently running her fingers through the hair curling at the back of his neck. Link gave her a dry look.

Flying Twili monsters, he signed silently, and she chuckled.

"At that rate, Hero-boy, no one will ever find out," she taunted, but her tone was guileless and full of friendly teasing. She pecked his cheek again.

Doesn't this mean we should stop before someone else finds us? he asked idly, not moving despite his query.

"I figure that if there are going to be rumors, they might as well be true," she said, a wicked grin on her face. He shook his head.

You're unbelievable, he informed her, as she watched his hands out of the corner of her eye while she shifted her kisses closer to his mouth.

"You love it," she murmured slyly before pressing her lips to his. And though Link was effectively distracted for a while after that, he couldn't help but agree.

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