A/N: So by now, I think you're drawing a blank... You've read the summary (I hope...) and yes, this is the sequal to Killer Obsession... It has finally come after weeks of work I got the Prologue and the first chapter... COMPLETED... First, should be posted tommorrow or later in the week... Just got make a few "homey touches"... And don't worry... everything will be clear... soon enough...



"Death comes swiftly, to those who do not want it"

Salvatore Maroni pushed his side of the car-door open, screaming in agony. The car-door, itself, fell off its hinges and fell flatly against the ground. Maroni pushed his way out of the wrecked vehicle, bringing a broken left-arm and few ribs, with him. He screamed again, but this time, he ignored his pain and looked around.

It was night. Stars lined the sky and the moon was a mere sliver in the clouding darkness. All around Maroni was darkness, besides a nearby street lamp, that was all the light he had.

"Fuck!" Maroni cursed from the pain and his predicament, "Fuck you, Dent!" he said through clenched teeth, he then smiled, "You and your little friends, are gonna pay!" he laughed picturing all the glorious ways he was gonna kill that son of a bitch. His thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sounds of spurs.

'Fucking spurs? Are you serious…?' Maroni thought to himself. He knew the sound, all those corny cowboy movies he watched when he was kid. Maroni looked around for the noise and saw what he was looking for.

A man leaning on the upturned car Maroni crashed in. He was dressed in complete black. A cowboy hat resting on his head, while a large overcoat covered a black button-up shirt, the shirt was tucked inside the black, loose-fitting, jeans. But what startled Maroni was his boots, black cowboy boots, with metallic spurs jutting out the back of them. He wore a brown leather holster, a six-shooting revolver nestled smugly inside it. Just like in the "corny" movies.

The man's face was hidden under the darkness of his hat and night. He pulled out a cigarette and lighter. Inserting the cigarette into his mouth and lighting it, he took a long drag, illuminating his face for only a split second.

"You got one more?" Maroni asked dumbfounded. The man sat up straight and walked forward and crouched in front of him. He flicked his cigarette away and he pulled out another and placed it in Maroni's mouth, "You got a light?" Maroni asked but was startled as the man stood up and placed his boot on his aching chest. The pain the man caused Maroni's cigarette to fall out of his mouth. Maroni looked closer at the man's face. His vision now used to the surrounding darkness.

"Don't I know you?" Maroni asked but his questioned was ignored as the man placed a black bandana over the lower half of his face. It was lined with white tribal markings, Maroni didn't understand.

Still ignoring Maroni's question the man drew the revolver from its holster. He cocked the hammer back and pointed it at Maroni's face. "To hell with you!" was all Maroni said before the man pulled the trigger…