Chapter 9

In With the New

Batman whirled around to face the exact direction of the voice. Sure enough, there she was, blending herself with the shadows, but she seemed different. Selina Kyle stepped forth from the shadows allowing her into the white moonlight. She still wore her "Catwoman" getup, her shocking green eyes shone with the light as did her skin, which was seemingly covered in scars and bruises. Her once flowing golden locks of blonde hair were now gone, replaced by a hairstyle that had been cut short and dyed entirely black.

Selina began slowly stepping towards Batman and he was unaware whether to be ready for a confrontation or a simple chat. As the distance between them closed she tripped and fell giggling into Batman's waiting arms. He cocked his eyebrow within under his cowl, until he realized what was really going on.

I remembering you saying that alcohol was for the weak, Batman thought to himself as he picked her up into his arms, walked over and laid her on the couch. "You're drunk," he simply stated as he crouched next to her, he looked her up and down, sizing her up.

"Well, no shit Sherlock. Whatever gave you that idea?" Selina asked incredulously. Batman opened his mouth to answer but was interrupted when Selina let out a sudden yelp of surprise. She snatched a half empty bottle of alcohol that had nestled itself in between the couch's cushions. "Vodka!" she said in a Russian accent and knocked her head back and began drowning its contents down into her throat. When she had finished she chucked the empty bottle at the far wall, it shattered to pieces upon impact. Batman grimaced at the sight and then stood to his full height from his crouching position.

"I thought you were dead," Batman stated as he loomed over Selina, a dark figure to be reckoned with.

Selina blew a raspberry and then said, "You, of all people, should know that cats have nine lives!" She began chuckling as if she said something really funny. "I mean, how could you possibly know?" she slurred pointing a drunken finger at him, "You're the one that left to me to die in that god awful construction site!" she glared up at him, her head rocking to and fro. Obviously she was intoxicated out of her wits. "But fuck it! It's not like you care anyway. And I have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about," she began giggling uncontrollably again, "God! I am so fucked up right now!"

"What happened to you?" Batman said under his breath, his face now creased with worry.

"Hm?" Selina grunted, holding her ear out to him, as if trying to hear him better, "What was that dear?" she asked but she received no answer. She leaned her head back against the couch and coughed slightly. For a few moments they shared a moment of silence. Before Selina popped her head back up and began giving him a questioningly look and then asked, "How'd you find me?"

"I got lucky," Batman replied, holding his tongue of the actual piercing questions he longs to see answered.

"A man, like you? Pretty sure a badass, like you, doesn't believe in luck, considering the fact: that you brought down that green-thing a couple months back. You also seem to have a knack of bringing down high class mobsters, lunatics, and anyone down-right stupid enough to commit crimes while you're around," Selina said, seemingly have a deep respect for the Dark Knight, "Oh, yes, I do admire a man who can kickass, while wearing skin tight Kevlar material," she finished, standing and running her finger down Batman's chest. She bit her lower lip and brought her green eyes within contact of his piercing blue ones. He did nothing as Selina started to lean her head towards him. Their eyes never broke contact when her lips met his. Her breath was rank with alcohol. She slowly slid her arms up and around his neck, embracing him. He brought his arms around and locked them behind her back.

For the next few moments, the two did nothing but return and welcome the gesture they were giving each other. Nor did they realize when a shadow blocked the moonlight that floated down upon them.

"How sweet," said a deeply familiar voice with a twinge of loathing. Immediately, Selina broke the bond she had with Batman and reeled to face the direction of the voice. Batman slowly turned regretting who he knew was hanging from the window. Sure enough, there he was smiling a sick, twisted, evil grin, "I never forget a scent," Killer Croc explained and then turned on Selina, "Hello, Piggy. Oink! Oink!"

"NO! NO! NO!" Selina screamed at the top of her lungs, then turned and booked it out of her hideout. Batman began to follow suit but his cape had caught on something. Oh no, Batman thought as he was suddenly yanked backwards with tremendous force. He flew out the window and crashed into the building neighboring the one he had resided in. When he impacted, he left a sizable crater and his entire being screamed Pain, even as he fell and smashed into dumpster below him. He rolled off and slammed onto his back, completely winded by the impact, fall, and yet another impact.

Batman laid there for only a moment, gritting his teeth in pain, before he remembered what he was up against. His eyelids slapped open just in time to register Croc's green form cascading down after him. He rolled out the way in the nick of time as the Green Beast's foot smashed to the ground where Batman's head once rested.

The Dark Knight managed to quickly get to his feet, besides his body's protest. Croc was upon him in a flash. The Beast effortlessly batted him away as if he were a mere fly. Batman soared through the air and slammed, skidding itself along the ground. Using the momentum, he pivoted and rolled himself into a backward somersault, his feet connected with ground and his gauntlet, dragging itself along the ground pulled him to a stop. Batman's head cracked back up, not to see Croc, but the dumpster he had landed on, hurling itself through the air at him. He slammed his back against the alley wall, just as the dumpster whooshed by, barely scraping by a mere a few inches from his body.

Batman fell back to the ground and started to stand when Croc's incoming foot kicked him in the chest. The force was enough to knock him clear away from the alley and collide with a parked car outside the way, placing a sizable dent in the vehicle and shattering the left-side's windows. By now, the Dark Knight's body was racked with so much pain, that Croc even started applauding him as Batman summoned all the will he had to just merely stand. He began shooting a glare at the beast, whose face was expressing genuine amazement.

Killer Croc walked slowly, arrogantly even, towards Batman, "Bravo! Bravo! I truly am impressed, Batman," he had stopped clapping and began returning his glare, "and now that I know that bitch of a cat isn't here to help you," he looked up and gazed around for a moment, he then looked back to Batman, "and no big ass cinderblocks you can smash onto my head neither. Oh! And don't worry about your lil' cat girlfriend, I can signal that bitch out from miles away," he continued, tapping a claw on his nose, "After I'm done with you, I'll be sure to rip her up, nice and juicy for you!"

"There will be no more death by your hands, Killer Croc," Batman retaliated, the pain he felt was gone and began to prepare itself for the gruesome fight he was sure to encounter with Croc.

Croc grinned, spreading his arms wide and spreading his claws out and then said two simple words: "Bring it!"