"How did you get so twisted?" Darren asked me. "We were friends, almost like we…" he turned his head away slightly, deciding against whatever he was going to say. He met his eyes to my vengeful ones again, and continued. "Like brothers." but it sounded uncertain. That wasn't his original choice of words. "You weren't evil then. What happened to you?"

My face darkened. "I was betrayed," I said quietly. I could feel my anger start to build inside as unwanted memories surfaced once again.

"That isn't true," Darren replied. "I saved your life." Liar. "I gave up everything so that you could live." Shut up, you liar! "I didn't want to become a half-vampire. I-"

"Shut it!" I snapped. "Torture me if you wish, but don't insult me with lies. I know you plotted with Creepy Crepsley to spite me." Darren lowered his head, his hands balled into fists. Great! I love seeing him squirm. "I could have been a vampire, powerful, long-living, majestic. But you left me as a human, to shuffle through a pitifully short life, weak and afraid like eve-"

"No!" he cried suddenly. "You're wrong! You're wrong, Steve!" he raised his head. His large brown eyes were moist and circled red. "I never would have betrayed you. You were my best friend. Why in the world would I try to hurt you!"

"Shove it, Darren!" I growled. "I've heard it all before! You're such a terrible actor. Stop trying." Creepy Crepsley and Harkat sat silently, observing our personal affair, watching with grim curiosity.

"You just don't get it. I…" he trailed off.

"See! Can't even say anything, because you're a filthy li-"

"I loved you!"

A thick silence then enveloped the whole room.

My eyes widened. Words caught painfully in my throat. It was a second before my heart took a leap and pushed out some sort of verbal communication like a battering ram. "What?" was the pathetic response I blurted out. Small and shaky, like the way I changed into a creature of the night to avoid becoming.

"I loved you, Steve…" large tears began trickling down his usually pale cheeks, now stained red by a deep blush, "I really loved you. Don't you know how much it hurts me as well?" he came closer to where I was sitting n the beat-up sofa. "I gave up my friends, family, my whole life…Steve, I had to give up you. And, finally now I've been able to meet with you again, thinking I had my love back and that you finally understand, just to know you want me dead? That you hate me?" he sniffled.

There was so much pain in his eyes. Maybe he was telling the truth? No. He ruined my life. He's lying. Liar. Liar. Liar.

Then why do I feel so guilty? Why did I want to hold him? Why did I have the need to wipe away those tears and tell him I forgive him for everything?

"Don't you remember back before this all started? You said, no matter what, you'd never hurt me. And I…" he leaned in closer, I could feel my heart beat quicken, "I would never hurt you…" his pale lips nearly brushed against mine. Part of my mind begged for him to do this, the other half insulting the traitor, and refusing. I didn't have time to decide before he stopped himself and pulled away remorsefully, "I'm sorry." he whispered, then darted out of the room.

"Darren, wait!" Harkat started, but Crepsley put a hand on his shoulder to stop him and shook his head solemnly. The little person gave me an angry glare, "I hope you're… happy about all of this." he hissed.

For once in my life, I felt truly felt regret and sadness, instead of wrath and anger.

This plan of revenge was going to be so hard.