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Character Gideon Richardson-Cassidy Creator clownwithachainsaw

Several months ago

"I'm done" Gideon Richardson declares holding up a fully assembled Mach Five Avengers Quinjet. He looked over the model with pride, he took it through several flying motions, giving it motorized sound effects as it cut through the sound barrier, what he wouldn't give fly in the real Quinjet. He turned his office chair around so he could look at his shrine. His shrine consisted action figures, and every news paper clipping of the avengers he could find, hes been collecting since he was eight. Every inch of his right wall was covered. His smile faded as a beam of sunlight hit him. He turned getting out of his chair and he clumsily warbles to his window. He took a quick peak outside, it was the picture perfect day. The sun was shining there wasn't a cloud in the sky. His neighbor was outside playing catch with his dog, his father was busy grilling hamburgers, his mother was coming out with a fresh pitcher of lemonade. A frownn crept across Gideons face as he closed his blinds, cutting himself off from the sunlight. He didn't need the sunlight teasing him, he didn't need to see something he wasn't able to touch. He looked down at his model quinjet he then violently tossed it against his wall. Why did he have to be sick. He's been sick every day for the bast two years. So sick he could only leave the house for doctor appointments, ignorant doctors have never been able to find a darn thing wrong with him.

Gideon drops to the floor next to his model carefully picking up all the peaces. He grunts as he stands and sets the pieces on his desk and begins to reassemble the broken aircraft. He stops when he hears a soft humming sound, almost like a jet.


The first thing Gideon realized was the sickness was gone, it had all but left him. Gideon slowly opened his eye to find himself laying in a field of grass he ran his fingers through the grass, it had been so long since he felt grass. Gideon felt a warm sticky substance run down his forehead. He was surprised to find it was blood. It was seeping from a cut on his forehead he didn't know he had. He desperately tried to push himself up, only to let out a cry as pain shot through his right arm. Gideon used his left arm to push himself to his knees and then to his feet. he was hit with a rush of blood to his head as he stood. Gideon soon realized he was in fact standing in his back yard. it came to a surprise to him because he didn't remember leaving his room. Gideon was then hit with a rush of warm air. He received a shock when he turned around, his house was set ablaze, their was very little of the house left.

"MOM! DAD!" Gideon yelled as he ran to his house cradling his right arm as he did. Watching his house burn only one thought raced through his mind. He had to save them, Gideon was so intent of saving his parents he did not hear the sound of a what could only be described as a jet engine roaring. Gideon was thrown off his feet as a 8 ft Metallic monster landed before him cutting him off from his home. It's body was fully chrome, it mouth had jagged teeth and its eye glowed a luminescent red. All thoughts about his parents were pushed aside as Gideon lay at the feet of this metal behemoth. The monster reached down grabbing Gideon by his throat lifting him up so he was eye level with the monster. "Scanning" it said as its red eyes started to blink a warm ray of light shown on Gideon "Pym Particles Ultron unit returning to base." was all the monster said as its grip on Gideons neck tightened and it rocket boots propelled them into the air.



"Agh" Gideon yelled desperately trying to pray his shoulder from the powerful grip.

"Gideon, Gideon, Gideon its okay son" Gideon looked up to see his father standing over him. Gideon was now in his family's private library before him sat a half eaten gingerbread house.

"I'm sorry i fell asleep" Gideon says whipping the fresh coat of drule from his face "'I was-"

"Having dat dream again" His father finishes speaking in a thick Irish accent "Look boy, You are me son, my own flesh and blood, and as long as i live, as long as their be a breath of air in me lungs no harm well ever come to ye again" His father says raising his shillelagh "Okay".

"Okay dad" Gideon says tapping his fathers shillelagh with his own.

"Gewd, now get ready our guest should be arriving soon" his father says with a smile "And i hear that they have some fine looking daughters so be sure to look sharp."

"Alright dad" Gideon says fallowing his dad out of the library.

"Joseph" his father calls out to a old looking servant.

"Yes Lord Cassidy" Joseph asks.

"How are the preparations for out guests?"

"Everything is well on schedule Lord Cassidy" Joseph says with a smile.

"Very well" Gideon father says "Why don't you help my son pick something out to wear for tonight, i have some last minute preparations of my own." He says retiring to his office.

"Very well sir." Joseph reply's "Fallow me Master Gideon" Joseph says leading Gideon to his room.

"My father keep calling you Joseph, why don't you tell him your name is Alfred?" Gideon asks a bit confused.

"Lord Cassidy calls us all Joseph," Alfred says "I don't believe your father has a Joseph on staff, it's a show of position, you well understand when your older. Now please Master Gideon to your room."