Author's Note: Please forgive the extremely late update on this story. I guess I have no excuse other than having very severe writer's block. I'm sorry for briefly abandoning this story. If people are still reading this, here is Chapter Two. Enjoy.

Chapter Two

Lydia was standing right outside the door of the classroom, waiting impatiently for me. She was tapping her foot and playing with the dark beret on her head.

When she saw me stepping out of Professor Eulisses' classroom, she tugged me towards her.

"Hey, Lids!" I exclaimed in annoyance. "Don't do that!"

"'d it go?" Lydia asked, ignoring me. "I saw the Addams girl leave just a few minutes ago. What happened?"

I could only just grin stupidly at the mention of Wednesday.

Lydia raised an eyebrow at me. "I take it from that ridiculously goofy look on your face that it went well?" she asked.

I only nodded dumbly.

"Well? What happened? Or are you going to continue looking like someone put a hex on you?" Lydia asked, rolling her eyes impatiently.

"Patience, Deetz, patience," I teased. "In answer to your question, everything went well, without a hitch."

Lydia then squealed in my ear so loudly, I thought my eardrums were going to burst.

"Easy, easy. What are you trying to do, deafen me?" I snapped, rubbing my ears.

"Sorry. I'm just so happy for you right now! So...give me details. What happened? Did the Addams girl ask you out or something or what?"

"First of all, her name is Wednesday. And second, she did. We have a lunch date at the old willow tree."

It was Lydia's turn to grin goofily. "This is so awesome, Munster. Good for you! See, I told you you would get the girl if you just got a conversation going."

"Well, actually, I didn't even do much of the talking," I admitted to her. "She did. And guess what?"

Before I could give Lydia a chance to ask, I continued on. "She actually thinks I'm fascinating. Me. Can you believe it?"

Lydia giggled. "Fascinating isn't really an adjective I'd describe you, Munster. I have tons but fascinating? Nah."

I playfully punched her shoulder. "You're such a hater, Deetz," I teased jokingly.

"Me, a hater? No. I just call 'em like I see 'em," she said, punching me lightly on my shoulder.

We laughed.

"Believe it or not, she actually thought you were my girlfriend," I informed her.

"Me and you? Ew. Gross," Lydia remarked, shuddering. "That's never gonna happen. You're just like my brother. Besides, you're way too hairy for my liking." She then feigned throwing up by sticking a finger down her throat.

I put my hand over my chest, feigning heartache. "I'm crushed," I said sarcastically.

"Speaking of hairy, you really need to comb your's way too out-of-control. You need to clean up for your date if you really want to impress the Addams girl."

"Her name is Wednesday, Lids," I told her. "You can stop calling her 'the Addams girl'."

"Whatever. Look, I have to go to my next class but you have a free period before lunch. Go freshen up. This is you having a potential girlfriend here!"

The second bell rang suddenly, signaling for Lydia and I to go our separate ways.

"Shoot! I'm gonna be late!" Lydia exclaimed suddenly, glancing at her watch. "OK, Munster, I gotta run or else Professor Goolsby is gonna have my head on a platter." She then started frantically shoving her textbooks in her bag. "But you better give me details about your date, Mister, or else!" she warned, wagging a finger playfully at me. "See you soon."

She then dashed away, leaving me alone.

I laughed and took off for my dorm to prepare myself for my date with Wednesday Addams.

After combing out all my hair, ironing my best Faunteroy suit, showering and shaving, I was all ready for my date.

This is going to be fantastic! I thought jubilantly as I slapped on some aftershave to my face. I then took a quick glance in my mirror, practicing my best smile for my date with Wednesday.

Wait a second. Wednesday barely ever smiles. Tone down on the smiling, Munster, I thought, scolding myself.

I then felt a little nervous. I hope I can meet Wednesday's standards, I thought, fidgeting with one of the buttons on my suit. Whatever those standards were, I wasn't so sure. Wednesday seemed to be a bit complex but I was willing to try and learn what those standards were.

I took a quick glance at my watch. I had exactly fifteen minutes to meet Wednesday at the tree. I quickly gave myself another once-over and gave myself a spritz of the best cologne I owned (Sang de L'homme to be exact) and put on my jacket and left the dorm.

I bought my lunch from the cafeteria and walked outside to the school's courtyard. It was a rather foggy outside and it was a bit damp. Darkmoon students were everywhere; chatting, eating and just hanging out, enjoying the weather and their friends' company. Nearby the courtyard, was the murky lake, full of frogs, toads and other creatures. And, of course, stood the old willow tree.

Wednesday Addams sat with her back to me, deeply engrossed in a book. I wasn't quite sure what to say to her so I simply coughed.

She turned around at the sound of my cough. "Oh, you're here," she said to me, putting down her book. "I thought you'd stand me up or something. One guy did that me once. He pretended he liked me as part of a prank. So I hung him on a tree branch by his underwear. Never saw him again after that."

She smiled wryly again at the thought. I was beginning to wonder if she actually liked causing pain to others. I gulped nervously.

"You seem nervous. Why is that?" She asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

"You're not gonna do that to me...are you?"

"You? No. You seem rather...harmless. So far, it seems you don't have any intent in playing pranks or hazing."

"Ah...OK," I said, relieved.

"So, tell me. I'm curious, Eddie Munster. Why do you have a sudden interest in me? Why not any of the other girls here at Darkmoon? Why me?"

"Well...uh...I dunno. I guess, like you said to me earlier, you fascinate me. None of the other girls interest me as much."

"Even your best friend?"

"Well... Lydia's cool. She's my best friend. I like her and all but I don't really see her as anything other than just my friend. I mean, I guess she's a little interesting and all because she can see ghosts and she lives with a couple who are dead and she likes creepy stuff but..."

I suddenly stopped myself when I noticed Wednesday just staring at me like I had two heads or something.

"Do you always ramble like that?" she asked. "This is interesting. This is a first date for the both of us but already, I know more about your friend than I know about you. Sit."

She patted the ground next to her and I quickly obeyed.

"As interesting as your friend Lydia is, I think I'd like to know more about you, Eddie Munster. Tell me a little about yourself."

"You know, you don't have to keep calling me 'Eddie Munster', I said, a little annoyed at the fact she was still trying to humor me.

"OK, Eddie," she replied, a little taken aback. "Tell me a little about yourself and I'll tell you about myself. After all, technically, we're still complete strangers because we don't know that much about each other."

So, that's exactly what we did. We swapped stories about our families back home and our time studying at Darkmoon as we ate our lunches. Turns out Wednesday's family are similar to mine. She loves all things macabre and strange and she is a trained ballerina. Wednesday is a bit like Lydia minus the bubbliness.

"I have a dance recital here at Darkmoon in a few days. I'd like to invite you to come and watch if you'd like," she offered.

"That would be amazing," I said. "I'd love to be there. Can I invite Lydia, too?"

Wednesday furrowed her brows a little at the mention of Lydia's name but it quickly went away. "Yeah," she replied. "I'm sure the third wheel would just be delighted you invited her to my recital."

I wasn't sure if Wednesday was being sarcastic or not so I just nodded.

Wednesday only rolled her eyes. "Well, it's time for my Medical Operation studies class. Today, I think we might just operate on a body some poor old sap donated to science. That should be fun. I'll get you and your friend Lydia a ticket to the recital soon. See you around, Eddie."

And with that, she got up, picked up her bag and disappeared, on her way towards the school building.

I continued to sit, propping my chin up on my knees. As calm, cool and collected as Wednesday had been, I could tell she was jealous already of my close friendship with Lydia. I wasn't sure if she believed me when I told her I only saw Lydia as a friend and nothing more. Just the tone in her voice told me she wasn't very fond of her.

I groaned and sighed. If I wanted to get Wednesday interested in me, I had to let her know I only saw Lydia as a friend.

Me and my big mouth, I thought miserably.

Note: The cologne Eddie wore is Sang de L'homme, French for 'Blood of Man'.