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It's been so long since he had last seen him alive.

Feliciano stared at the unmoving gate as the wind around him began to blow. As far as he was concerned, it was more than two thousand years since he had last heard from Holy Roman Empire. For some reason, he couldn't role his head around that amount of time. Maybe it was because he was thinking in human terms. Humans can't even live past a hundred.

"He won't be coming back, Italy." He remembered France saying. "Just give up. Don't stress yourself like this."

I…I'm never going to stop waiting for you…Holy Rome. He thought. Even if it's a hopeless thought. Besides, I have all the time in the world…don't I?

He sat in front of the gate, staring at the emptiness, wondering if he would just suddenly walk in out of nowhere and greet him just like always. He closed his eyes and imagined a young man with a black cloak and hat, sparkling blue eyes piercing into his, telling him that everything was going to be alright…


Where is he? He was supposed to be here for training!

Ludwig grumbled to himself as he wandered the inside of his small house. Next to him, he heard Kiku sigh. The both of them knew that Feliciano wasn't really the type to like training in any type or way, but he would always find a way to make it on time. Sure, it was contradicting of his personality, but still he would always make it.

"Maybe he overslept?" Kiku asked.

"He would've woken up by now and be racing to my door right around now-"

The doorbell suddenly rang, making the both of them jump. Ludwig grumbled something to himself as he walked toward the door and opened it. Instead of Feliciano, however, it was Seychelles, holding a book in her hands. The image of the book made Kiku's eyes widen in surprise.

"Hey, um…sorry if I'm bothering you guys, but…" She looked in. "I was looking for Japan and I was told that he was here."

"I'm right here." He walked past Ludwig. "Are you done with the book already?"

"Spent the whole night reading it." She looked down at it. "I had to get used to reading it right to left, but…I never knew Japanese comics could be so interesting!"

"It's called 'manga', Seyel. It's one of my biggest exports." He tucked the book underneath his arm. "Pardon me for asking, but have you seen Feliciano?"

"Italy? No, I haven't. Why, was he supposed to be here?"

Ludwig sighed. This definitely wasn't something that Feliciano would be doing. He considered calling his house, but then he dismissed that as well, thinking if hearing his voice over the phone would scare the poor Italian out of his body. After a while, he shook his head. He couldn't be training now that Seyel was here.

"Well, I might as well finish my home cleaning before he gets here…" He sighed.

"House cleaning?" Seyel tilted her head. "You want us to help?"

"I can handle it, Seyel. You don't have to-"

"No. I'm staying here for the week, so I'll take responsibility for my part of the keep." Kiku stated.

"And Matthew's in Cuba right now, so I have nothing better else to do today." Seyel smiled.

Ludwig didn't state anything else, knowing that two nations were offering their help just so that they can see anything about the German's past. After a few seconds, he sighed and walked away, allowing them to follow. The two of them were quiet as Ludwig opened the door to his basement, filled with boxes.

"As long as you don't question anything about what anything is." He finally stated.

"We can do that." Kiku answered.

The both of them walked into the room, slowly taking the boxes from the highest stacks onto the ground. Ludwig quickly followed suit, picking up one of the boxes and flipping it open. After a few seconds of silence, he heard Seyel jump and scream in shock. He looked up and saw that one of the boxes had fallen onto her stomach. She lifted it out of the way before he moved, making him conclude that it wasn't a heavy box. Seyel shook her head as she opened the box, taking out a small black hat.

"Are you keeping this?" She asked.

"I didn't even know that I have something like this." Ludwig took it. For some reason, he placed it on his head. "It still fits."

"There's more in here…" Kiku crawled over to the box. "It looks like a cape of some sort."

"Childhood clothing?"

Ludwig stared at the mysterious box and its contents, questions swirling randomly inside his head. He never remembered wearing anything like this before. Then again, he couldn't remember much past being found by Gilbert on a bloody battlefield a long time ago, before Seyel's time. Yet when he was holding onto the hat, he had a strange feeling of nostalgia, as if he was trying to remember something.


This had to be the fifteenth time that Ivan had broken that damn chair. No matter how many times he cursed it, placed barriers on it, hell even taped it together, that poor chair would always be destroyed by the damn Russian. Arthur mumbled something as he carried it to the depths of his lair.

Ordinary spells and curses won't work on this… He thought. I didn't want to use this, but…I have no choice.

He placed the chair in the middle of the glyph on the floor and backed up, lighting all the candles on the ground. He opened the book and started to read the incantation. As he repeated the Latin words, the glyph and the chair started glowing a bright blue light. He grinned, almost laughing out loud.

Fusing a spirit onto this chair to make it alive…Ivan can't destroy this chair now that I have the ultimate shield on it!

Suddenly, the glyph started glowing bright yellow. Arthur stared at it in confusion, stopping the chant, yet the spell wasn't stopping. After a few minutes, the glow faded away, leaving the chair in the middle of the room. He grinned, pulling the hood off of his face.

"Let's see Ivan break this chair now!"


Feliciano's eyes flickered open. He was on the ground in front of the gate. Slowly, he moved into a sitting position and looked around. There was no one in sight, and nothing seemed to be hurting, making him wonder just how did he black out. If only he had someone else with him…

"D-Doitsu!" He darted up to his feet. "Ve~~~~~! I forgot about the training we had today!"

Ludwig was going to kill him for being so late! Well, kill is a strong word, but still! How training completely zoomed over the Italian's head was way beyond what he can figure out. He's probably calling his house, trying to wake him up. Quickly, he turned and started heading out to his house.


He froze. The voice was behind him, sounding nostalgically familiar. Slowly, he turned his head around and caught eye contact with another man. He had a black hat and robe, beautiful blue eyes staring back into his own…reassuring him that everything was fine…that he didn't have to wait any longer.


"Germany? Germany, are you OK?"

"Look! He's moving!"

He opened his eyes, almost blinded by the lamp's light. He found himself in his living room, lying on his couch, Seyel and Kiku sitting just a few feet away from him with worry on their faces. He slowly sat up, strange memories dancing from the back of his mind. All of them had to do with the robes and the hat…and…

"Are you OK, Germany? You passed out in your basement!" Seyel stated.

"Maybe the dust was too much for you?" Kiku asked.

"…Holy Roman Empire…"

Seyel blinked in confusion as he flipped into a standing position. Suddenly, he dashed out of the door, making the both of them follow suit. As they dashed through the city, the name was swirling around the images, awakening more memories in his sub consciousness.

Holy Roman Empire…I remember that name now… He thought. I…I went by that name…a long time ago. And-

His feet began to pick up the pace. Italy…of course! Today was the day he had left him…the day that he went on that war that ended up stripping his name and his memory away from him…the day that he lost Italy, the reason why was going to return to this city…how was he going to make it up to him?

Dammit…I'm so sorry, Feliciano…!

Before he knew it, he found himself standing in front of the gate. Like expected, he found the Italian there…along with someone else. His eyes widened, barely hearing Kiku and Seyel catching up to him. His ragged breath caught their attention, and Feliciano turned his head toward Ludwig with a smile on his face.

"Doitsu! I was just thinking about you!" He turned to him, his hand still holding the other man's. "I wanted to introduce you to someone!"

No…it…it can't be possible!

"This is Holy Roman Empire! Holy Rome, this is my friend Ludwig!"


Wait…TWO Holy Roman Empires? Who's the real one?

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