It was a day in the park that kids would go to the playground and play hide and seek with their friends. The parks playground was pretty big, so they could hide just about anywhere. The kids that were playing hide and seek were from, Seigaku elementary, RikkaiDai elementary, and Shitenhouji elementary. They were all friends. But, not ALL of them came to the playground! Just a few of them from each school came.

The ones from Seigaku elementary that came were Echizen Ryoma, Momoshiro Takeshi, Fuji Syuusuke, and Kikumaru Eiji.

The ones from RikkaiDai elementary that came were Kirihara Akaya, Yukimura Seiichi, Niou Masaharu, and Yagyuu Hiroshi.

The ones from Shitenhouji elementary that came were Toyama Kintaro, Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Chitose Senri, and Oshitari Kenya.

The first years' ages were 6, the second years' ages were 7, and the third years' ages were 8.

"Okay, so who's going to be 'it' first?" Yukimura asked.

And of course, no one raised their hands or said 'I do!', so Yukimura sighed.

"Are you serious? No one wants to be 'it'?" he was disappointed.

"Well, duh! I mean, who wants to be 'it', Seiichi?" Kenya said.

"Oh! Kenya! Thank you for being 'it'!" Yukimura said with a radiant bright smile.

"M-my eyes!" Kintaro covered his eyes with his arm, shouting. "It's too bright! Sei-chan's smile is too bright!"

"Y-yeah. Just cover your eyes if it's too bright, everyone." Shiraishi said.

Almost everyone covered their eyes with their arms or hands. Fuji didn't need to cover his eyes with his arms or hands, since he only has his eyes closed. Akaya actually stared at Yukimura's bright smile saying, "Sei-chan is an angel that came from the heavens!" Niou had sunglasses on saying, "Oh yeah! I look awesome!" Everyone ignored him.

"Wait, wait, wait! What made you think that I wanted to be 'it'? Did you even listen to what I said?" Kenya shouted.

"Eh? I thought you said you wanted to be 'it' Kenya." Yukimura was surprised.

"What made you think that?"

"Because all I heard from you was 'Well, duh! I wants to be 'it', Seiichi.'" He replied.

"What?" Kenya was stunned.

"It seems that when Seiichi heard you talking, he probably didn't hear the two words: 'mean' and 'who'." Shiraishi explined.

Momo, Niou, Chitose, and Kintaro were laughing. Shiraishi, Yagyuu, and Kikumaru just sighed. Fuji was just smiling, like always. Ryoma just said "mada mada dane". And Akaya was staring at the sun.

"Akaya, don't stare or look at the sun, it's very bad for your eyes." Yagyuu covered Akaya's eyes with his hands and made his head face towards a flower on the grass.

"Heh. Is that why Hiro-chan wears glasses?" Ryoma mumbed.

"Look at the flower instead," Yagyuu told Akaya.

"Wow! Hiro-chan, look! This flower has something moving that's black and yellow with wings on it! The butt of it looks pointy!" Akaya exclaimed happily that he discovered something on the flower. So he reached out to it.

Yagyuu immediately grabbed Akaya away from the flower and made him sit on the swing. "Akaya, stay here and don't touch anything."

"Hai~!" was his reply. "Ah! Kiku-chan! Push me!" Akaya called out to Kikumaru.

"Hoi! Okay!" Kikumaru was doing a cartwheel towards the swings where Akaya was at and began to push him lightly.

"Saa, when is the game going to start?" Fuji asked.

"Yeah, yeah! We don't have all day! We just don't!" Momo agreed with Fuji.

"Oh! Yes, Kenya, please start counting." Yukimura told Kenya.

"I told you that i didn't want to be 'it'! Why don't you listen?"

"I LIKE CHOCOLATE MILK!" Kintaro shouted randomly, out of nowhere...

Everyone stared at him like he was hallucinating or something. 'Did he stare at the the sun like Akaya did...?' was what eveyone thought.

"I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYYYY!" it was Akaya who was now singing/shouting, while he was being pushed by Kikumaru.

Everyone sweatdropped at Kintaro's and Akaya's random shouts.

"I wonder what happened to them." Ryoma raised an eyebrow.

"Who cares? Their idiots, so don't mind them." Niou said.

"That wasn't nice, Masaharu." Yagyuu scolded Niou.

"Like I care."

Kenya groaned. "Fine! Just be ready by the time I'm done!"

"Yeah, yeah, just count already." Niou said.

"Urusai." Kenya mumbled. He put his hands over his eyes and started the countdown starting from 30.

"Okay, he's counting now, we should go." Chitose whispered.

Everyone nodded and scattered around the playground. Kikumaru stopped pushing Akaya from the swing and told him to go hide.

Ryoma and Momo hid inside the Tunnel Slide. Niou and Chitose hid under the Tunnel Slide. Kikumaru quietly did his acrobatic skills and hid in the tree branches. Yukimura and Shiraishi hid behind bushes. Yagyuu hid behind the same tree where Kikumaru was. Akaya hid in the flower patch.

Kenya was at the number 5 already, and Kintaro still didn't find a hiding place yet. He panicked. So he just hid behind the swing pole.

"…three …two …one! Here or not, here I come!"

…let the games begin…

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