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It was winter! And we all know lots of little kids loved playing in the snow. They get to make snow angels, make igloos, snowman, throw the snow up in the air, wrestle each other in the snow, eat the snow, build snow walls, and of course, have snowball fights! And I bet most of you know it! Our elementary school-ers are having a snowball fight! WH00TZ! (A/N: And their fight will happen at the same playground where they played hide-and-seek.)

The ones from Seigaku that came were Echizen Ryoma, Momoshiro Takeshi, Kikumaru Eiji, Kawamura Takashi, and Inui Sadaharu.

The ones from Rikkaidai that came were Niou Masaharu, Kuwahara Jackal, Kirihara Akaya, and Yanagi Renji.

The ones from Shitenhouji that came were Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Toyama Kintaro, Oshitari Kenya, and Zaizen Hikaru.

Ryoma noticed that Yukimura and Yagyuu weren't there, so he asked. "Oi, Masa-chan, where is Sei-chan and Hiro-chan?"

Niou furrowed his eyebrows trying to remember what Yukimura and Yagyuu had told him why they couldn't come.

"Ah! Hiro-chan said he couldn't come because he had ballroom dancing lessons," Akaya answered for Yagyuu's question.

"Oh? What about Sei-chan?" Ryoma asked again.

"Um... wait, I'm trying to remember," Niou put two fingers on both side of his head trying to remember.

"..." silent waiting...

"Wait... wait... wait..." Niou said slowly; trying to think harder.

"What are we waiting for?" Shiraishi sweat dropped.

"...Sei-chan said he had to go help his kaa-chan decorate the tree, the house, go Christmas shopping, and wrap the presents up," Akaya answered for Niou.

"Oh! I remember now!" Niou shouted. "Seiichi said that said he had to go help his kaa-chan decorate the tree, the house, go Christmas shopping, and wrap the presents up! Yup! I totally remembered it," He put his head up like he was smarter than them. Then Ryoma shoved the conceited trickster into the snow. "WHOA! COLD!" he got up fast and clumsily to dust off the snow.

"Yeah, we kinda found that out since, like what? When we knew that it is cold? Yeah,"

"Geezus, you're mean,"

"You're in no position to talk. I heard you once threw baby carrots at a guy name Marui Bunta because you thought it would be funny."

"Hey! For your information, it was funny! And how did you know that?"

"Hiro-chan told me."

"Oh, okay,"

"Hey, where's Syuusuke?" Shiraishi asked.

"He said that he had to help out getting ready for a party tonight at his house," Inui said.

"Chitose?" Kikumaru asked.

"He got a cold," Kintaro answered.

"Ah," Kikumaru nodded.

"Hey! Are we going to play, or what?" Zaizen interjected.

"I wanna team up with Akaya!" Ryoma shouted, grabbing the seaweed haired boy to him. "And Ken-chan!" he grabbed Kenya. "These guys are on my team! So don't take them!" he glared at anybody who would take the two said people off his "team".

"YAY! I'm in a team with Ryo-chan!" Akaya exclaimed. Although it wasn't necessary to, since they all were pretty much close to each other.

Jackal got a bit concerned. 'Sh-should I be worried about that?' he thought.

Kenya covered his ears with his hands. "Dude, don't shout." He scolded. "And why do I have to be in the same team as you, Ryo-chan? I didn't even agree to it!"

"'Cause you're my secret weapon, now deal with it before I have Akaya throw the snowball at you." Ryoma warned.

Kenya didn't like the sound of that; since he knew that Akaya had that "knuckle serve" that was going to hurt like hecks. "O-okay,"

"Wait, how many people are even here?" Kawamura asked.

"Thirteen, Takashi." Inui and Renji answered.

"Thirteen... but then, it won't turn out into an even amount of group,"

Inui thought for a moment. "Yes, that's true; I guess one of us can keep watch of the game. Does anyone want to do that?"

Zaizen raised his hand. "I'll do it,"

"Any reason for that?"

Zaizen shrugged. "Just wanna watch you guys hit each other with snowballs."

"...fair enough,"

"Okay, so we'll be in groups of three." Shiraishi announced. "Kenya, Ryo-chan, and Aka-chan are already in a group. The rest of you get in a group."

"Yeah, we kinda figured that out like a second ago," Jackal said.

"Then what are you waiting for? Get moving!" Shiraishi commanded.

And so the others got in a group. Team one was: Ryoma, Akaya, and Kenya. Team two was: Shiraishi, Jackal, and Momoshiro. Team three was: Niou, Kintaro, and Inui. Team four was: Renji, Kikumaru, and Kawamura.

"Okay," Shiraishi started. "The rules are simple. If you get hit with a snowball, you're out. Hikaru-" He points one of his thumbs at Zaizen. "-is on look out for the people who got hit with one. And as long as at least one member on your team is still in at the end, you win. Does anybody have any questions?"

Momoshiro raised his hand. "Yeah, I do,"

"What is it?"

"Um... we can hide, right?"

Shiraishi nodded once. "Yes, that will be fine. Are there any more questions?" No one raised their hand. "Alright then, we have 30 seconds to find a hiding place to start off." The people nodded. "Hikaru, start the countdowwwn... NOW!"

"30... 29... 28..." Zaizen started the countdown as everyone scattered around to find a hiding place.

"Oi! Ken-chan! Akaya! Get over here!" Ryoma urged them behind a very big rock.

-Behind the big rock-

"Okay, now what do we do?" Kenya asked, keeping on the lookout.

"Yosh, here's the plan-" and while Ryoma explains the plan, other teams also makes a plan.

-In the jungle gyms-

"Hey Kuranosuke, what should we do by the time we start to attack?" Jackal asked, keeping his voice low.

"Yeah, yeah, I don't know what I should do! Not at all, not at all!" Momo said rather loudly.

Shiraishi almost panicked when Momo spoke loudly. So to prevent Momo to talk loudly, he put his right hand over Momo's mouth and his left hand's first finger to his lips; indicating Momo to be quiet. "Shh! Momo, you have to be quiet so that the other teams won't hear us, okay?"

Momo nodded.

Shiraishi gave a relief sigh. "Okay, I have a plan, so listen,"

-Behind the benches-

"There is a 95% chance that the other teams are coming up with plans." Inui said.

"Hmm... then should we come up with a plan too?" Kintaro asked.

"What are you talking about? It's obvious that we have to come up with a plan," Niou gave him a 'gosh-you're-slow' look. "And so," he said with a finally tone. "Inui will come up with the plan! So, give us a plan, Inui." Niou gave Inui a 'go-on!-you-know-what-to-do!' happy look.

Inui sweat dropped, but also gave a nod. "Here's the percent of what the other teams are doing," (A/N: he writes the stuff on the snow to show them)

-Inside a playhouse-

"Etou... do you guys know what we're going to do...?" Kawamura asked hesitantly.

"...hoi, Renji, do you know what we're going to do?" Kikumaru turned to Renji.

"Yes, I do, so let's look at what the others might do first." Renji writes down on the snow, like Inui did, in front of them to show what the other teams will do.

-In the battlefield-

"Okay, now we're all set," Ryoma, Shiraishi, Niou, and Renji (the team leaders) said in a low voice. All four teams got their snowballs ready.

"...14... 13... 12... 11..." Zaizen counted while the other teams were making their plans. "...10 ...9 ...8-" he was cut off by Kenya's shouting.


A vein popped up on Zaizen's head. "You jerk," he mumbled. "I hope you're the first ONE-" he shouted the 'one'."to get out." He mumbled the rest.

Then all of the kids scattered; but kept a good distance near each other (their own team).

"AKAYA! NOW!" Ryoma shouted.

"Snowball knuckle serve!" Akaya also shouted. Now, while he used his special move, he didn't bother look for anybody to hit it with, he just randomly hit someone hard with it. And unfortunately (or fortunately for the other teams), it hits Jackal.

"GUBWAH!" it hits Jackal in the face. And because the 'snowball knuckle serve' is powerful, it knocked him out.

"Kuwahara Jackal from team two is out!" Zaizen announces.

"YEAH!" Kenya cheered. "We got one!" he doubles high fives with Ryoma and Akaya.

"J... JACKAAAAAL!" Momo cried. "NOOO!" he tried to go after the half-Brazilian, unconscious boy, but was only stopped by their team leader, Shiraishi.

"Momo! You can't go! You'll only get hit!"

"But! But! He's out there! We have to get him!"

"We'll get him later! Right now, we have to survive and win!"

"Yeah but-" Momo was cut off by Shiraishi when the said team leader smacked him. "OW!"

"Focus, Momo!"

"Fine! Geez, you didn't have to slap me..."

"BURNING!" Kawamura shouted while throwing a snowball at Inui.

"There is an 87% chance that Takashi will likely miss me," Inui said in his smart-something-they-call-it. And the snowball misses him. "There is also a 76% that Renji will come after me."

"Defend yourself! Sadaharu!" Renji shouted, getting his snowballs ready.

"I think you're the one who needs to defend yourself, Renji!" Inui responded and also getting his snowballs ready.


"Inui Sadaharu from team three is out!" Zaizen announced.

"...eh?" Inui wasn't expecting that. "...d-did I... just got... hit?"

"Ah! Inui! You got hit by a snowball that came from Kiku-chan!" Kintaro told the thick-glasses-boy.

"EH! I did?" he turned around to look for Kikumaru, and only to see him tossing a snowball in the air with one hand.

Kikumaru laughed a bit. "Got you Inui, nya!"

Inui was flabberghasted. "W... what...?"

"See, that's why I told you to defend yourself, Sadaharu," Renji told him.

"I... I can't be out, my data states that Eiji-kun would be aiming for the other teams..."

"It seems your data was wrong,"

"No! It couldn't be wrong! I made sure of it!"

"...um..." Kikumaru interjected. "Your data wasn't really wrong, Inui,"

"I KNEW IT! ...wait, then how did you do the opposite of what I thought you would've done?"

"When Renji told Kin-chan and I the plan, he told me to look at what the other teams were doing, and while I was looking, I saw you, and your team, behind the benches writing your data on the snow and told Renji. When I told him, he told to tell him what I saw with my awesome vision, and I told him about our team first. And I think you know the rest, nya."

"You didn't have to tell him, Eiji," Renji crossed his arms. "Oh well, he's out now, so it doesn't matter that much. Now go sit over there, Sadaharu," Renji pointed to wherever the people who are out are supposed to sit. And Inui did what he was told. "Oh, and make sure to bring Jackal with you, he might get hurt if he's not out of the battlefield." Inui did what he was told. Again.

"Ryo-chan!" Kenya called.

"What is it, Ken-chan?" Ryoma said irritably, while hiding underneath the slide. "I'm busy right now, go attack the other teams with your Naniwa speed something," he waved him off.

Kenya smirked. "Okay, Ryo-chan," Kenya got his snowball ready to throw it at someone. And that someone was Ryoma!

"RYO-CHAN!" Akaya called, throwing the snowball at Kenya.

"Whoa!" Kenya exclaimed, stumbling back a bit when the snowball missed.

"Eh? Akaya?" Ryoma didn't know what had just happened.

Akaya stood in front of Ryoma, trying to protect him. "Ryo-chan, that isn't Ken-chan!"

"Eh? What are you talking about?" Ryoma raised an eyebrow and pointing out in the battlefield with his finger. "'Cause Ken-chan is out there hitting... the... other... teams..." his finger dropped. "Aww, MAN!" he whined.

'Kenya' chuckled. "Aww, poor Ryo-chan. You let your guard down! But remember whose in battle when I'm around," the fake Kenya took off his mask. Err... face err... both.

Ryoma narrowed his eyes. "I should've known it was you," he pointed an accusing finger at the imposter behind Akaya. "Masa-chan!"

Niou rolled his eyes.

A vein popped up on Ryoma's head. "Did you just roll your eyes at me?"

Niou smirked. "Yeah! I did." He said with no denial. "So what if I roll my eyes at you, huh, Ryo-chan?"

With an irritating smirk, Ryoma said in a low voice, "Annoying...!"

"Yeah? So are you!" Niou threw a snowball at Akaya and Ryoma, but they dodged it and ran and each threw a snowball at him.

Niou dodges it too. "Ha! Missed me, brats!" he shouted when he turned around, his back facing them, bends downs slightly and smacks his own butt to annoy or to provoke them. And with that, he ran off shouting "SNEAK ATTACK!" at someone. The two boys couldn't see him because they were further back behind the slide, so they could only hear what had happened.

"OW!" a boy exclaimed in pain.

"Oshitari Kenya from team one is out." Zaizen announced.

"AWW, MAN!" the speed star whined.

'...I'll talk to him later...' Ryoma thought silently.

The remaining team one stared at the direction where the older boy, who attacked them, when he ran off. Ryoma broke the moment of silence. "That was... pretty-wait, no. That was EXTREMELY weird."

"I thought it was because Masa-chan was weird," Akaya blinks at Ryoma.

"...anyways," Ryoma coughs. "Akaya, thanks for protecting me,"

Akaya blinks three more times at Ryoma, then breaks a wide smile. "Yeah! I'd always protect you Ryo-chan!"

This time it was Ryoma's turn to blink, but in surprise. "Is that so?"



"It's because I like Ryo-chan!" the seaweed haired boy said with his arms spread out.

It took a few moments for the other boy to register what he had just heard. "...EHHH!" Ryoma shouted in confusion and in surprised. "Y-you like me?" he pointed a finger to himself.


And just by hearing that answer, it was able to turn Ryoma's face deep red. Like pomegranates! 'D-did Akaya confess to me? B-but! It's t-too soon for m-me to get in those icky relationships I keep h-hearing about from Nanako! Holy cow, WHAT SHOULD I DO!' he started to panic slightly. He stared at the snow below his feet, trying to hold back his blush. "I-I, Aka... y-ya, umm... I..."

...to be continued...

NOTE: i gasp! what is this? a confession? haha, just wait for the next chapter to see what happens! and i really do hope its funny(er) in the next chapter! ...wow... this is the longest chapter ive EVER written! err... typed.