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Chapter 1

(Bella's POV)

When will Rosalie learn? Just because I'm a lesbian does not mean I like gay clubs. I swore everyone in here was just looking for a hang over and one night stand. Or maybe it was just because I had already slept with the first twelve people I saw when I walked through the door. These places were crawling with the same people; people I've already fucked. Yeah, that was more likely the problem.

"Wow! You are such a whore." Rosalie said over the loud music.

I simply rolled my eyes at her and continued to sip my vodka and cranberry. Rosalie was the last to talk. She believed that being bi-sexual entitled her too twice as many sexual partners and she was doing the leg work. I may have slept with my share of beautiful women but I was actually searching for the one. Maybe I shouldn't have let each search end between the sheets but I wasn't going to turn down the ability to feed a need. I liked to think of myself as a philanthropist, if you will.

"Rose, I am so not feeling this tonight." I turned to see I didn't have her attention at all. She was already captivated by some brown hair, dark eyed woman. As Rosalie moved to the music she gradually lifted up her red halter dress. Any higher and everyone in the club would see she wasn't wearing a thing underneath.

I shock my head at my friend and simply said, "bar," indicating where I was headed. I had to hold my hands up in defense to a few of the women who tried to pull me to the dance floor. I really wasn't feeling it.

"You plan on breaking every girl's heart tonight?"

The voice came from the chick sitting on the stool at the end of the bar. I looked up at her and was instantly lost in her deep black eyes. Her eyelashes were long and cast a mysterious shadow over her already dark orbs. Her jet black hair was spiky and purposely going in all directions, completely exposing her long slender neck. I subconsciously licked my lips. My eyes followed her neckline down to her full breasts peeking through her black dress top. Her full lips eased into a smile as she watched me take inventory of her gorgeous features. Plan change – I was so going to hook up tonight.

I joined the radiant beauty at the end of the bar and noted her empty class.

"Cranberry vodka and sparkling Nuevo for my friend here," I rattled off to the bartender.

"How did you know what I was drinking?"

I tapped the side of my nose letting her know I could smell the sweet aroma. "I'm a mixologist. Isabella," I extended my hand to her, "but please call me Bella."

She placed her hand in mine and I pulled it to my lips placing on it one soft kiss. She smelled as sweet as her drink of choice.

"Alice. Pleased to meet you Bella, but you never answered my question." Her eyes were boring into me. I hung my head as if suddenly embarrassed.

"It wasn't my intentions to break any hearts. I was just looking for something specific."

"Is that so? Well I hope you find what you seek." Alice took a slow sip of her drink.

Alice had turned her entire body in my direction at my approach. I took this chance to view her more. Though she was sitting, I could tell she was shorter than I. Her black dress was barely there, almost as bad as Rosalie's. I wanted badly to run my hands up her slender legs; those inviting pieces.

"So do I. Are you here alone, Alice?" My eyes continued to roam over her body. I didn't intend to be rude, but something about looking into her eyes made me feel too aware, exposed; things I never felt before.

"I was alone but then you came and joined me. I hope I am not alone any longer."

"Not if I have anything to say about it," I quirked my eyebrow at her.

"I've seen you here before . . . quite the lady killer aren't you?"

"I don't think so. I am looking for something deep. Meaningful and I just choose to have fun in the mean time." I ran my hands through my hair.

Alice smirked at me as she sized me up as well. I was not quite a fem but I was far from a stud.

"Are you planning to have any fun tonight?" She asked as she leaned out of her seat to examine my ass without shame or embarrassment of her obvious task. I wanted to make sure she got a good view as I poked it out further, before turning to answer her question.

"Yes, I am planning to, but as you saw earlier, I have yet to be successful."

"Yeah, you have . . . Why don't we get out of here? I have a room not far away?" Alice phrased it as a question but something in her tone let on that I didn't have much of a choice. I didn't need one, I was about to suggest the same thing to her.

Alice took me by my hand and began pulling me towards the door. I hadn't seen Rosalie since I left her with her new friend. She and I had driven together but luckily she had the keys. I shot her a quick text as I was escorted out.

"Found some fun. Behave. Call you in the morning."

Just as I sent the message, Alice and I made it outside. I spun her around on her heels pulling her into my chest. I held her left hand in my right as I pulled her to my lips. They were so soft and sweet. I could taste the Nuevo on her tongue but there was something else there. Something that was all Alice.

Our tongues slowly glided over each other and our kiss grew in slow sensual passion. I could feel an electrical current pass between us that sent my atoms on alert. Everything about her was drawing me closer, as we almost fused together into one. Alice didn't seem to mind as she wrapped her arms around my neck tangling her finger in the back of my long chocolate hair. I didn't intend for this kiss to be so . . . sensual and alluring. There was something about our connection that wouldn't let her go; couldn't let her go.

"Wow. That was unexpected," I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist, wanting her to stay near.

Alice slid her hands down my arms, never breaking eye contact. I could see the surprise in her eyes. I was glad to know I wasn't the only one taken off guard. She simply smiled and dropped her head as if she was shy. Was she not just flirting shamelessly with me? I didn't care, I would play along. I wanted to feel that current between us again. I wanted to feel that soul consuming fire when she looked into my eyes.

Alice began pulling me down the street. The way we held hands and stole glances from each other, to onlookers I am sure we looked like a happy committed couple. Yeah right! Like she would have me. She obviously knew my rep based on the club. Alice probably didn't believe me when I said I was looking for the one. Nevertheless, the thought of us being together kept coming in my mind. Where the hell did that come from? I didn't even know her last name and I was ready to call her my girl, exclusively.

I stepped behind Alice and pulled her to my body, beginning to kiss her on her neck. My lips already missed the contact of her skin. This time I savored her, no longer shocked by the feel of my skin on hers but enjoying it nonetheless.

We made it to the hotel, walking past the desk and straight to the elevator. As I held her body to mine, I realized I didn't even know what hotel we were in. I was too captivated by Alice to care. It didn't matter really. Hotels were my true night life. I never took a girl home. I guess that should have been the clue that we wouldn't be spending the morning together. But once you've seen one hotel room, you've seen them all. All I could tell you was that the elevator I was riding in now had real cherry wood paneling on the bottom half of the wall. The whole top half was separated by a mirror polished gold bar. The buttons were made of glass, rather than plastic, and they illuminated blue, rather than red. If that wasn't enough to prove this must have been a more swanky establishment, the old woman standing in the elevator with us, nose turned up but stealing glances, as she stroked her fur coat that she donned in the middle of June, should have been convincing enough.

But none of that mattered. I couldn't tell you the name of the hotel but I could tell you about how perfectly arched Alice's eyebrows were. I knew that Alice was ticklish behind her ear as she slid down my body in fits of laughter with each kiss placed there. Her giggles reminded me of the high pitch voice of a school girl. I knew Alice wore Curve: Crush perfume. I knew all of these things and more, despite the fact that I only knew her as long as this elevator's ride.

We finally made it to the hotel room's door. For no reason at all I was nervous. There was just something about Alice, the way she moved, the way she spoke, the way she touched me with her eyes. I wanted this to be so much more. As we walked into the room I was mentally talking myself into leaving. The electrical current running through us was Earth moving. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to walk away from her like I had done with all of the others; leaving her alone to wake up to an empty hotel bed. I didn't know if I wanted to.

Nonetheless, I couldn't remove myself from her skin. Alice then spun around and kissed me; she made the decision for me. I had to stay.

Her soft lips fused with mine, giving me heaven on Earth. I glided my hands down her side, caressing her hips and ass. I couldn't pull her close enough to my body. I slid my hand up her back than back down, bringing the zipper of the piece of fabric she wore with me. That small action released the dress from her hour glass form, sending it falling to the floor. The feel of her neck as I wheeled my way down her silky pale skin was sleek and tantalizing. The coolness of her body sent shivers down my spine as I tried to restrain my urges and haste to take her. She whispered in my ear; that was my undoing.

"Take me Bella. I am yours. Please don't hold back," she spoke as if she had heard my internal musing.

I picked up the aroused pixie and she wrapped her legs around my waist. The skin on her thighs called for my touch, a call I was ready and willing to answer. I laid Alice on the bed instantly forgetting how we made it to the destination once I looked on the red strapless bra and thong set she wore. I needed to taste her on my tongue. Our physical separation, while short, was still too long.

I slid my Baby Phat spaghetti strap top over my head as Alice unbuttoned my black skinny jeans. As her hand slowly brushed across my stomach my mind relished in the idea of having her touch me this way every day of our lives . . . together. I didn't understand why suddenly I need so much more of her than her body. I knew nothing more of Alice than any other girl I had picked up from a bar. Yet here I lay with a goddess who, without understanding, was taking my breath away.

I slid my naked body down on hers as I removed her barely there under garments, kissing her bare chest. I pulled on her nibbles with my mouth, sending moans of pleasure from Alice's lips. My hand roamed freely over her body as I pressed myself deeply between her legs. Her cool skin was such a contrast to my normal high body heat.

"I can't take anymore. Take me, Bella," Alice whispered above my head as she squeezed her eyes closed, running her fingers through my hair.
I trailed kisses down her body until I reached her center, relishing in the heat. I ran my hand down her folds and watched as her back arched in pleasure. Soon my tongue was following the same trail and savoring her sweetness causing my name to fall from her lips repeatedly. Slowly I introduce one finger and reached up to stroke her nipple with my thumb. Just the sound of her voice was bringing on my arousal and I knew if she touched me, my body would have its release. But my own physical pleasure was not my goal. I needed to bring Alice to her utopia just so that I could watch her body react to my touch. I added another finger to the pleasure my tongue inflicted on her sweet center, pulling in and out of her depth.

"Tell me you like it, Alice. Do you want me to stop?"

"Yes, god yes, I like it! Bella please don't stop. Don't ever stop!" Alice slid further on my fingers inviting me to go deeper. Invitation accepted.

I removed my tongue from its new playground as I continued to reach for her internal dept. Pulling myself back to the full mounds a top of her chest, I tried to devour every ounce of her flesh.

"Bella," Alice screamed out opening her eyes for the first time.

"Yes, cum for me please." Alice couldn't reply as I crushed my lips to hers, locking my left hand in her right. Our sweaty bodies clashed and rubbed, the friction intensified our shared bodies. Breathing was pointless and dangerous; as her sweet scent surrounded and inflamed my nostril, I only wanted to pull her closer, further cutting off our air supply. Alice was going to be the death of me and I was welcoming it with open arms.

"Now! Isabella!" I could feel her core tighten around my digits and her new warmer juices surrounding them. As her peak pleasured her release, she wrapped her legs around my back holding me to her body.

Only mere seconds passed before I began assaulting her neck. My lips and hands were missing the vital contact that they needed. I took my new addiction by her hands and held them over her head as I continued marking her body. She was MINE!

"Bella that was spectacular." Alice pulled me to her deep eyes. My breath caught at her satisfied glance. I never would forget that face from this very moment on.

"Call me Isabella," I whispered as my voice couldn't be found.

Alice face showed she questioned my request. "Why," she asked sliding her now released hands down my neck and arms. Her face was contorted in a sadness as if she questioned if she had done or said something wrong.

The smile across my face could have been no bigger. I kissed her softly before I lifted my head and stated, "I loved the way my full name sounds on your lips." The very lips I couldn't look away from. The lips that now smiled at my request.

"It's your turn, Isabella." Alice pressed a kiss to my lips and down my neck as she tried to roll me onto my back.

"No," I said as I sat up pulling her with me. As I sat on the back of my legs, I looked into her eyes and said, "You again. I just want to feel you again. And again. And Again," I repeated as I relocated behind her, pressing my taut stomach to her back.

I pulled her legs apart and rubbed the skin between her thighs, around her breast, down her neck and every surface of her.

"Bella," she whispered.

"No." I immediately stopped caressing her and waited for her to notice her error.

Alice turned her face to look at me. She picked up my hands and wrapped my arms around her body again and lowly spoke, "Isabella," drawing out the end of my name.

I closed my eyes and relished in the sound, kissing her bare neck, sending my hands back to her moist center.

I continued the arousal of her body, sending her to orgasm multiple times that night. Besides chaste touches and kisses, I wouldn't let Alice me. I wanted it to be all about her. A first, since I was usually all about the me, myself, and I.

Another first for me was to wake up in the same hotel room I spent the previous night. I would always be gone before the girl would awake, to avoid the shameful "I'll-Call-You-Later," speech that both I and the nameless, faceless girl would always play out. The girl would always be hopeful, but they were all a bit naïve. This time I was looking forward to the morning after, and the day after, the week after, even the year after.

To my disappointment, this time I was the nameless, faceless girl, as Alice was nowhere in sight. I didn't humiliate myself by running around the suite to check if she was still there somewhere. The note on the pillow was hint enough.

I just sat up and stared at it at first, not really wanting to read it. Why did I not see she was exactly like me? She was looking for a girl for the night, not a girl for life. I kicked myself for not leaving when I thought was best. Maybe then I could have avoided this shame; this heartbreak. I finally picked up the note and held my breath as I read it aloud:

"Isabella, you are amazing to me. Always have been; always will be. Thank you for last night.-Alice Brandon."

I took my first breath. She was gone, leaving me only with the memories and her note.

I could have relished in the fact that I knew her last name and could find her. I could have also found solace in that we would likely bump into each other at the club again (hell, I ran into my other one night stands there all the time). But none of that hope was there. Her note sounded like a true goodbye.

She didn't want to see me ever again. I noted how "Alice" was written in perfect cursive; however "Brandon" was plain text and rushed. It appeared as if she questioned if she should have even told me her full name. I wondered what forced her hand. Guilt likely.

I laughed awkwardly as this pixie had found the way to avoid that awkward morning after speech. It was a heart breaking laugh.

My single tear stained the paper.

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