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I will be honest, so far I really haven't been very creative. Most of the lines are from the episode Her Honer (part 2), although I did change a few things. The next chapter is looking the same way but hopefully by the end it will be different ;) Enjoy! ~markaleen

"You're a real special lady…"

"You're a real special man…"

They slowly leaned into a kiss. Their first kiss. One that they had been waiting for, for quite some time now. For a year and a half to be exact.

Well close enough to exact anyway. Not really the point.

Nevermind all that. Let's back up a bit.

About a week and a half ago Harry had received notice that he was turned down for reappointment. He was fired. Christine filed an appeal but it was turned down.

It was his last day as a judge. Everyone had pitched in to buy him a customized watch. After they gave it to him, they all took turns saying 'goodbye'. First Bull, then Roz, then Dan, the last, but certainly not least, Christine.

After Dan left Harry started what was probably the hardest goodbye of all.



They both smiled.

Christine continued, "Do you know what you're going to do now?"

"Nah, that's really the best part of all this. Now I've got time to do the things I've always wanted to do. Learn hang gliding, take pottery classes, try to get you on the sofa."

Christine laughed. So did Harry but then the expression on his face turned serious.

"I'm not kidding."

Christine wasn't sure if she had heard him correctly.

He continued, "You know, for some time now, I've had some rather non-judicial thoughts about you…" he walked closer to her.

Christine was a bit dazed. "I can't believe you're saying this to me."

He backed away worried that he had just ruined a great friendship.

And you wondered why you always kept your mouth shut.

"Well, if it's one sided-"

The next thing she said shocked him. He didn't mind though.

"No, no! I feel the same way about you!"

"You do?"

"I do!"

"Well, it's funny that we never-"

"Yeah, well how could you have actually have-"

"Because a judge and a lawyer-"

"Yeah, that would be a conflict of-"



They both took a second to let this all sink in a bit.

Harry spoke again.

"But now… there's nothin' stopping us."

They were close again, Christine turned to look at Harry.

"But that would be admitting defeat."

They were now nose to nose.

"I got no problem with that."

Christine backed away, "Maybe we could get a restraining order…"

He pulled her back to him gently, "Hey, hey, Miss Sullivan. I feel like I've been restraining myself for too long as is."

She gave him a look. Then they looked into each other's eyes.

Now we are back at the beginning.

"You're a real special lady…"

"You're a real special man…"

They finally kissed. It lasted for awhile, but then Christine pulled away.

"You're too special to be off the bench. We have to find a way to get your job back!"

Harry was now annoyed, "Now?" He put his hand on his face out of frustration.


"Oh come on! We just need to accept the facts! I was fired. We appealed it and it was declined. There is nothing we can do!

"But there was to be!" she was nearly in tears.

"Would you wake up and smell the toast burning? It's over! I lost. It's not going to change and that's final!" he started walking toward the door, "Hey, when you get back to reality give me a call!"

He stormed out of the room. Christine stood by the desk in what used to be Harry's office and watched him leave.

No, it can't end like this..

It can't end at all.

And it would if I have anything to say about it.

**Sorry about that finale comment in the disclaimer but I found out what happened in it and I was really, really, mad. But my anger will be turned into writting so that means I will be writting a lot, and faster. Thanks! (for listening to me whine) ~markaleen