So many thoughts were going through Harry's mind all at the same time that he had no idea what he was even thinking. Did this mean he would lose Christine? Would they have to go back to just being friends? Yes, they would be they way that they always used to be but this time there would always be a little awkwardness.



It seems like they were back where they had started.

Harry couldn't put it off any longer, "Where does that leave us?"

Christine sighed, "I was hoping you would know…"

"Oh." He thought for a moment. He would be willing to try a romantic relationship as co-workers, he wouldn't let his feelings get in the way of his work and he believed that she would do the same. He didn't know why he was so afraid to say so. This was Christine that was at stake. He didn't know it but Christine felt the same way. She was thinking the exact same thing. There was a very, very long silence. They couldn't seem to look in each other in the eye. Neither of them knew why, this didn't seem like it would be a big deal, and it wasn't. Was it?

Christine finally spoke up, "Maybe I should go…"

"No, wait."


"I'm willing to try."

"Try what?" she was pretty sure that she knew what he was talking about but she really wanted to be sure.

Harry wasn't sure what she meant by that. Did she really no know? This was heartbreaking. He sighed sadly, "Never mind…"

Christine nodded and slowly walked out of the room.

Harry sadly watched her leave. A few seconds later she ran back in. Harry jumped off from the side of the desk and embraced her. They yelled each other's names at the same time. The next thing they knew they were kissing, and then lying on the sofa.

"Oh Christine… I'm willing to try as co-workers. How about you?"

"Of course I am! I was afraid to ask if you were!"

"And I was afraid to ask if you were!"

They both laughed and sat up.

Christine lowered her voice, "Let's go somewhere more romantic."

"I'm all for that."

They smiled, gave each other another kiss, and proudly walked out of the building hand in hand.

They went to a hotel where they had dinner then went back to their room for their first night of romance. They were both so happy to be together at last. Their story is like a roller coaster, it had its high moments, it had its low moments, and it definitely took its turns, which is what happens in life.

As they lay in bed they both think, life really does take its turns… at the same time they look at each other with a smile, this was about to be one of the best turns that they could ever imagine.

The End.