Meeting the Family

"What the hell asshole!" Ichigo yelled after me, his voice shaking slightly even though he was trying to sound angry.

"What you want more Berry?" I yelled over my shoulder caching a glimpse of his flushed face before I walked through the school's main gate. 'God he's cute when he blushes. If he keeps that up I think I might just take him there' I thought with a groan. I know I just met the gay but fuck…. Very time I'm around him I act kind of different, like I give a damn what people think, more specifically what he thinks about me.

"No" Ichigo replied to my comment as he jogged up to me and punched me in the shoulder.

"What was that for?" I asked in mock pain rubbing the sore spot.

"Being an ass" He replied punching me again. "Now tell me did you really just get out of the high security jail for young people?" He asked the question I had refused to answer before.


"What'd you do to get in there?" He continued to pry. I wished he would leave it, I fucked up and I didn't need to be reminded of that.

"Robbed a bank"

"What do you rob it with and why?" 'Would you just leave it already?' I screamed in my head, my eye brows pulling together in frustration and annoyance.

"Guns from the gun store down the street and I was high"

"How the hell did you rob a gun store?" He asked in shock causing me to groan in annoyance.

"Idiot I was fuckin' high ta tha point I don't remember shit. I only know wha tha cops said I did damn it" I replied angrily, stopping in my tracks to glare down at him.

"Why do you always do that?" He asked looking at me with curious eyes. 'What now damn it?'

"Do wha?" I spat angrily.

"Talk like that when you're pissed?" He clarified, not intimidated at all by my tone.

"Hun?" I asked raising a brow in confusion.

"Your grammar sucks when you're pissed. Why?" He restated his question.

"I don't know it just does" I replied with a shrug. "Why are you not freaking out right now? You're standing next to a guy who tried to rob a bank when he was thirteen" I questioned causing his eye's to darken in pain.

"People make mistakes" Was his simple reply but it sounded more like I made a mistake.

"That's true" I said calmly as I began to walk again. "Hey Um….could you tell me where the nearest grocery store is? I need to grab some stuff" I asked, I had literally nothing to eat at my apartment, along with no cloths or anything really.

"It's getting late how about you come and eat it my house tonight, tomorrows Saturday so I could show you around town and you can get what you need then?" He suggested as we approached my house.

"Uh sure but don't you-"

"Have a family? Duh…..But they won't mind they like to see that I'm hanging out with people" He informed me with a small smile.

"I meant about me just getting out of jail." I corrected stopping to look him in the eyes.

"I'm sure it will be fine" He said with a wave of his hand before heading towards his house, that just so happened to be right next to mine.

"Or the same as it was with everyone else today" I stated with a scowl.

"I could but you'll never know and if you don't come you'll miss out on my sister's home made chocolate cake she said we would be having for dessert." He teased.

"Chocolate cake?"

"Yep, it's really good…" He continued to taunt me, damn it I loved chocolate cake.

"Fine" I replied shoving my hands in my pockets before following after him.

"I'm home!" Ichigo hollered as he walked in followed by a "and I brought I friend, his gonna stay for dinner!" as he kicked off his shoes.

"ICHIGO MY BEAUTIFUL SON! WHO IS THI-" Some old man with a goatee started to scream before his eyes locked with mine. "Ichigo who's this?" said suddenly being serious.

"Grimmjow Jaggerjack, it's nice to meet you sir" I introduced politely; again out of pure habit, holding my hand out.

"Isshin Kurosaki" Was all the man said before quickly shaking my hand. "I'm afraid you won't be able to stay for-"

"If this is because of what you heard about me in the paper two years ago, I was high and made a mistake. I did my time give me a chance would you" I exclaimed with a sigh. After a moment of silence I sighed again and stated "No hun, okay see you tomorrow Ichigo" with a wave.

"You're right, I'll give you a chance" he stated just as I was about to leave.

"Dad, Ichi-nii dinners ready." A soft female voice called from around the corner. "COMING MY DARLING YUZU!" The old man I now guessed was Ichigo's dad screamed before skipping around the corner and yes I do mean skipping.

"Did he jus-"

"Yes, now come on" Ichigo stated with a shake of his head before walking around the corner.

'Weird…..' I thought as a followed after Ichigo into a enjoined kitchen and dining room. The kitchen had all stainless steel appliances with a Island counter with a nicely finished oak counter top while the dining room dawned only a eight seater table.

"Oh, Hello" The same soft feminine voice from earlier greeted.

"Hey um-"

"Yuzu this is Grimmjow a friend of mine. Grimmjow this is Yuzu my sister." Ichigo introduced cutting me off.

"Oh, hello it's very nice to meet you Grimmjow-san" the small girl brown haired girl Yuzu chirped happily moving to take a seat next to a black haired girl who looked to be the same age as Yuzu. One the opposite side of them was a blonde haired teenager with dark blue eyes, completely different from Ichigo's Chocolate brown ones. She was basically flat chested but had a very nice figure.

"Hi, nice to meet you I'm Shearia Ichigo's adopted sister. I would shake your hand but I'm still getting over the flu" She explained with a small giggle, her voice sounding a little horse like her throat was sore.

"It's fine nice to meet you too" I replied.

"Hey, I'm Karin Ichigo's younger sister and Yuzu's twin" The blacked haired girl said before grabbing some of the food that was on the table and started to eat.

'Well none of them seem to know so that good….'

"You two going to take a seat or just stand there?" Shearia commented with another giggle.

After dinner everyone had placed their dishes in the kitchen before returning to the table for desert. Which is what we were waiting for right now as, Yuzu moved around the kitchen.

"You play any sports?" Shearia asked, she had made to her personal goal to learn everything about me.


"Do you like watching TV"

"Not really"


"Better stuff to spend time on"



"You do any martial arts?"


"What one?"

"I know a little of basically all of them"

"That's really cool. What's your favorite?" She exclaimed happily, clapping her hands together.

"Panther style Kung Fu" I replied starting to get really annoyed.

"Really, I like Tiger style" I grinned at that statement.

'There's no way she can even do that style she's too small'

"Sorry but I don't think you could even do that style" I commented looking her over once more.

"Is that so?" She stated calmly, a little too calmly. "And why would you think that?" She continued with a sly smirk.

"You're just a little small and thin that's all" Her smirk widened.

"Well at least you didn't say it was because I was a girl. That would have pissed me off. Well your reason makes sense I'm stronger than I look Grimmjow and if it weren't for the fact that I am still recovering from the flu. I would ask you to spar with me" She explained smirk still in place as Yuzu placed a chocolate cake in the center of the table along with some plates and utensils.

"Okay well how about when you're feeling better we have a go? Eh?" I offered; I really wanted to see if she really could use Tiger style or if she was playing around but something in the way she a said it told me what she said was true.

"Now that I would like to see" Ichigo exclaimed watching as Shearia's face lit up.

"Why who do you think would win Ichi?" She questioned calmly leaning forward one arm laying flush with the table while the other supported her head as she grinned widely at him.

"You of course" Ichigo replied grinning back at her before taking a slice of the offered cake.

"Are my chances really that slim?" I said with a grin, taking my slice of cake and digging into the chocolaty goodness.

'Man Ichigo's sister could bake and cook. I wonder where she got it from.'

"She's one hell of a fighter so yeah" Ichigo stated finishing off his cake.

"Thanks Ichi but I do think Grimmjow can hold his own" Shearia commented slowly picking at a piece of cake that had been placed in front of her.

"I didn't say he couldn't" Ichigo retorted as I finished off my pace of cake.

"Well I should be going, Thanks a lot of the awesome food Yuzu. Uh…. See you tomorrow Ichigo." I said as a walked away towards the door only to be pulled back.

"Why you leaving so soon Grimmjow, Shearia seems to be feeling better now and looks like she wants a fight" Karin stated with a smirk glancing over at her adopted sister who was looking over at me with a wide grin.

"Well I did say when you where feeling better you could have a go. So I guess I don't have a choice." I grinned back at her, waiting to see what she would say.

"Come on we can spar in the back yard" I suggested as she waved her hand in a gesture for me to follow.

I grinned before following her into the small yet spacious backyard, which was a flat grassy area with a few trees near the back fence.

"You sure you want to do this?" She teased taking a stance.

"Positive, now are there any rules?" I questioned because I had sparred with some people who said you won when the other person was on the ground.

"You win when your opponent is pinned" 'Well that's a little different but I like it'

"Great. Now bring it!" I exclaimed before charging at her. Several different strikes and kicks were thrown only to end up with both of us pinning each other on the ground. My arm had pinned her by the neck; being careful not to block her wind pipe while her calf pinned my neck making it so neither of us could move without getting hurt.

"I this makes it a draw hun?" She breathed looking down at me considering the position we were in.

"Yeah I would think so to." I agreed as both of us untangled yourselves and stood up."I was wrong you can use that style fucking well" I commented.

"Thank you and I knew you could hold your own" She complemented as she dusted herself off.

"Wow" Was the simple statement that came from Ichigo as he stared at us both. "I never want to fight the two of you together" He continued as I walked over to him and laughed.

"You're really good Grimmjow" Karin commented as she patted me on the back as well as she could that is.

"I'm glad neither of you got hurt" Yuzu stated looking both of us over just to make sure we were okay.

"I never would have guessed someone other than my own son would be able to hold is own that well against my darling daughter Shearia" Isshin chimed backing my on the back enthusiastically.

Ichigo's family did seem a little weird but they seemed to all be really nice people and cared for each other greatly. I normally wasn't this nice or this calm for that matter but being with them kind of reminded me of my family before everything happened and I liked it so I guess that's why I was acting the way I was, I felt at home with them.

Shortly after mine and Shearia's sparring match I was standing at the door with Ichigo who seemed like he had something he wanted to say. " So I'll come by your place at around eight tomorrow so I can show you around?" He asked but he was blushing for some reason.

"Yeah, sounds good see you tomorrow and quite blushing would ya yer' too cute when ya do" I sated causing him to lush more before I walked away.

"You asshole!" I heard him scream followed by the slamming of the door.

'He really is too cute when he blushes'

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