Chapter 1. Alright so I wanted some story that could cover the gap between now and December so I thought I would go with this. It is a collection of snapshots of the team's life. The only thing is that it is all set before the start of season one. I thought it would be interesting.

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Character: Nate

"Daddy!" a small boy screamed with all the excitement of a five year old on Christmas morning. "Mommy." The happy boy climbed up onto his parents' bed and began jumping up and down in excitement. "It's time to see what Santa brought!"

"Is it now?" Nate asked pretending to be serious as Maggie groaned a buried her head in the pillow.

"Yes," Sam replied dead seriously, "It's Christmas."

"You sure about that buddy?" Nate asked his son fondly.

"Yes," he replied now sounding worried that his father had forgotten about Christmas, "We gave the reindeer carrots last night. And cookies," Sam's eyes lit up like the lights on a tree, "We need to go see if Santa ate his cookies and milk."

"Okay," Nate told his bouncing son, "Give your mother and I a few minutes, and then we can all go down together."

"How long is a few minutes?" Sam demanded sitting back on his heels and surveying his father. Nate almost had to laugh because he looked so much like Maggie.

"Here," Nate said handing Sam his watch, which read seven forty five. "When the big hand is pointing at the twelve you can come back and knock on the door. Deal?"

Sam considered it for a moment then held out his hand for Nate to shake. "Deal," he said with a serious nod of the head. With that he climbed down off his parents bed and left the room closing the door behind him.

"That's your cue honey," Nate told his wife as he leaned over her trailing a line of kisses up her neck until he reached her mouth.

"Do I have to?" she asked between kisses. "Can't we just stay here all day?"

"I would say yes," Nate replied as Maggie rolled over next to him. "I would defiantly say yes," he amended as he kissed her again, "but if we do we will have a very annoyed five year old banging on our door."

"You're right," Maggie sighed him rolling on to her back next to him on the mattress. "Doesn't mean I wish you weren't…" she added with a sideways smirk.

"I hear you," Nate told his wife, "I hear you."

There was a bang on the door. "Daddy," Sam called, "Mommy. Are you getting ready?"

"Yes," they both called back at the same time. Then they glanced at each other and Maggie burst into laughter, which she muffled in the pillow.

The two of them rolled out of bed and pulled on their bathrobes. Nate then patted his head a few times and considered himself fully prepared. He then turned to watch as Maggie pulled her brush though her strands of golden hair. Once she had done that to her satisfaction she turned to her make-up and pulled out a brush. However before she could apply any of it, Nate took hold of her wrists.

"You don't need it," he told her looking over her shoulder into the mirror.

"Nate," she started to protest, but she was interrupted by a banging on the door.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Sam yelled excitedly, "It is time."

"I'm sorry Sam," Nate told him through the door, "Mommy doesn't think she is pretty enough to come out."

"Of course she is pretty," Sam said matter-o-factly, "Mommy's always pretty." Maggie turned around to glare at him, but he met her with a kiss, and she just shook her head.

"Go," she told him with a smile, "Just go."

"Okay," Nate replied taking hold of her hand and leading her toward the door. As he opened it, Sam screamed happily and threw himself at his parents' legs.

"How is my little boy today?" Maggie asked as she picked her son up.

"I want to see what Santa left," he told her.

"Well then," she replied kissing him on the nose, "What are we waiting for?" She set Sam down on the carpet and pointed to the door to the living room. "Lead the way."

Sam did not need telling twice. He bounded forward pulled open the living room door. Then he remembered what he had told him about always letting the ladies go first and turned to look at his mother.

"Ladies first," he said proudly, "Right Daddy?" Nate nodded proud of his son and Maggie preformed a curtsy with her bathrobe.

"Thank you good sir," she told Sam as she walked into the living room. Sam darted after her, and Nate followed both of them with a smile playing across his lips.

"Look Mommy," Sam said pointing to a pile of presents, "Santa came!"

"Yes he did," Maggie said sharing her son's enthusiasm as he examined the plate that held Santa's cookies.

"Let's open presents," Sam announced excitedly looking at the vast pile of colorful boxes.

"Why don't we eat breakfast first?" Maggie suggested.

"I want to open…" Sam paused as he considered what Maggie had told him about whining. "How about just one?" he suggested.

"I think we could arrange that," Nate said with a glance at his wife who nodded. Sam's face lit up again, and he passed out a present to both his parents before selecting one for himself.

"Mommy first," he told Nate looking towards his mother. Maggie smiled as she gently tore back the paper that covered her package. The paper revealed a jewelry box, which she opened. Inside was a beautiful necklace that looked like it was made of macaroni and giant wooden beads. Sam looked on anxiously as she examined it. "Do you like it?"

"It is beautiful, Sammy," she told him as she slipped the necklace over her head. Sam looked extremely pleased with himself. Then it was his turn to tear open the paper on his package, which revealed half a dozen matchbox cars. He looked like he wanted to start playing with them immediately, but instead he turned to look at his father.

Slowly Nate peeled the paper off his present. It was a framed picture that had been hand drawn by Sam. "It's wonderful buddy," Nate told his son, "Thank you." Sam rewarded him with a smile then he turned to his mother and offered her a car.

Nate smiled down at his picture as Sam and Maggie began playing with the different cars. There were three smiling stick figures standing together. The one on the right had stringy blonde hair and was labeled 'Mommy.' The one in the middle was shorter and labeled 'Me.' On the left side of the picture stood a tall figure with brown hair. That one was labeled 'Daddy.'

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