Title: Small Victories
Fandom: Gunnerkrigg Court, which can be found here: .com
Pairings: Annie/Kat, suggestion of Annie/Reynardine
Author's Note: Written when the comic was up through Chapter 29.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Gunnerkrigg Court belongs to Tom Siddell, and I am in no way profiting from this work of fanfiction.
Word Count: 300
Summary: Kat watches Annie move on, a little bit at a time.

Small Victories

Kat comes home to find Antimony staring out the window into the fading autumn sunlight. She is about to say something silly when she notices the tattered white wolf gripped in Annie's long, elegant fingers.

"Hey… is everything okay?" Kat drops her canvas shopping bags and goes to the kitchen table.

Annie looks away from the window, and it seems like she has to come back from somewhere very far away. "Oh, hello," she says, quiet, red-eyed, but with all her characteristic dignity. "I just came across…" she holds up the wolf, "and I was thinking."

Kat bites her lip, but also reaches for Annie's hand. "Thinking about what?"

"Oh- lots of things. How things might have been if…" Annie trails off.

Kat squeezes her hand. "Annie."

Annie turns her big green eyes to Kat, listening.

"I want you to know that I never would have made you choose. Between me and Reynardine. If he had, um, stayed. Um."

Annie looks confused for a moment, but then a light dawns. "Oh. Thank you," she says, as tears gather in her eyes again.

"You're welcome." Kat stands and presses a kiss to Annie's forehead. "Would you like me to leave you alone?"

"No, I've been alone plenty." Annie tucks the wolf under one arm and dries her eyes with the back of her hand, businesslike. "Let me go put this away, and we can make dinner."

"Dinner? I thought you were taking me out!"

Annie chuckles at their time-worn joke, and then disappears around the corner.

Kat turns to the counter and starts unpacking groceries- eggs, milk, cheese, a bottle of shampoo. She can't help but notice that the wolf is now "this" not "him," and she counts that as a victory. Kat knows it's foolish to be jealous of a stuffed toy, but given the circumstances, she feels justified.