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Chapter 1: What Did I Just Do?

How did this happen to him? How did he end up here? Kaito was now running for his life an angry mob of men. And trailing behind him hand in hand with him was Megurine Luka. The angry mob was targeting him specifically because somehow he became Luka's... "boyfriend".

"Hey Blueberry come back here and face us like a man", one of Luka's fan boys threatened.

Kaito felt like crying why me?

Oh yeah. That's how it happened.

It all started...

The Vocaloid gang had finished yet another amazing concert. Kaito ended up closing the concert this time and the fans were still screaming when he left. AS he was heading into their lounge he was greeted by his friends. Miku was the first to greet him. She was the most famous out of them.

"Great concert", she smiled at him nervously. She always seemed to be confident when he watched her but whenever he talked to her she was so shy. Maybe she's just confident on stage Kaito thought.

Meiko his older sister was the second to greet him "Heeeeyyyy!Great job little bro! But I would of done sooo much better."

Kaito just sighed and rolled his eyes at Meiko's comment. Gakupo of course just ignored him and continued studying a song. He and Gakupo never really got along they never openly admitted it but they both knew that they didn't like each other so he didn't expect anything from him.

Rin practically tackled Kaito as she exclaimed,"That was so cool! Did you hear all of those friends screaming for you?" Rin was as hyper as usual. She always tackled the other members as soon as they got offstage.

"Good job Kaito" Len yawned. He was calmer and sweeter than his sister who was loud and wild. He was a hard worker and Kaito could tell preparing for this concert had tired the little blonde out.

"Len are you okay", came a velvety concerned voice of, of course, Megurine Luka. "Here Len, lay your head on my lap and take a nap I'll wake you when we need to go."

"Thanks Luka" Len yawned before laying his head down to sleep.

Kaito's lip tightened. Luka never complimented him she'd even rag him on the mistakes he made during concerts sometimes. But not with Len. She adored the little boy she'd dote on everything the little boy did, she's take him everywhere, buy him candy (and ice cream!), and even try teaching him English. He didn't really mind that she barely noticed him (well maybe a little...) because she'd ignore every male. She seemed to hate them, especially Gakupo, which made Kaito happy. Fans always paired Luka with Gakupo so they always had duets. Len would always follow Luka around like a little duckling following his mother duck and that was just adorable to Luka. Sometimes Kaito wished he was a little boy so Luka would pay attention to him too.

Wait. Kaito paused, was he really jealous of a little boy. He blushed and shook his head, but he turned to look at Luka humming gently and petting Len's head. His eyes showed sadness yes, it's true Kaito had a crush on the pink haired girl. He had since she first joined them. He had thought Miku was cute before but when he had met his Caribbean blue eyes with her aqua ones he began to only notice her. From the start he always smiled and complimented her while she teased him in return. To her he was spacey but to him he was in love. What made her happy was that she at least payed more attention to him than any other full-grown male. But what no one knew was that Kaito was a jealous man, even though she payed attention to him he didn't like that another male, even if he was a boy, was getting her attention too. But he put up with it and continued to try to get Luka to notice him.

"Luka, how did I do today?" Kaito smiled at Luka. He was bracing himself for another one of her supportive criticism.

"You actually did very well today Kaito, good job", she smiled.

Kaito sat there frozen in shock, Luka had just complimented him. he didn't even notice when their manager called them to leave. When his mind fully absorbed what had just happened a huge smile crept onto his face and his cheeks turned rosy. Luka had just complimented him which means she acknowledged his existence. It was only then he noticed everyone was gone and sprinted after them.

Kaito was still smiling to himself when he got home. He still in his bubbly state even as he showered for bed. But after he showered he heard a scream come from Luka's room. All of the Vocaloids lived in the same mansionand Kaito's was right next to Luka's. Kaito could tell right away that the scream had come from Luka herself. he rushed out of his room and slammed Luka's door open. Luka was cowering in the corner of her room crying. Another dark figure which turned out to be a male, Kaito noted that her balcony doors were open, the stalker must have gotten in by climbing into her second story window, the creep was now approaching the frightened pinkette slowly . "Luka I love you. I love you more than anyone. Don't be afraid I only want to love you."

Kaito didn't hesitate to take the offender down. Kaito might look spacey and looked as though he couldn't hurt a bug but he was a master in martial arts. With one blow he had knocked the guy out and threw him out the window, without killing the guy of course, and called the cops. He then turned to Luka and asked, " Are you o-"

He was cut off when Luka leaped into his arms, knocking them both down,and began sobbing." K-kaito I was so scared!", she cried.

kaito had never seen this side of Luka, so helpless, so open, so dependent, but he felt he needed to protect his side of her so that no one else could see it. He held close to him and hushed," It's okay its over now, the police are coming, I'm here." He gripped her tighter, he wasn't going to let this happen again he would become the person Luka could lean on, him and only him.

"Luka are you okay" Meiko exclaimed running into the room. The rest of the gang was right behind her still waiting hesitantly at the door.

"It's okay now" Kaito explained, " a stalker entered Luka's room but I got rid of him and the cops are on the way, he's the one moaning outside in the bush."

"Luka, are you okay" Len asked nevously entering the room slowly. At those words Luka leaped from Kaito to the little boy. Despite the situation Kaito pouted at that.

He lost his train of thought when he felt someone slap his back really hard causing him to trip forward. " Way to go little bro! You're a hero!"

"Yes Kaito that was very heroic of you" Miku blushed.

"That was so cool Kaito!" Rin exclaimed.

"Well since Luka is okay and everything is fine now I'll be going back to sleep", Gakupo said before leaving. Kaito smirked, Gakupo seemed jealous that he saved the day while the purple man was the one with the sword.

"I'll go wait for the cops out front, come on Miku" Meiko said, " the twins will sleep in Luka's room with her tonight."

"Well i better go back to my room now too" Kaito smiled scratching the back of his head. He just began noticing the nightgown Luka was wearing was very attractive he almost didn't blame the stalker for being tempted to enter her room. But before he could leave he felt a tug on his shirt.

" Can you stay here tonight" Luka asked nervously looking at the ground. How was he supposed to say no to that.

That evening Rin, Len, and Luka slept on the bed. Rin was on the left snoring, Len was in the middle sleeping like an angel, Luka was on the right side, and Kaito was leaning on the side of the bed next to Luka. He was falling asleep when he heard Luka whisper, "Kaito?"

"Hmmm?"he answered.

"Can you hold my hand?" Luka mumbled.

"Sure", Kaito smiled gently and offered his hand. Luka seemed to fall asleep instantly after that. Kaito was still smiling as he went to sleep.

Before he slipped into sleep he thought to himself, Best. Day. Ever.

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