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Chapter 15:Epilogue

3 Years:

Kaito and Luka's relationship stayed strong. After a while of pretending she was mad at Kaito she had given up. Kaito and Luka were a very lovey dovey couple. Kaito loved to cling onto Luka and shower her with kisses. She would push him away saying it was annoying after a while but it didn't seem so, in fact it looked like she had to really force herself to tell Kaito to stop. Of course Luka had her moments where she would cling to Kaito and shower him with kisses but he never complained. Gakupo rolled his eyes at the couple but he did find fun in getting Kaito jealous by "innocently" running into Luka or hovering over her to get something over Luka.

Miku, Meiko, and the twins were doing really well on their tour. They really were gaining popularity for the Vocaloid gang. Miku tried to hide her heartbreak with a smile but that smile became genuine when they started touring with Kiyoteru. Rumors have it the two are dating but the two were to flustered when asked, to ever confirm it.

Do to their individual happy relationships fans began to accept and support the Luka and Kaito and Miku and Kiyoteru relationships. Of course there were fans that were still against their relationships but it was nothing to worry about, they would eventually figure out that the two weren't going to break up. In fact...

Kaito had recently decided to propose to Luka and of course she accepted. They are waiting for the rest of the gang to return from their tour to have the wedding.


Kaito and Luka were waiting at the exit gate at the airport holding hands. The crowd of fans were held back by security screaming in excitement, waiting for the reunion. Meiko was the first one that came out of the gate and tackled Kaito.

"Little bro I missed you so much congrats on the engagement," she squealed hugging her brother," you look so mature now."

Kaito laughed,"thanks, you look so... old..." With that comment Meiko released her hug on Kaito and instead constricted her hands around his neck."I'm kidding I'm kidding,"Kaito coughed trying to calm Meiko down.

Miku came out next holding hands with Kiyoteru. Luka raised an eyebrow and smiled at the couple. Miku blushed and then smiled nervously,"congratulations Luka, it's good to see you again."

Luka surprised Miku with a hug,"thank you." Miku hesitated but returned the hug grinning.

And finally the twins ran out. Rin ran out first and tackled the first familiar face she saw, it happened to be Gakupo who was laughing at Kaito being strangled. Rin still wore her same clothes except replaced her shorts with a skirt. She was also taller and had the body of a 17 year old female. She was gaining more male fans but still had her rambunctious personality. Len came walking out calmly after his sister. He too had changed, he traded his shorts in for pants and had cut his little ponytail. He was now taller and leaner than the little boy they were all used to, he was as tall as Kaito. He had grown up handsomely and fans were debating if he was hotter than Kaito. His mature little boy aura was replaced with handsome charisma.

Luka rushed up and tackled Len. "Len you've grown up so much you're so handsome,"Luka squealed,"you're not the cute little boy I know anymore." Kaito had a bad feeling about this.

"That's right I'm not a little boy anymore,"Len chuckled, his voice had gotten deeper too. He then tilted Luka's face up to face his and kissed her on the cheek. "I had to become handsome if I want any chance of stealing you away from your fiance,"Len smirked seductively,"Luka I've been in love with you ever since I was a little kid now that I'm a man I want to pursue you myself."

Uh oh,Kaito thought, I knew that little brat was going to be trouble.

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