The prompt for this story was: Nation A and Nation B both have cats that turn out to be really similar to their owners. The cats do get along fairly well (or as well as it can be expected, considering they resemble their owners), but their owners have an awkward and kind of complicated relationship. Basically, I want the cats to bring their owners together!

Ludwig set down a plate of milk. "Ema!" he called out briskly. Immediately three blurs of black ran towards him, barking loudly. Ludwig rolled his eyes. "You aren't Ema," he chided, petting Blackie, Aster and Berlitz on their heads. The three dogs nuzzled against their owner, tails wagging crazily. "Go inside," he commanded and the three dogs ran by him into the house, intent on pleasing their owner. Ludwig allowed himself a small smile. Now, where was that cat?

Ema walked towards her master briskly, tail high in the air. Ludwig petted Ema's round head. "I have to go to a meeting now – make sure the dogs behave, alright?" he said to the cat. Ema meowed, raising a paw in the air in an almost salute. Anybody else would've found the gesture the cutest thing on earth but not Ludwig. Ludwig rarely found things cute.

As Ludwig stood up and began to walk away, Ema watched her master leave with her dark eyes. Ema wondered suddenly if her master was lonely before throwing away the idea. Of course he wasn't; he had Ema. And the dogs. If cats could scowl, Ema would've scowled. She turned and walked into the house, intent on doing her designated job.

As expected, the dogs were lounging in the living room, Blackie and Berlitz rough-housing and Aster sleeping on the couch – something their master always advised them not to do. Ema made a hissing sound and Aster opened an eye lazily. He saw Ema glaring at him and closed the eye again. Ema walked over to the dog and hit his nose with her right front paw. Aster opened both his eyes and barked. Ema hissed again. Blackie and Berlitz stopped play-fighting to watch the scene curiously. Aster growled. Ema gave him a cold stare. Aster whimpered. Ema continued to stare. Aster finally got off of the couch. Ema meowed in satisfaction. Stupid dogs. They needed better training. Ema decided to be the one to train them. She gave the three dogs a look and meowed. The dogs stared at her. She turned her back on them and walked out of the living room. She paused at the door and gave them another look before leaving.

Berlitz barked in confusion. Were they supposed to follow her? Blackie had already begun to, his tail wagging in amusement. Maybe training would be fun, he barked. Berlitz and Aster looked at each other before following Blackie out of the living room.

The three ended up outside in the backyard. Ema gave them a look that clearly said, 'get into a line'. The dogs attempted to form one. Berlitz playfully bit Aster's tail and Aster turned around, lunging at Berlitz, barking. Blackie watched in amusement, wondering idly if that spot under the tree nearby would be comfortable enough for a nap. He began to sneak away, his eyes already drooping.

There was a loud hiss, making all three dogs freeze. Ema fixed them with her coldest stare. The three dogs went back in line. She paced in front of them and meowed. The dogs looked confused. Stupid dogs. Ema meowed again, giving them a glare.

Blackie glanced at the other two dogs. Was she really telling them to run around the house 30 times? Ema meowed impatiently. Blackie's tail began wagging happily. Running around the house sounded like fun! Blackie took off. Berlitz, not wanting to be caught in Blackie's dust ran off as well, trying to get ahead of Blackie. Ema gave Aster a cold stare. Aster barked hopefully. Pity Ema was a cat. She would've made a very pretty dog. Ema hissed dangerously and Aster ran off, trying to catch up to the other dogs.

Finally. It had taken the dogs quite some time to actually listen to her commands. Training them was going to be difficult, Ema mused to herself ruefully. She might as well get started as soon as they finished their laps.

"Gino~! Where are you?" Feliciano sang out happily, flying out of the kitchen. He had just made the best lunch ever! Pasta! The Italian man hummed to himself idly as he searched around the house for Gino. The house was strangely quiet after Feliciano's older brother had moved out and gotten married, Feliciano noticed. Perhaps he should play some music so he and Gino could dance to it? Yes, that'd be fun! Feliciano twirled around before going upstairs.

He found Gino taking a nap in his bed, a bit of sunlight shining from the window onto him. "Gino!" Feliciano exclaimed. Gino opened his eyes and meowed happily, jumping off the bed into Feliciano's arms. "Oh you're such a cute kitty!" Feliciano said as Gino nuzzled him lovingly. Feliciano carried Gino downstairs into the kitchen so that they could have lunch.

Gino leapt out of Feliciano's arms and onto the table where he meowed expectantly. Feliciano laughed.

"No Gino you can't sit at the table! Your food is over there!" Feliciano said, pointing to the rather large food bowl on the ground. Gino meowed sadly. "Do you want pasta?" Feliciano asked curiously. Gino meowed happily. Feliciano laughed. "Pasta does taste good! But can kitties eat pasta?" Feliciano wondered. Shrugging he emptied Gino's bowl and refilled it with pasta. He set it in front of Gino and sat beside him, eating happily.

Gino meowed in delight and began to eat the pasta. Gino loved his master – Feliciano was the nicest master a cat like Gino could ever have! They ate together, took naps together – they even painted together! Feliciano was the best master ever! But…Gino sometimes wondered if Feliciano ever got lonely now that his meanie older brother was gone.

"Meow?" Gino asked curiously, cocking his head to the side. 'Are you lonely, master?'

Feliciano laughed, patting Gino on the head. "You want more pasta? Ok~!"

Not actually what Gino had meant, but good enough.

After lunch, Gino decided that he was going to go nap outside because it was pretty and sunny outdoors. He tried to drag Feliciano outside too but Feliciano told him he wanted to sleep inside instead. Gino debated on joining his master or going outside and decided that he wanted to talk to the pretty girl kitties rather than sleep indoors. Outside it is!

Gino meowed happily as he strolled outside. It was such a pretty day outside! Gino felt like singing! Meowing an odd tune, Gino made his way towards his favourite tree when he heard the sound of lots of dogs barking.

Gino jumped in terror. Dogs! Scary, barking, cat-eating dogs!

"Meow! Meow, meow meow!" Gino exclaimed, waving his tail the way he saw his master wave a white flag. 'I surrender! Please, don't eat me!'

There was a silence. Gino prayed to the Cat Gods above that he wouldn't be eaten by the scary dogs.

To his surprise however, a cat appeared.

"What are you yelling about?" she meowed in annoyance. A girl! Gino immediately put on his charm.

"Hello! You are a very pretty kitty! Can we be friends? We could take naps and chase mice and stuff!" Gino meowed eagerly. The cat gave him a look.

"I am busy training my owner's stupid dogs so please go away. I have no time for friends," the cat meowed coldly before turning to walk away. Gino ran around the cat so that they were facing again.

"Dogs? You train dogs? You're so brave!" Gino said eagerly. "Can we be friends?"

"No! Now go away," the cat said, walking away. Gino decided that he didn't want to go away but rather wanted to make friends with the strange cat. The cat froze as Gino tried following her. Fixing the annoying cat with her most piercing stare she meowed, "I will only tell you one more time before I claw you – go away!" And with that, she walked away.

Gino felt sad. He really wanted to make friends with the brave, dog-training cat. Oh well, perhaps now Gino could take his nap now! Gino bounded towards his favourite napping spot and curled up, fully intent on sleeping.

Within seconds he was dreaming pasta, pretty female cats and chasing mice.

Ema shook her head as she walked back to the stupid dogs, who had started up a game of chase while she was gone. She hissed at them and they hastily ran back into a line.

"Now," she meowed to them briskly, pacing in front of them again, "because you three seem to be the stupidest dogs that were ever born, I will have to train you to become intelligent, ruthless guard dogs. Master bought you three for a reason."

Aster barked hopefully. "Will we get to relax afterwards?" Ema hissed in response.

"I guess that means no," Blackie barked at Aster. Aster glared at Blackie.

"Your first assignment will to be to prevent any squirrels from entering this backyard," Ema continued, completely ignoring the idiotic dogs. The three perked up, excited. Did that mean they could chase squirrels? "When I come back from my walk, if I see any squirrel in the yard you will all be severely scratched. Got it?" she threatened. The three dogs barked. "Very well," she said, walking away. "You may begin."

Honestly, Ema could only stand to be near those creatures of inferior intelligence for a few minutes before needing to get away. Ema walked out of their backyard back towards where she had gone the last time – the place where she had met that annoying male cat. Ema hissed to herself. Such a lazy cat. Really? Taking naps? Chasing mice? Ema could think of lots of more productive ways to spend her time.

Meanwhile, Gino was in dreamland. He was dreaming of lots of pretty kitties chasing mice with him and meowing songs about pasta. It was a really good dream! He purred happily in his sleep.

Ema's eyes narrowed when she saw the sleeping cat nearby her. Such a waste of time, sleeping it away like that. She decided that this annoying cat needed training too.

"Wake up!" Ema exclaimed, adding a hiss at the end to jolt the cat awake. As expected, the cat leapt to his feet, looking terrified.

"Please don't hurt me I just want to be friends!" the cat meowed in horror, waving his tail frantically. Ema rolled her eyes. "Oh it's you! The pretty kitty from before! Have you come to be friends?" he asked eagerly.

"No. I've decided to train you to be a proper cat," Ema meowed. The cat looked confused.

"But I thought I was a proper cat!" he protested.

"No. You're too lazy," Ema replied. "Come, I'll train you," she said, turning away. The cat looked delighted.

"Yay! I like making new friends!" the cat said cheerfully. "I'm Gino – what's your name?" he asked eagerly.

"Ema. Now please stop jumping around like that," Ema said briskly, slightly unnerved at the energy coming from the other cat.

"That's a pretty name!" Gino said happily.

Ema wasn't really sure of what to say. No one had ever said to her before. "Thank you," she finally said stiffly. Gino meowed happily to himself. Ema wondered how the hell she was going to train a cat like Gino.

Ludwig sighed as he walked into the house after the meeting. It had been torture. Ludwig massaged his temples.

"I'm home!" Ludwig called out to his pets. He braced himself from the impact of three dogs jumping at him eagerly. The impact never came. "Blackie? Berlitz? Aster?" he called out curiously, shrugging off his jacket and placing it on the coat rack. When he received no response, Ludwig walked into his living room, the silence unnerving him.

Blackie, Berlitz and Aster were all lying on the couch together. Ludwig was used to this though; he usually got Ema to get them off and discipline them. But Ema couldn't be seen anywhere. Where was she?

"Ema?" he called out. No answer. Feeling rather apprehensive, Ludwig made a move to check upstairs to see if Ema might be uncharacteristically sleeping on his bed. The phone rang, startling Ludwig. Swearing, he picked up the phone.

"Hey Luddy! It's your awesome bro!" the voice said from the receiver and Ludwig groaned.

"Gilbert you nearly woke up the dogs with your phone call!" Ludwig chided.



"Dude… you need to get laid."

Ludwig blushed furiously. "What do you mean by that?" he demanded into the receiver. Gilbert chuckled. He could practically see his brother's red eyes glinting in amusement.

"You're lonely. You need to get out and meet people," Gilbert told him. Ludwig bristled.

"I don't need to," Ludwig informed him.

"Yes you do."

"No I don't!"

"The first thing you told me when you picked up the phone was that I nearly woke up your dogs. Your dogs Ludwig – freaking Blackie, Berlitz and Aster. Those dogs can sleep through World War 3."

"Well I-I…" Ludwig frowned, glancing at his sleeping dog. Indeed, Gilbert had a point. The only way they would wake up is if you sent Ema onto them. Speaking of which, where was...?

"Ludwig, are you listening to me?" Gilbert said loudly, jolting Ludwig out of his thoughts.

"Sorry?" Ludwig said. He could hear his older brother sigh from the other line.

"Exactly. We need to find you an awesome person to make you un-lonely," Gilbert said.

"Un-lonely isn't a word."

"It should be. Anyways – what do you like? Boys? Girls? You gotta tell me so I can find someone for you!" Gilbert continued. Ludwig sighed in exasperation.


"Or do you like both like Francis? No worries – I know this Polish dude who likes dressing up like a chick. It's like a boy and a girl at the same time! I could fix you guys up and-"

"GILBERT. Please don't set me up with your weird friends. Francis was bad enough."

"Hey Feliks isn't my friend – he's my freaky roommate. And I thought you said you and Francis had fun when you went out together!" Gilbert exclaimed.

"He tried groping me every 5 minutes," Ludwig informed him.

"Well you can't blame him for that – he's French. It's in his blood to grope people!" Gilbert protested.

"He couldn't keep his eyes off the other people at the restaurant we went to," Ludwig continued.

"W-well. Maybe you were being boring! You have a tendency to do that you know," Gilbert said after a brief pause.

Ludwig sighed, massaging his temples with his free hand. "Gilbert, do you really want me to date your best friend?" he asked.

There was a silence. "Well no but…" Gilbert sighed again. "I don't like seeing you all alone with no one but your pets to keep you company," he said in a gentler tone. "I don't like my baby bruder being lonely."

"I'm not lonely," Ludwig reassured him.

"If you say so." Gilbert didn't sound convinced. "Just… just get out and stuff ok? Meet some new people – it never hurt anybody to make new friends. Well… unless you're Feliks's friend Toris and you became friends with that creeper Ivan but yeah. You get what I'm saying?" Gilbert asked.

"Yes I do." Ludwig glanced at the time. It was 11:01 PM. He sighed yet again. He wished he could talk to his brother more but he really needed to sleep. He had a busy day tomorrow. "I have to go sleep now. I have a conference to attend in the next city over and I have to get up early to get there on time," Ludwig said.

"Alright. Remember what I said ok? I'll call tomorrow if I have time before my flight," Gilbert said. Gilbert was taking a trip with his friend Francis [their other friend Antonio was on honeymoon with his newly wedded husband] to Europe so they could see their respective motherlands. Ludwig wished he could see his brother off.

As Ludwig hung up he heard a faint 'meow' and looked down to see Ema looking up at him. "Where were you?" he asked, stooping down to pet her gently. Ema made no response, lifting a paw up to begin grooming herself. He sighed. "I bet you had fun, whatever it was you were doing," he said before standing up. Loosening his tie, he began to make his way upstairs. He paused to glance back at his pets and noticed Ema staring at the sleeping dogs. Knowing fully well that in a few moments Blackie, Aster and Berlitz were going to get their punishment for sleeping on the couch, Ludwig chuckled and disappeared upstairs.

"We should really come over more often Feliciano but with the whole baby thing…" Elizaveta Héderváry – or rather, Edelstein said sheepishly a week later, rubbing her rather large belly affectionately.

Feliciano beamed at her. "Its ok, sorella!" he exclaimed cheerfully, setting the lasagne on the table and taking his oven mitts off. "I don't mind!"

Elizaveta smiled warmly at Feliciano. The Hungarian woman had known the Italian ever since they were young children and had a motherly/sisterly love for him. In fact, she and her husband Roderich liked to think of him like their son.

"How's the baby?" Feliciano asked curiously, sitting down at the table across from the happy couple. Elizaveta and Roderich exchanged a look.

"Can I…?" Elizaveta asked hopefully. Roderich nodded.

"Yes of course you can," Roderich said. Elizaveta beamed.

"We found out what gender the baby's going to be," Elizaveta said. Feliciano clapped his hands excitedly.

"Oooh! What is it?" he asked eagerly.

"We're deciding between Hannah, Laura, Lara, Léna, Sára, Anna, and Katharina," Elizaveta said.

Feliciano cocked his head to the side in confusion. "I don't get it," he said, eyebrows furrowed.

"It's a girl," Roderich told him. Feliciano's eyes went wide.

"Oh!" he exclaimed, beaming. "A little niece! I'm so excited!" he said eagerly. "I'm going to be the best uncle she ever had! I'll teach her how to make pasta!" he added. Elizaveta and Roderich grinned.

Now that the lasagne had cooled, Feliciano cut his guests hearty slices before putting a portion onto his plate. Nearby the table, Gino meowed hopefully, pushing his food bowl [full of cat food] away from him.

"No no Gino you can't have lasagne! Tomorrow I'll make pasta and you can sit beside me and eat ok?" Feliciano promised his pet.

"Is it healthy for a cat to be eating pasta?" Elizaveta asked.

"Pasta is healthy for everyone!" Feliciano exclaimed.

"You let the cat sit with you on the table? That doesn't seem very couth," Roderich remarked, taking out a handkerchief and placing it on his nap. Elizaveta rolled her eyes.

"Not everything can be couth," she shot at him. Roderich sniffed snobbishly.

"I beg to differ, Elizaveta darling," Roderich replied. Feliciano ignored them, eating his lasagne happily. He was much too used to them to really care.

"So Feliciano, find someone interesting in your life?" Elizaveta said, turning away from Roderich, ending their debate. Roderich daintily cut a chewable piece of lasagne before putting it into his mouth.

Feliciano laughed. "Everyone is interesting in my life!" Feliciano exclaimed. Elizaveta chuckled.

"I meant as in a possible lover," she informed. A blush dusted across Feliciano's cheeks.

"N-no," he said, looking down at his food.

"Really? Such a cute boy like you must get lots of attention!" Elizaveta said. Feliciano smiled.

"I do but… not anyone very special," he replied. There was a silence as the three adults ate their fill of lasagne. Once they finished, Feliciano put the plate into the sink and Roderich opened the cake box in which the cake he had made for the occasion was in. The three feasted eagerly on the cake.

After the meal, the three settled themselves in Feliciano's quaint little living room – Elizaveta and Feliciano discussing Lovino's recent marriage, Roderich attempting to seem prim and proper while petting an affectionate Gino.

It was only 2 hours into their lunch get together when Roderich said, "Oh it's almost 3 – we should probably get going if we want to get to the movie on time."

And with that, the three cleaned up and Feliciano ran off to get his coat. "I'm going to the movies with Lizzie and Roderich – I'll come back soon ok?" he promised his cat. Gino meowed happily and Feliciano ran off to meet Elizaveta and Roderich. Waving at Gino one last time, Feliciano locked the door to his house and walked towards their car.

Ema paced back and forth impatiently. Where was that damned cat? He was late! If there was something Ema hated, it was unpunctuality. Somewhere nearby the dogs were roughhousing, barking like they were under attack. Ema had given up trying to train them. They were simply too stupid to ever learn anything.

"Hi Ema~!" a voice meowed eagerly, bounding up to the female cat. Ema hissed at him.

"You are late," she stated coldly.

"I'm sorry but my master had friends over and one of them kept petting me and it's not polite to leave when someone's petting you!" Gino said exuberantly. Ema sighed.

"We will start training at this moment," Ema said briskly.

"Yay training! Training is tiring but lots of fun! I like training with you, Ema! It's fun training with such a pretty kitty!" Gino said excitedly. Again with the pretty kitty thing. Ema's stomach felt odd. It was a rather uncomfortable feeling. Gino nuzzled her gently before running off. Ema's heart fluttered. Was she dying or something? This was not good – it must mean she needed to train more!

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