ok so...fanfic i love write alot and well am a super bad speller so yea dont give me shit um...i like style and bunny also creek!so yea

I dont own thos one guys that made south park yea i do not own thair south park baby that turned me in 2 more of a little shit than i already am ^_^

so on with it i know your waiteing.

"God...kyle you dont understand" I said furious cuz of him never understanding me youed think by now my boy friend would understand

"kenny why do you expect me to understand your parents beat you and you expect me to know whats its like?" He sounded fucking pissed

"I-Im sorry"tears ran down my bruised face

"Kenny its not your falt...if it makes you feel better i love you and wonna love you for eternity" Kyle smiled at me with his train track filled mouth he was 17 and he had braces.

"Ky...i need you" I brushed my lips to his.

"I know babe.I need you to" He strateled me

"Oh so is this how its gonna be your gonna top hm...I dont like that" I grined my absulutly taribul grin

"Yes babe this is how its gonna be" He niped at my neck.

"Oh...Ok if that how it is then ill play rough to" I reached my hand down to his bulgy pants.

"Arnt you gonna do anything?" He asked slightly confused

"of cors" I fliped him over "Im toping bitch"

"Mmm...I like my kenny like this" He grined

I had sliped his shirt and pants off licking my lips seeing the amazing boy i was about to make love his toned chest and 8inch dick oh shit i was gonna cum just thinking about it. We both puled our tightly fiting boxers off, grabing the lub from the kyle bought strawbarry this time my favorit. We bouth 'lubed up'."Kay baby you ready?"i asked him geting more than exited

"Yea..." I pressed my dick to his ass

"Ok hear gosse nuthin'" I closed my eyes sliding my overly hard cock in Kyles ass.

"aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" Kyle screamed I kissed him to comfert him.

"Babe you really wont this?" I breathed into his ear

"y-yes"I started thrusting in and out. When he started moning i knew he was loveing every second.

"M-more...ah...more faster!" He breathed hevily

"As you wish lovely" I thrusted faster. 5 minets passed and we both wher reaching our climax.

"AAAAHHHH!" Kyle screamed rileasing his fluids onto the bed sheets.

I thrusted 2 or 3 more times befor my seeds burst into kyles on the bed out of breth

"Babe...you were ssssoooo good" Kyle said stareing at the ciling

"Yea lovely...I know" We lay thare for about 30 minets until ew fall asleep.

WOW! that was um...a good one shot :O i really liked it and it took under an houre ^_^ well lovelys ya.