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"Please," a desperate female voice rang out, "I need to see Special Agent Timothy McGee."

"It's okay Keith," I said walking up behind him, "Christy, what are you doing here?"

"He's back," she said her eyes wide, "He called last night. He's coming."

"What are you talking about Christy?" I asked confused.

"I can't tell you," she said looking around, "Please, just take care of Michelle. Please."

"Christy," I said trying to stop her before she ran off.

I watched as Christy took off out of the building and got into a taxi. I wanted to follow her and find out what was going on, but I couldn't. Michelle, Christy's daughter, was staring up at me with tears in her eyes.

Michelle Hatake was five years old. Her hair was long and dyed a darkish green while her eyes were dark blue. Her skin was pale and she was very petite even though she ate a lot.

Kneeling down to Michelle's height I opened my arms and she threw herself into my arms. I kissed her forehead and stood up. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she held on tight.

I walked into the elevator and pressed the button to go up to my desk. Leaning against the wall I kept rubbing Michelle's back and telling her that I was still here and that I wasn't going anywhere.

"McGee," Tony said when I got out of the elevator.

"Not now Tony," I said going to my desk.

I sat Michelle on my chair and pulled away from her. Tears were still falling from her eyes, but not as much as before. I took her hands in mind and squeezed it slightly until she squeezed back.

"Daddy," Michelle said softly.

My eyes went wide when she said that. She let go of my hands and pulled something out of the bag that was hanging off one of her shoulders. A few papers came out that she handed to me.

Looking over the papers I saw that once I sign them Christy was giving full custody of Michelle over to me. I didn't understand what was going on with this whole situation, but I was hoping that Michelle knew.

"Michelle," I said putting the papers down, "I need you to tell me what is going on. Who is your mother afraid of?"

"I don't know who he is," Michelle said shrugging, "Mommy would get a phone call or a letter or just see a guy and we'd move. She promised I wouldn't have to move again. Then he called again. A guy left a message on the answering machine. He said he was back and then he laughed. Mommy was really scared and she started to pack our bags again. Then we came here."

"Did your mom already have these papers printed out?" I asked pointing to the papers she just handed me.

"Yeah," she said nodding, "She did it when we met you. She trusted you."

I let out a sigh when I realized what was going on. If I was right Christy was an abuse victim and the man that was hurting her was going after her again. She had to get Michelle out of the way so she wasn't hurt.

Out of everyone in the building I was the only one that Christy ever talked to. Now everything was coming into view and I was hating everything that was happening to Michelle and Christy.

"Tony," I said turning to him, "Come here."

"Yeah," Tony said from behind me.

"Michelle," I said standing her up from the chair, "This is Tony DiNozzo, I work with him. I want you to go with him while I go talk to someone, okay?"

"You trust him?" Michelle asked biting her lip.

"Yes," I said nodding.

"Okay," Michelle said offering Tony her hand.

"Come on, Michelle," Tony said taking her hand, "Do you like Chinese?"

"Yeah," she said shyly.

"I'll order some," he said smiling.

Tony and Michelle were on their way to the break room and out of sight before I grabbed the papers. Heading to Director Vance's office with the papers I hoped that Gibbs was in there with him.

"Agent McGee," Tammy, the secretary, said smiling.

"Is Director Vance with anyone?" I asked softly.

"Agent Gibbs," she said calmly.

"Good," I said sighing, "I need to talk to them both."

"Let me tell him," she said picking up the phone.

Tammy talked into the phone for a few minutes before hanging up. She motioned for me to go in. I nodded my head in thanks and took a deep breath before pushing the double doors open.

"McGee," Director Vance said sitting down, "Tammy said that you needed to speak to Gibbs and I."

"Yes, sir," I said nodding, "My neighbor came by a few minutes ago with her daughter. She was crying and left me with her daughter. Her daughter, Michelle, just gave me these."

Gibbs took the papers from me before handing them to Vance. Vance read of them quickly and went to his phone. He talked to Tammy for a moment, telling her to bring up a lawyer.

"Where's Michelle?" Vance asked calmly.

"With Tony ordering some Chinese," I said sighing.

"Sit down Tim," Gibbs said pointing to the chairs.

I nodded my head and sat down. I was doing my best not to deflate right there. Michelle had just lost her mother and I had to be strong for her. I couldn't leave that little girl alone.

"I can't leave her, Boss," I said softly, "She's a good kid and she needs someone to be there for her. Maybe I'm not the right person, but I will never know until I try. She's trusts me. I need to do this."

"I expected as much," Gibbs said smiling, "When you're done signing the papers I want everyone, including Michelle, to come in here. That good with you Director?"

"I'd like to met her as well," Vance said smirking.

Someone walked through the door. Looking up I saw the lawyer, Mr. Tanks. He took the papers from Vance and read over them slowly. It took him almost ten minutes to make sure they were good before handing them back to Vance.

"They're real," Mr. Tanks said calmly, "All you need to do is sign them and give them to me and I'll have them filed."

"Okay," Vance said giving the papers to me, "Sign them McGee."

Taking the papers and a pen from Vance I signed the papers in all the right spots. Seeing that I needed a witness to sign as well I offered the papers over to Gibbs. He looked at me and took the papers.

He signed them and handed them back to Mr. Tanks. Mr. Tanks nodded his head and left the room. I looked at everyone in the room and hoped that I had just made the right decision.

"Tammy is bringing everyone up here," Vance said standing up.

"Thank you," I said nodding my head.

The three of us waited in the office until the door opened. Abby, Ducky, Palmer, and Ziva walked in. Abby was about to start asking questions when Gibbs held up his hand to silence everyone.

The next time the door opened Tony came in with Michelle. Michelle was smiling happily and eating some white rice. She smiled up at me and offered me the box. I shook my head and turned to everyone.

"Michelle," I said taking the carton from her and putting it on the desk, "These are my co-workers. Guys, this is Michelle. I'll be taken care of her from now on."

Everyone looked at me in shock before looking down at Michelle. A soft blush covered Michelle's cheeks as she bit her lip. Gibbs was the first one to step up and talk to Michelle.

"I'm Tim's boss," Gibbs said offering her his hand, "Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

"Hi," Michelle said smiling, "Um, what do I call you?"

"Gibbs," he said calmly.

"Hi Gibbs," she said giggling.

"Hi," Abby said sitting on the ground, "I'm Abby Sciuto."

"Hello," Michelle said moving closer to Abby, "I like your hair. Can I play with it?"

"Sure," she said grinning.

Abby grinned happily as Michelle started to play with her hair gently. It was nice seeing Michelle having fun with Abby. When I looked up Ziva was moving closer and sat down next to Abby.

"Hello," Ziva said smiling, "I'm Ziva David."

"Ziva," Michelle said slowly, "I like you're name."

"Thank you," she said nodding.

"Hello, Michelle," Ducky said bowing slightly, "I'm Dr. Donald Mallard, but everyone calls me Ducky. This is my assistant Jimmy Palmer."

"Ducky," she said clapping, "And Jimmy."

"And I'm Director Leon Vance," Vance said kneeling next to her, "I have two children around your age. One of these days you'll have to come and play with them."

"I'd like that," she said softly, "And thank you all. You've been so nice to me."