Of Detectives and Doctors by ShipperWriter

Summary: In Washington, DC, John is a homicide detective. Elizabeth is a coroner. To their coworkers, they work well together. But behind closed doors …

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"Subject is male, approximately 35-45 years of age. 6'2". Dark brown hair. Hazel eyes. No striking markings."

"'No striking markings'? Okay, now you're hurting my feelings."

Doctor Elizabeth Weir looked up from her computer and removed her earpiece. She quickly closed the folder sitting on her desk. "It's not considered professional to listen in on a colleague without their knowledge, Detective."

The tall lean detective pushed himself off the frame of the door leading into the doctor's office. "I was just listening to a beautiful voice in the hallway. And it so happened to be yours." He smirked. "Besides, you're reading my profile. And you definitely missed a few 'striking markings' there, Dr. Weir."

Elizabeth glared at him with a glint in her eye. "Detective Sheppard, are you flirting with me?"

"Maybe." He let himself into the office and sat down in front of her. "Whatcha got for me?"

"Well, at the moment, nothing There were no visible markings on his body that we can use for identification. We've sent his fingerprints and dental records to every driver's license system in the vicinity. So far, we haven't the faintest idea who he is. Or how he died."

John tilted his head and squinted. "So, no preliminary cause of death?"

"No obvious signs of trauma, and we're waiting on the toxicology reports to come back. Sorry, Detective, I don't have anything for you."

He nodded, then pushed himself up out of the chair. "Well, lucky for you, I got somethin' for you," he replied, handing her a business card.

She took it from him with a quizzical gaze. "John, I already have your card."

"Check the back, Doc," he told her with a smile as he left her office.

The address written on the back of the card led Elizabeth to a restaurant downtown around seven o'clock. She walked in, still unsure as to what she was doing here. The woman standing at the desk glanced up at her. "Hi, how many?"

"Umm, actually, I think I'm meeting someone here." She was looking around the dining area, trying to find a familiar face.

The college aged blonde looked to a table in the back, and then back to Elizabeth. "I have your table ready."

Elizabeth's eyebrows arched upwards, mostly in confusion but also in intrigue. "Oh! Well, thank you."

The hostess nodded at her, motioning for her to follow.

The man sitting with his back to her turned to face them as they approached. Wearing a black suit and a white dress shirt, holding a single red rose, he stood up and smiled. "Hey."

Elizabeth slightly smiled at him. "Hi."

The hostess murmured, "Your waiter will be with you shortly," and left the good doctor face to face with John Sheppard.

He grinned awkwardly at her, handing her the rose as she stepped closer. "Glad you found it," he said, being a gentleman and pulling her chair out for her.

"Well, you didn't exactly leave directions with your note."

"Yeah, but I figured you knew how to use MapQuest," he kidded.

Elizabeth gave him a small smile before laying the rose down next to her silverware. "How did you find this place?"

"When I was a beat cop, I used to patrol in this area. My partner got me hooked." He grabbed the menu laying at the edge of the table top. "Their coffee is great. It's a little late, but-"

"I'm going to be up for a while. I have a lot of paperwork to do," she informed him, eyes grazing over the menu that she picked up. "Any other recommendations?"

His lips quirked upwards. "Well, I'm partial to their pressed turkey sandwich." He gave her a quick once over before he spoke again. "They also make a nice cup of tea, if you're interested."

She shook her head. "I think I'll try the coffee. And - lasagna?" she asked curiously, her eyes widening in delight.

"Yeah, it's huge serving though."

"Is it good?"

"Totally worth it."

She closed her menu. "All right, John. You want to split it?"

He clasped her hand across the table. "Split dinner, but not the check."

"You realize, you tell me that almost every time we have dinner. And I still end up buying something later on," she reminded him, returning the caress with her slim fingers.

"Yeah, but it's usually a movie. Or ice cream. Or both," he stated, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

Elizabeth narrowed her eyes at him, though the glimmer in her green never faded. "Are you suggesting a part two for tonight's dinner?"

As the waiter made his way to the table, John smiled before letting go of her hand. "Stick around and find out, Lizbeth."

TBC ...

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