Preface: (Your World Was Not Mine)

(Ephraim's POV)

There had never been any question to my loyalty to my people, my pack, and my family. Though surprised, I had welcomed the gift the Ancestors had bestowed upon me when I had been chosen to become one of the Protectors. I had never once shunned my position as Alpha.

I loved my people and I loved my wife. We had all learned the legends as we were children, we understood that our wolves had a true mate. But for so long not one of us had found her. It began to be believed that finding our souls true mate was rare. Maybe it was, or maybe we yet did not understand the will of our Fathers.

We had each taken wives, strong women that would produce powerful sons and beautiful daughters. We had grown to love them very much. My own wife had given me a son that I knew would one day become a strong wolf and capable Alpha. I loved both of them greatly.

I thought nothing would break my ties to them. That was until I met her. Diana.

It had been the beginning of summer, the flowers were just starting to bloom. The sun had just reached its highest point, covering the earth in a rare light for this part of the world. I was patrolling the borders of our land, still not fully trusting the Cold Ones that called themselves the Cullens.

It was not uncommon to hear commotion from the town not far from the reservation, but the voice I heard was too close. I knew whoever it was had to be on our land. Even though I had not smelled the sickly scent of a vampire I had still been unprepared for the view that met me once I had stepped out into the clearing.

A young woman, not past more than the youthful flush of her sixteenth birthday, was curled atop the ground. Her dress in tatters and small scratches covering what skin had been exposed. It had not been the girl herself that had surprised me. Many of the young girls from the reservation would wander off, I had had to find and lead many of them home. No it was the fact that the girl almost silently crying in front of me was obviously a Pale Face.

Her skin had been as white a the snow on the mountains, but her hair was the color of tree bark. Dark and rich. I stood in my wolf form before her, her face turned away from me, and all I could think about was the desire I had to phase back just so I could run my fingers through her hair.

I had turned back into the trees before she had been able to notice me. I quickly phased and dressed. It did not matter that she was not of Quileute decent, she was still human and I felt the pull to protect her. That should have been enough for me to realize she was someone more important.

I had kneeled down beside her and without thinking ran my hand through her hair. She flinched, but turned her head and gazed up into my eyes. Everything up until that moment no longer mattered. This young woman became my world.

I still felt the love for my wife, but it had diminished from romantic to a brotherly love. The girl had whimpered then and burrowed into my chest. I simply held her, my wolf's mate. Had I understood at that moment just how short my time would be with her, I would have fled with her in my arms. Never to return to my people. I only hope that the Ancestors had some reason for giving her to me and ripping her away so quickly.

A.N. Ok this is a Bella/Ephraim fic, though there is a small Bella/Jake not so much romance as friendship. I was thinking about how hard it is to find Bella/Ephraim fics as they are not as popular and this idea popped into my head so I went with it. Hope everyone enjoys.