Every Little Thing He Does is Magic


Whole Lotta Love

Magnus Bane was the luckiest man alive. He had only one reason why, and that was the most beautiful boy in the world that was sleeping next to him.

Alec's head rested on his chest, fingers gripping his shirt, at complete and totally peace.

He stroked the boy's cheek, smiling softly. It had been five months since the fall of Valentine and the kiss in the Accords Hall, and nearly six since he first laid eyes on him. In his eight hundred years, he'd never been happier.

Alec sighed, nuzzling his cheek into Magnus's hand, a small smile on his full lips. So beautiful. The deep blue orbs opened slowly, looking up at him moments later.

"Good morning, darling," Magnus grinned. Alec smiled.

"Hey," he said sleepily. The warlock lifted his chin, kissing him languidly. Alec moaned softly.

He couldn't get enough of him. He wanted to be close to him at all times. He didn't mind if he kissed him for forever. He loved his warlock.

"I'm hungry," he smiled.

"Alright," Magnus smiled, kissing his forehead. "You're going to help me cook this time, though." Alec's eyes grew.

"What?" He blanched.

"Do you really want to be as awful as your sister? I don't want my boyfriend to be helpless in a kitchen."

"But, I-"

"Don't pull that Shadowhunter B.S. on me. I won't tell anyone, alright?" He promised, resting his forehead on his.

"I still don't want to," Alec grumbled. "I'll burn your kitchen down."

"And I'll wave my hand and it'll be out." He stood, grabbing Alec's wrists and dragging him with him. "You're out of excuses; let's make breakfast."

"I suck," Alec grumbled, staring at the torn, gooey mess on the pan.

Magnus smiled gently, coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his shoulder.

"Practice makes perfect, darling." He kissed his neck, lightly waving his hand. "And don't be so provocative this early in the morning." Alec blushed. The pancakes reassembled themselves. "Now, try flipping again."

Alec managed to get one over, clumsily.

Magnus, on the other hand, had eggs whisking, potatoes sizzling and coffee bubbling all at once. He snapped, making the eggs pour themselves into a pan that was hovering over a green flame. He tossed the peppers and onions he'd been chopping into a skillet that was actually on the oven filled with potatoes behind him.

"That's not fair," Alec mumbled, looking down at the pitiful mess in front of him.

Magnus smiled at him from across the island. "I've had awhile to learn, baby," he winked.

"And the whole magic thing has nothing to do with it," he snorted. Magnus shook his head.

"This isn't magic," he said. He crossed the kitchen, taking Alec's waist and kissing him gently. "Mm. That is magic, Mon Cher," he said softly. Alec blushed again. "Let's finish, okay?"

"Now who's being provocative?"

"So who is this guy again?" Isabelle asked. Jace shrugged.

"I don't know. Some guy from Idris that needs a place to stay for awhile," he said, cleaning a large blade and sounding bored.

"How long will he be here?" Alec asked.

"I don't know."

"What's his name?"

"I don't know."

"What's he coming for?"

"I don't know."

"Is it bad?"

Jace sighed, looking up from the knife and glaring at the siblings. "Alright, appreciate the faith you have in me, I really do. But I one, do not pay that much attention, and two, I'm not that smart to figure it out. Maryse said there was some guy about our age coming to the Institute. That's it. That's all I know. Sheesh."

"I never questioned your stupidity," Magnus remarked, smirking. Jace rolled his eyes.

"I wonder when he's gonna get here?" Clary wondered.

The doorbell sounded. Jace grinned. "Whoa," he giggled. "Do that again."

Isabelle jogged to the elevator, righting her hair. Clary rolled her eyes. Someone says the word 'boy' and she immediately goes into flirtation mode.

She came back up a few moments later, looking a little crestfallen. A boy came in behind her.

Magnus damned the Clave, the Institute and himself for not staying home with Alec to the depths of Hell. His eyes were instantly ablaze, worry building in his heart, making it crack just a little.

The boy who walked in was tall, lean, with a strong physique. His jaw was chiseled, eyes a warm hazel. His smile was bright, cheeks soft and dimpled, lips so full they could only be described as lush. A black T-shirt clung to him, revealing his well defined muscles on his torso. Magnus saw the dark runes and the pale white scars that danced up his arms in an elegant design. His hair was light brown and shaggy, framing his face perfectly. He was stunning.

He registered his own appearance. Glittery hair made crunchy from gel, face caked in eyeliner and more glitter, making his skin coarse. His cheekbones were sharp and stiff, not like the soft ones of this boy. He absently ran his tongue over the inside of his teeth. Pointed, ugly, much like his lanky, skinny limbs. He looked down at his thin, ringed fingers decked in nail polish. His eyes signifying he was a monster for all to see, and the fact that he didn't have a bellybutton just sent his freak-factor skyrocketing.

He wanted to crawl into a dark hole and never come out.

The reason he was so worried, why he felt so ugly, was that this beautiful boy was gay.

He could tell, he just could. And what was worse, the look on Alec's face.

At the very least, Alec thought he was cute. Alec had looked at him like that before.

The boy looked around for a second, his eyes meeting Alec's. They lit up. In that small, five second window, Magnus Bane went from being the happiest man alive to the ugliest, most despaired boy to ever live.

"Hey," Jace said, shaking the boy's hand. "Jace Wayland."

"Jared Asphodel," the boy grinned. He went around the group, shaking hands.

Magnus stared at his outstretched hand, looking bored and indifferent.

"Magnus Bane," he said, ignoring it. Jared dropped his hand.

"The Magnus Bane? The High Warlock?" His voice was soft, but strong. Somehow, this made Magnus hate him more.

"How many other Magnus Bane's do you know?"

"Yes, that Magnus," Alec interjected, glaring at Magnus. Jared was still smiling.

"They talk about you all the time in Alicante."

"I'll bet." Jared turned to Alec; Magnus's heart stuttered.

"Jared Asphodel," he grinned, shaking Alec's hand.

"Alec Lightwood," he said softly.

Magnus wanted to grab him and run. He wanted to hold his hand so maybe this guy would understand that Alec was his. But he couldn't. He didn't know if Alec would want him to know that he was gay or that he was dating the world's biggest freak show.

She he stood, quiet, watching painfully, understanding that this could only get worse.

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