Alec didn't know where they were, he was just glad it was a lot warmer. He looked around, realizing they were in a very large, very luxurious bathroom.

"Alright, why are we in here?" Alec smiled, waiting for whatever was in store next.

"Turn around," he said, smiling gently, still shaking.

There was a bathtub behind them, overflowing with bubbles, still steaming. Alec sighed.

"That sounds wonderful."

Magnus eased the wet coat from Alec's shoulders, letting it fall to the tile. Alec turned back around, smiling lovingly up at him. Magnus smiled tenderly, pushing the other coat off and unbuttoning the boy's shirt, shrugging out of his jacket when Alec started to take it off.

Alec was shaking, cold. Magnus wanted to make it stop more than anything. But if Alec was moving slow, then so was he.

Magnus kissed his freezing neck with his own icy lips, feeling slowly coming back into his limbs.

"Okay," Alec shivered. "Let's hurry up, I'm cold."

They were in the tub a minute later, sipping wine.

"I'm not twenty-one," Alec said, holding his glass with both hands sitting cross-legged. Magnus smiled, mirroring him. He nuzzled his nose against his.

"I won't tell if you won't," he said. Alec smiled shyly, taking a drink.

"Whoa, slow down, sweetheart," he chuckled. "I want you tipsy, not passed out." Alec set the glass down on the side of the tub. He exhaled, sending bubbles floating in Magnus's face, catching in his hair, a puff landing on his nose. The two giggled. Magnus blew back, making Alec lean away, laughing.

"Alright, first snow, now bubbles. I think you have a problem, darling," Magnus grinned. They linked fingers, just looking at each other. Magnus held Alec's face, smiling.

"You're warm, now," he said softly, he pushed his hair out of his face.

"You too," Alec said, leaning into his hand. Magnus smiled. "Come with me."

He stood, putting on a robe and wrapping one around Alec. It was probably the softest thing he'd ever felt. Magnus hugged him, resting his cheek on top of his head. Alec sighed, comfortable enough to fall asleep but wanting to do everything but.

Magnus took his hand, leading him out of the bathroom and into the front room, a fireplace and a thick rug standing in the middle between soft couches and chairs.

The fireplace sprung to life, sending heat and light throughout the room, warming the chilled lovers.

Magnus pulled him down onto the rug, kissing him intensely, tongue delving into his mouth, holding his back.

The warlock lied down underneath him, looking up into those big blue eyes. Alec frowned, slightly confused. This wasn't how usually it went.

"What are you doing, baby?" He whispered. Magnus took a deep breath.

"Something I've never let anyone do before," he whispered, looking a little nervous. "I'm giving myself over to you, completely. I'm yours." He opened his robe, looking up at him with almost innocent eyes. "Do with me what you will." Alec stared at him for a moment, just staring, trying to comprehend what had just been said to him.

"You…" He didn't finish. He kissed him softly. "Are you sure?"

"Take me, darling. Whatever you want is yours." He was still staring, eyes wide.

"God, that's hot." He kissed him, wishing he could use words like Magnus did and have that sound better than it did.

He slowly kissed Magnus's neck, carefully removing the robe, leaving Magnus completely vulnerable to him. The High Warlock swallowed hard, looking scared.

"It's okay," he whispered, kissing his ear. "It's alright."

Slow kisses on his chest, butterfly soft. Magnus was gasping very quietly, his eyes fluttering closed. His fingers clenched tightly on the rug.

Alec gently bit his soft skin, making him keen and jump lightly.

"Alec," he choked.

"Shh…" He kissed under his jaw, suckling on his neck. Magnus shivered all over, his hands digging into Alec's back.

They kissed for a long time, Alec's hands touching the warlock all over.

"Are you okay?" Alec whispered.

"Stop teasing me!" Magnus breathed, lips trembling as Alec took them in his own. His eyes were half open again, lost in a haze of pleasure as Alec continued to caress and kiss. His hand cradled his back, holding him. "Alec, oh, oh Alec…"

Porcelain against caramel, bodies tangled as if they were trying to become one person.

"Are you ready?" Alec whispered. Magnus nodded, still lost, fingers tangled in Alec's hair.

Alec slowly lifted Magnus's calf to his hip, kissing his cheek.

"I love you," Magnus whispered, his voice unable to get any louder.

"I love you too." Alec kissed him gently, rolling his hips forward. Magnus gasped aloud, leaning his head back, baring his throat, which Alec quickly took advantage of.

"Oh, oh, right there, right there!" He choked, sweat beading down his body. Alec cradled the small of his back, moving slowly, feeling Magnus's longing pouring from his every fiber in his being.

"God, M-Magnus," he stammered, shaking himself. Magnus was breathing raggedly, his lips trembling, awaiting Alec's lips, which he obliged to immediately.

"Go-hod, Alexander! Yes, yes, YES!" He screamed, arcing into him.

"Almost there, b-baby," Alec gulped.



Alec looked down at him, both gasping, a thin sheen of sweat covering the both of them.

"You, Alexander Lightwood," Magnus gasped. "Are the biggest tease in the entire world, do you know that?" Alec blushed, his already flushed cheeks getting worse.

"Sorry…" Magnus kissed him.

"Don't you ever be sorry for that. That was…it…you're amazing." He blushed again.

"You're not so bad yourself," he mumbled.

"So, Mr. Bane, what are we going to do next?" Magnus smiled.

"I don't know, Mr. Lightwood, what do you think we should do?" He blinked and they were in a soft, warm bed, clean, comfortable. Magnus snuggled against him, sighing contentedly, hugging him.

"I think we should sleep."

"Good idea."

Alec leaned against his chest, shutting his eyes.

"Good night, Mr. Lightwood." Magnus smiled, eyes closed.

"Good night, Mr. Bane."

They fell asleep in each other's arms, together, forever.

Magnus smirked. Take that you muscular, foreign, boyfriend stealing Adonis. He's all mine now. He chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Alec asked sleepily.

"Nothing," Magnus sighed. "Just go to sleep, Mon Cher."

He hugged him tighter. Oh yes, all mine. For once, he was glad he was selfish.

They slipped into oblivion, at sweet, innocent, beautiful peace.


-Thank you all so much! Readers, reviewers, both it was one helluva ride! :3 Thank you all and keep an eye out for my next fic (lots of pain and angst as usual ;) ) Thriller Night Halloween themed :) God bless and catch you on the flip side!-