This can be blamed on a wonderful conversation with my Uncle where he so kindly informed my sister and I that he's the catcher for my step father.

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Tajima smirked as he watched Mihashi leave the locker room.

"And what exactly is with that look?" Hanai asked him, as he lightly pushed the other boy to get him to start walking as well.

Tajima turned, eyeing the captain. "You mean you can't tell?"

"Can't tell what?" Hanai asked, as he locked up the club house. They were the last ones left.

"Oh, come on, Hanai!" Tajima cried. "It's obvious. Mihashi was Abe's catcher last night."

Hanai cast him a disbelieving look. "What?"

"You know. Abe pitched, and Mihashi was the catcher. How kinky. Role reversal."

"You can't be serious." Hanai asked.

Tajima grinned, reaching out and grabbing the key from Hanai. He grabbed the taller boys hand and tugged him back towards the club house.

"Come on. It's not role reversal for us…But who cares?"

Hanai sighed, and allowed himself to be pulled back inside.