It seems that the way to Cowlquape's heart is chivalry.

I should never have let him run for that ship in the boomdocks. What in the world had I been thinking? It was Cowlquape, he was generally weak. Not that was any flaw of course.

I was more than happy to supply him with all his protection needs, but how could I have made him run? In the end, we had to clutch on to the sides of the ship and pieces of rope to make sure we didn't fall, not that it helped Cowlquape exactly.

He fell, but thankfully though, he had managed to tangle his limbs into some ropes near the hull of the ship, causing him no such harm, or so I thought. Struggling aboard the ship in my panicked state, I flagged down a crew member and jumped off the ship, a piece of rope securing me to the deck.

When I saw Cowlquape, hunched up, pale and with bleeding fingers, I felt such guilt wash over me in horrible waves. Wasting no time in getting Cowlquape off the ship and after bargaining with that tyrant of a Sky Captain, the first thing I wanted to do was tend to his wounds.

That foppish Sky Captain however had other plans. He had sent someone else to tend to Cowlquape's wounds and all I could really do, was sit in my own hammock and watch the crew member touch Cowlquape. Blast that accursed Sky Captain!

When he had gone, the first thing I had done was seize Cowlquape by the arms and examine his hands. "Twig!" I heard him squeak out rather surprised at my seizing of him before he noticed what I was doing. Trying to pull himself out of my grip, he stated, "It's alright Twig, they're all bandaged up nicely."

I hushed him, telling him that Sky Pirates knew quite a lot about rope related injuries, something that of course, was not exactly true.

Some knew, I was certain, but I had never paid much attention to it before. Still, Cowlquape didn't have to know that.

Then it suddenly came to me that if I acted guilt ridden and pained by what had happened to him, I might be able to get a little higher in his good books. Not that I had to pretend though, most of it came naturally from what I had been feeling.

I sat him down, still holding on to his hands and looked him in the eyes, causing him to brush a brilliant shade of red. I always liked that particular blush and it only spurred me on. I told him I was sorry, that I was a fool to make him run to catch a ship and that it pained me greatly to see him injured because of me.

It was true, really it was but I suppose the hand holding wasn't necessarily and there wasn't quite a need to get as close to him as I did.

Cowlquape, for the most part, was embarrassed. I could tell by his face which had turned red completely and the way he was looking at the floor and biting his lip when he did look up.

After I finished my little apology speech, he looked up and I saw a small smile on his face, before he pulled his hands away from mine before putting them over my own.

"Thank you Twig, that was very… " and here he paused, thinking.

"Chivalrous?" I suggested hopefully and he smiled before nodding.

"Chivalrous" he repeated. "That was very chivalrous."