"That- that…UGH! I still can't bring myself to insult her!" I ranted as I threw her navy blue and white swirled backpack over my shoulder.

"Ino, calm down." My best friend, a girl with two buns on her head commanded as her eye twitched. "You've been like this since lunch." She said putting both hands on my sadly bony shoulders and taking a deep breath. "She'll get over it and apologize." She assured giving me a tightening squeeze for assurance, I sighed and nodded.

"But that's something you do when you are six, not seventeen." I whined for the umpteenth time.

"Ino-chan, I don't agree with Sakura either, but you should try not to be mad." My other best friend, a shy blue-ish haired girl said nervously. I grimaced and glared at the next thing I saw. (That poor cherry starbursts rapper.)

"Yeah well, who ever breaks up a 10 year friendship for a boy is besides me. But now I want to teach that pinkette what she lost." Was my low growl, but Tenten and Hinata heard all the same. No surprise, I was never a good whisperer

"Ino, seriously, revenge is not your thing." Tenten shock her head and Hinata nodded in agreement.

"Gee, thanks for the backup guys." After completing my sarcastic sentence, I hoped (No, not literally. I'm not a bunny.) onto the bus, my friends behind me, we sat on the 8th seat (Yes, we all cram in the same seat.) Hinata in the window (She dazes a lot), Tenten on the outside (she loves to trip people as they pass.) and finally, me in the middle. Alright, just so you know, the 12-9th row seats are basically for loyalty. In the ninth row you have Kin and Sabaku no Temari, across from that you have Gaara and Kankuro no Sabaku. Tenth row you have Sakura Haruno (The current x-best friend.) Ami, and across you have Tsuki Urinigano, and some other chic I don't know the name of. 11th row you have Uzumaki Naruto (We're friends, not that close though.) And Uchiha Sasuke. Ok before I go on, Uchiha Sasuke is basically it for our grade. He had perfect grades, academically and physically, and not to mention a face that looks like fucking angels made something better than themselves. Hell- it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he sprouts wings in class and flies out the window! Heehee, flying out the window. Anyway, he is a complete jerk and has no emotion. (I guess that angels got tired after making his face and skipped his personality.) And probably never even kissed a girl! Now, moving on, across from them you have Shikamaru Nara (My bestest guy-friend) and Neji Hyuga (Hinata's (Overprotective) cousin) Alright, now in the twelfth row you have the seniors, Uchiha Itachi (Sasuke's brother), Kisame Hoshigaki, and across from that you have Deidara Yamanaka (My brother) and Sasori (Stupid puppet head, as I most commonly call him). The bus started to move knocking me out of my informative thought process. I took out my Ipod nano and leaned back, closing my eyes. I then felt someone playing with my hair, I peaked back to see Temari was currently braiding my ponytail, her eyes narrowed in concentration. If people didn't know her, it looked like she was glaring at my hair. Ignoring her, I rubbed my eyes a little. I had 3 tests today and I'm completely out, sadly it was Thursday and not Friday. Enjoying my little world of music, I almost dozed off until a paper was thrown at the back of my head. My eye twitched as I caught the mess that supposedly passed as a note.

Dear Ino-pig,

It appears that you have gotten my point about Sasuke, seeing as if you didn't ask to sit next to him today at lunch or now. And I want to say thank you and oh yeah, don't think of trying it now to spite me. Because you will fail and only humiliate yourself, and prove the blond stereotype more than you stupid brother has.

Love y- oh wait, don't love ya,

Sakura Haruno, or to you its Sakura-sama.

Oh man, this chic just threatened me and insulted my brother in a 3 lined note! Oh-ho-ho, this girl is going down hard and slowly. My eye twitching, I ripped the pieced up and crumbled them into a falling about paper wad before stuffing the in my backpack. Throwing the backpack on the floor of the bus, a turned on my knees completely facing the back as my eyes skimmed until they spotted the pinkette. Two seats away, an easy jump. 'Control, Ino… It's all about control.' I tried to reason. Turning back around, I took out a paper and pen and began to scribbled down my own note.

Dear Sakura-sama,

Thank you so much for the very heart warming comment. It's great to know that you feel threatened by me. It made my day. And I'm sure that my brother would love to hear about you loving little note. It should really be published in a poem. Keep up the good work!

Ino Yamanka

Smirking, i the took apart her pen and put the spring and ink container in it, so when it unfolds it will squirt all over her nice little pink silk throw-on. (Boya! Having a explosion obsessed brother had its upsides, I thought of this little trick all by myself!) Tenten noticed this and cackled as I gave it to her to throw. Oh yeah, the target master had yet to show her best. Holding back a blurt of laughter, Tenten threw it over her shoulder with a fake stretch and yawn. We waited a moment and covered our ears just as a piercing scream filled the bus causing poor unaware Hinata to jump.

"YOU BITCH!" The same voice that the scream came from yelled. We didn't hear her because Tenten and I fell out of the seat with laughter, high fiving and such. Everyone on the bus turned silent and the looked at the now blue tie-die throw-on, even the seniors.

"Nice one!" My brother blurted out after a minuet with a wide grin. My laughing clamed as I faced her with a grin.

"All if fair in love and exploding pens!" I cackled as I walked off the bus at my stop with Tenten and couple of others, leaving a red ex-best friend behind. As Me and Tenten caught our breath, Deidara (As usual) popped out of nowhere and patted me on the back (I guess cause I thought of it myself).

"I feel so stupid, I never thought of that un." He said grumblingly. I smirked.

"Haha, this means I am surpassing you!" I said in mock proud-ness as I pointed a thumb to my chest similar to what Naruto does.

"Yeah right!" He said glaring, I rolled my eyes.

"Brat." I voice said making me jump at the redhead who popped out of nowhere.

"Jeeze, what is with you people and popping out of nowhere!" Tenten said grabbing her chest in mock shock and putting the back of her other hand on her forehead while acting like she's going to faint.

"You don't seem to happy puppet head." I said tilting my head to the side, ignoring Tenten's bad impression of fainting. I heard Deidara snicker as the redhead frowned.

"He's not happy with you, un." He said adding to my curiosity as Deidara's grin grew wider.

"Why? What I do?" I questioned as Sasori moved her body to the side, showing his right side of his hoodie had splotching of blue ink on them.

"He just doesn't appreciate art, un." Deidara said as I tried to cough out a laugh, it didn't work so well.

"This," He said gesturing to her arm. "Is not art." My eye twitched. Here we go again.

"Alright, alright puppet head, don't get into this again." I said grabbing both of their arms and dragged them to my house, Tenten following, humming a little as she cackled at the looks that the seniors where giving me as I dragged them. I let go of both of their arms as I unlocked the door to the Yamanaka residence.

"Alright, me and Tenten are going to my room." I said before I could witness what crime Deidara will do to our food supply.

"Tenten and I." Sasori corrected lazily.

"What are you, a couple?" I asked raising an eyebrow before I ran up the steps, sadly not faster than Tenten as she threw herself on my blue comforter and stretched like a cat.

"Now, what are we going to do about this Sasuke thing?" I questioned changing the subject.

"I say make Sasuke fall for you, then reject him and try to hook him up with Sakura." Tenten blurted out snapping her fingers. I thought of this for a minuet and sighed.

"But Deidara hates Itachi, and therefore is not friendly with Sasuke." I paused for a moment and closed my eyes. "And sadly, he's trying to get me and Sasori hooked up." My eye twitched as I heard a 'thud' and uncontrolled laughter. I sighed and opened my eyes.

Yep, Tenten was rolling on the floor with laughter.

"It's more scary than funny." I said quietly.

"Oh man!" Tenten laughed. "Look on the bright side, at least he's cute." Tenten said before going into another fit of laughter at my face.

"Anyway, it's not like you'll be actually dating him." She said after taking several deep breaths.

"True." I sighed. "Wanna stay the night?" I asked as Tenten nodded vigorously. I went downstairs to get a couple of sodas just to hear puppet head and Deidara fighting in the living room.

"For the last time, no." I could tell that was the puppets voice.

"Aw come on, just give her a shot! If you don't she'll just go after that Uchiha!" I could easily tell what he was talking about, and it aggravated me greatly.

"It's my life you messing with, not to mention your little sister's." He said boringly, I had to tilt my head a little more to hear his low tones. "And to make it worse it's you little sisters love life." I turned pale at that.

"Ehem!" I said in the doorway, tapping my foot at a hand clasped in a begging way brother and an annoyed puppet-head. "So what if I do go out with Uchiha? Hmm? Just 'cause you have a problem with him doesn't mean I do." I said crossing my arms.


"But nothing, it's my life." I knew that was cliché, but I could say anything smart and slick like I always to. Storming over to the frige I took out 2 Sprites and walked upstairs in a huff. Stomping back to my room to see a curious Tenten, I tossed her the soda, opened my as it made a fizzing sound before I took a gulp and looked at her straight in the eyes.

"Change of plans." I said. "We're going with your old plan from school." I said angrly.

"Which one?" Yeah she did come up with multiple ones earlier.

"How to win and match a guy in ten steps."

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