disclaimer: still don't own it, loves.

characters: daphne&astoria

year: post-Hogwarts

"Astoria, I need to tell you something," I said slowly, nervous about what I had to say. My sister glanced at me briefly, then looked back at the notebook she was doodling in.

"Okay, go ahead," she replied, sounding bored. I chewed the inside of my lip and shifted my weight.

"Um, it's..." I trailed off and took a deep breath. God, I wished I could have a sip of firewhiskey at that moment. But I was six weeks sober, and I wasn't aiming to mess that up.

"Well?" This time Astoria just kept looking straight at me, making it that much harder. She was curled up in an armchair by the fireplace, and I was sitting stiffly on the loveseat. We were in my cozy (read "cramped and filthy") flat. I'd refused to accept any help from my parents and hadn't spoken to them for two years, mostly because they kept trying to force me to marry into the Dolohov family. When their only available son was in his late forties. Yeah.

"It's about me and... Well, I have a new boyfriend," I said, beating around the bush. Astoria gave me a look.

"If that's all this was about, you'd be glowing with excitement," she said. "Come on, what's so bad? Is he part of the League of Purebloods? An ex-Gryffindor? Let's see, perhaps you've fallen for Gregorio Dolohov after all and don't want to tell Mum and Dad?"

"No need to be rude," I said, annoyed. "I'm trying to tell you something here."

"No one's stopping you." She dropped her gaze back to her notebook and sighed loudly.

"Fine. It's - I'm dating Blaise, okay?" There. "We started going out a couple of weeks ago." I bit my lip and watched for her reaction. She gave very little sign of emotion; her pencil stopped moving and she shut her eyes, but said nothing. After the silence stretched out for a couple of minutes, I spoke. "Astoria?"

"I cannot fucking believe you," she said coldly, then stood and walked out. I followed her, but she'd already Apparated by the time I got out of the flat.

"Goddammit," I muttered, and went back inside. I then Apparated to the village she lived in and walked to the house she shared with her boyfriend, Thomas Rishel. I pounded on the door. Thomas opened it, making a face when he saw me - we didn't get along.

"Hi, Daphne. Astoria's not home," he said.

I rubbed a hand over my face. "When she gets here, please tell her I'm sorry, and I'll explain more when she wants to see me again."

He looked suspicious, but consented. "Yeah, alright."

"That's all, then," I said tiredly. "Good night, Thomas."

"Good night, Daphne," he responded as I left.

Once home, I sank down on the floor by the fire, feeling tears well up behind my eyes and a burn in my throat. "It's not fair," I whispered to myself. "I love my sister, she's the only one who's been there from the beginning. But I don't know if I can make it without Blaise. It's just not fair." I began to cry for the first time in - well, I wasn't sure how long it had been, but somewhere along the lines of three years.

"Well in that case, I guess I can forgive you," came a resigned voice. I jumped to feet and turned around, drawing my wand out of habit.

"Jesus Christ, Astoria," I said, replacing my wand when I saw her. "You scared me." Then I gave her a huge hug.

"Okay, that's enough," she said after a few seconds. "I'm still mad, you know. He's the first guy I ever fell for."

"Yeah, I know, that's why I feel so guilty," I said hurriedly. "But it's just... You know... He's the only one besides you who really knows me, you know?"

"I know," she said grudgingly. "Just... Don't be really, you know, overly lovey around me, please. I still haven't met anyone as... addictive."

"I swear!" I cried.

"Just one question," she said, a mischeivous smile on her face. "Have you shagged him yet?"

I glared at her, but smiled. "Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies," I told her in a sing-song voice. She grinned at me. I could tell she was still hurt, but that she cared too much about being a good sister to make any more of a big deal out of it.

We spent the rest of the night eating popcorn and talking about Blaise. His faults - including jealousy, a tendency to look at other girls, and his mother - his advantages - his body, his honesty, and, well many other things - and his body. And more about his body.

Astoria's final comment before we went to bed: "He's a very stupid man, to have dated me and now you. First of all, we'll be able to discuss him in detail. Second of all, if he ever pisses either of us off, he'll have both to deal with. And thirdly, if he breaks it off, he won't have any more chances with this family, or any of our friends!" Then she laughed. "But he's a smart man as well. Got both of the sexiest girls in the UK."

"I agree," I said sleepily, and that was the last thing I remembered.