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The Sixth Sense


The ache that had throbbed throughout her body finally became a dull sting. The young woman didn't bother opening her eyes—it was always dark in the confinement space they'd shoved her in, and the only time she saw light was when the Hunters and their 'doctors' would drag her out for experimentation.

Her hands clenched tightly into fists at the thought of them, a tinge of pain spreading over her but her hatred of them overshadowed it, seething bitterly.

There was the sound of footfalls, heavy and purposeful, and she halted in mid-breath to listen.

The individuals continued forward; she breathed easily again.

She couldn't stand it anymore—the darkness was suffocating, the musty rank of the air and dankness of the vicinity worsened the conditions. She had to try escape again. Not just for her sake, but for the sake of the others whom she knew were being hunted like she had been.

Fortune and fate had been kind to her during this awful time; the space in which she was trapped was worn out throughout the years by water that leaked in through, she guessed, some sort of ancient aqueduct that was adjacent to her cell. If not that, rainwater would probably sink in from the ground into here. She felt around, the frighteningly familiar touch of the stones rough surface slightly calming her.

This was truly insanity.

Digging into the crevices, latching hard till her fingers hurt, she gave it a push.

It wriggled and slid.

She smiled a little, a foreign expression that tingled on her lips; ignoring the scrapes on her already callous digits she simply continued to push—a process she'd been working on for a little over… oh, she couldn't even remember—the black was her night and day. She just knew it had been longer than she would've liked.

The stone suddenly lurched violently forward, and little bits of debris crumbled down, dusting her hair. She waited for several moments till she was certain the whole cell would not tumble upon her. A faint pungent scent of cool, fresh night air greeted her face, a sensation that was more pleasurable than it normally would have been.

She gazed the hole with a mix of frustration and hope. While her body had withered to near skin and bone, she still was not so horribly thin to squeeze past. She risked pushing another stone, this one only needing to be pushed by the side that no longer had the other block walling it in.

Cautiously, the woman crawled, relieved that the dirt was soft enough for her to simply scoop out of her way, the wet, cold earth smearing along her form. As she progressed, the earth became sticky and thick, squelching between her fingers. She almost laughed gaily at the absurdity of it all, that she was holding real, wholesome earth was a delight to her senses—she'd been deprived so long that she actually wanted to continue to feel its texture, breathe in its scent, but she knew this was not the time.

And a vague reminder formed in her mind: people only lasted so long underground.

Even so, she could still breathe, but it would eventually dissipate. Somber once more, she slithered along, holding her breath every now and then just in case. The air was getting thinner now... withal, she couldn't risk exposure until she was given some sort of sign that was near—

A scraggly, prickly thing caressed her skin, and she warily reached out to find it… it was smooth, bendable and tender. A root…?

She reached up and to her amazement there were more. Sucking in a large gulp of air, she immediately began to claw at the ground above, the grainy earth falling into her ears, eyes and nostrils. She snorted it away and shook her head from reflex, but continued forth. Earth would tumble, caking her frame as it choked and clogged her throat—

Then, a miracle: the earth suddenly gave way above her; silver rays cascaded down onto the world, the whiteness and purity of the beams contrasting against the filth that coated her skin, matted in thick wads and she noticed that she reeked terribly of urine and fumes.

She inhaled deeply—the air was so clean! The sweet taste of it on her tongue was overwhelming, bringing tears to her eyes, lighter streaks on her mucky face; the air was so fragrant and incredible compared to the heady stench of the cell. A voice in her mind told her to gather her bearings and run before they discovered her absence.

The young woman had not realized till now how weak and exhausted she was. However, she had not the slightest inclination to lie down or rest—she just wanted to stare up the heavens, wallow in the feeling of being out of her prison; freedom had never been more of an intoxicating aroma until this night.

But there were things she had to do.

Her knees nearly buckled beneath her, unaccustomed to the act of walking; after a few minutes, she was able to retain the semblance of it again, her trek slowly making its way to a faster pace, urgent to find shelter and safety lest the Hunters are sent out to take her back.

She had no idea how long she'd been wandering, but she'd finally found a quiet rural town. The place seemed pleasant enough, even in the deafening silence of the night, but she daren't approach any home, even the buildings which appeared to be dilapidated and abandoned.

There was a mellow golden light that washed out onto the ground as she rounded a corner, and she realized it was a tavern of sorts. There was an internal struggle to continue forth and ignore it but she desperately needed scraps of paper and a writing utensil, something.

Oh, but there were people in there—people who feared and tortured her kind...

She shook her head in exasperation—she'd made it this far! She could not stop now.

Storming through the empty streets, she stalked back to one of the abandoned houses, pausing with every creak and trembling wheeze the building emitted. Jiggling with the doorknob, she slipped in silently, a sleuth figure in the black.

Wandering upwards, the young woman opened a door, not even jumping when it suddenly crashed heavily upon the dusty floorboards. Scrutinizing the gloom, she caught glimpse of a desk settled by the grimy window. Walking over, she opened the drawer, grimacing as several insects scuttled out. Groping through the contents, she found an old fountain pen and a crinkled, yellow piece of paper—it was better than nothing.

Blowing away the patina of dust on the desk, she scribbled slowly and deliberately:


My name is Megara.

I have a secret. There are people out there, people with special skills—people with gifts or curses.

I am one of them. I am asking for your help. People like us are being hunted down. If you read this message and if you are the same, please help me fight for our freedom.

Thank you.

All Megara needed to do now was deliver it.

And hope that someone, somewhere, will find it and spread the message for justice.

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