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Perry the Platypus!

The small teal monotreme was sprinting down Maple Drive at a ridiculously fast rate, chocolate eyes scanning the neighborhood carefully. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary, but with Nag's insidious plan already probably in effect, Perry could never be too careful. Hissing was coming from everywhere, almost as if serpents lay in every shadow and corner, under every rock, and in every tree. Within moments Perry was to discover this was exactly the case.

As if a single order was given, serpents rose from every hiding place to surround the monotreme. Fangs and teeth glinted in the sun, their hisses sending chills across Perry's spine as he rotated slowly, measuring his task. As he stood in their midst, the platypus counted around thirty snakes of all sizes and species ready to strike at him. His eyes flitted to each serpent in turn, spinning slowly on the spot.

In an instant, one directly in front of him struck with one to the left, right, and behind him. Perry leaped into the air to evade them all, causing them to crash together with a sickening cracking noise. He landed on the head of a smaller cobra, and slammed it into the ground before spinning around and karate-chopping a viper sideways into three garter snakes. A large boa then struck and coiled around his midriff, constricting him violently. Out of the rim in Perry's hat burst the circular saw, cleaving the massive snake in two. Perry grabbed the snake's back half and used to it whip back several more garter snakes, which gave Perry a clearing to begin to run for it, the mob of snakes right on his tail.

"Perry! Perry!" (They are all animals; they can all talk to each other, okay?) The monotreme scanned the horizon and saw a little Chihuahua beating back a rattlesnake that lay in front of one of the OWCA's entry tubes. Pinky ducked the snake's strike and jump-kicked it against a fence, where it ceased to move; out cold.

"What's going on?" Perry asked, somersaulting to where Pinky was to avoid another python's scaly constricting embrace.

"Darned snakes entered the OWCA base through all the tunnels, so there's a red alert: All agents report to base. We need to fight them inside our very base for our existence," Pinky replied, kicking open the tunnel and pushing Perry inside, "Move! Move! Move!" Pinky leaped in after Perry, and fired a small gun loaded with quick-expanding foam to cover up the entrance to the tunnel, blocking out the snakes following them.

With a dull thud the two animal agents landed at the bottom of the chute and rolled into the dimly lit base. Normally adored with bright pink lights, stuffing, and decorations, Wanda's division's base was in turmoil, the giant screen shattered and most of the furniture also destroyed. The entire layer reeked of snakes, with there being an occasional rustling of scales or a sadistic hiss emanating from the shadows.

Pinky wandered over to the console and began to punch in coordinates whilst talking to Perry, "I am still able to organize a transfer to your divisional headquarters, and I and the rest of Wanda's agents can clear out this sector, go now!" A tunnel opened up, and Perry commenced to bolt through it after giving a quick salute to Pinky.

The trip through the tube was a short one, as the two lairs were very near one another. Perry was released right underneath the old table and vase, which he was able to quickly dodge and place back into the correct order without shattering. He quickly got back and whipped around, scanning the darkened lair with a careful eye.

"Hello?" he shouted out to anyone who would respond. Here too, the screen was out, so there was no one able to contact.

"Ah… hello Perry the Platypus," was the hissing reply. Inch by inch out of the shadows rose the coiled figure and large black hood of a cobra. Perry chattered in surprise, taking a few steps back, he had killed Nag, yet here was an exact copy.

"Who… are you?" Perry asked, stepping into a fighting stance, "I killed you, Nag!"

"I… I am Nag?" The serpent released a hissing laugh, colder, lighter, sending chills up Perry's spine. Then he realized it, this snake was much larger, much older, and very much alive. "You mistake me for a fool, a pawn, a husband. Your OWCA thought we had been vanquished in India, but they never followed up. Nag survived, as did I… I am Nagina, the queen of serpents. You do not stand a chance against me." In a massive glint of fangs and a vicious rustling of scales, the mighty cobra struck towards Perry.

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