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Author's Note


I bet a lot of people were wondering how I was going to do a power balance for DBZ? Well I thought of this idea which will you see in this chapter which not only partly explains Naruto fluctuating power, but that he doesn't necessarily travel to one world at a time building up his kingdom.

Now apparently the U.S. translators fucked up and called the Cyborgs Androids as 17 and 18 are Cyborgs and not androids. An odd naming discrepancy but yeah...happens when the greedy company prods an author to continue on despite wanting to end the series. And my god unlike some series that are said to have plot holes which are really minor discrepancies and such DBZ has some major plot holes and glosses over a whole lot of issues.

Anyway I hope you guys like this rewrite I'm doing. (Working on chapter 4 which will be posted when I update all my stories.)

Anyway for the order of my stories LOOK ON MY PROFILE! If you haven't figured it out by now then it's your fault. Anyway the Hyper Form referenced here is the Hyper Form from the Sonicverse so it's Naruto engulfed in the aura of the seven emeralds.


Story Start


''Damnit Kuiinshi! Can't you ever get the time and place right?' Naruto thought as he looked amongst the ruins of a destroyed city. Body parts were scattered, blood and gore filled the air and were scattered amongst the rubble. Fires were going out of control and smoke filled the sky as only the sound of crumbling buildings filled his ears. The water was tainted with blood and most of the vegetation was dead.

The blond haired traveler dropped down to the ruined streets below. The foundation was filled with cracks as his foot steps walked along the cracked foundation of the road. This planet was dying by an unnatural means. The figure dropped down from the rubble as he walked along the cracked foundations of the road. ''Find the Z warriors and recruit them he says. Drunk bastard doesn't even know why there referred to as such.'

Store after store, home after home was nothing more then ruins to the now dwindling human race. He could feel it, the planet was dying. The spirit of Gaea would not be able to keep this planet plentiful with food and life for long. The destruction of nature by the hands of a murderous force made it to where life on this planet were on its last legs.

He would find and kill whoever was responsible before he attempted a one way trip back into the past. Using the power of wisdom that being a sage granted him he searched for the nearest form of life he could find. It nearly made his stomach turned that such few life lines could be sensed. In a cool turn he spoke the words that like many of his named attacks became a sort of habit. 'Chaos Control!'

A controlled rip in time and space had appeared as the very fabric around him was warped. Traveling through he appeared above the life lines out of a violet green flash. He looked down below and noticed four figures.

Two of them were older women and the other two was a young male and female respectively.

The first woman had raven haired and a nasty bruise on her head and was unconscious. She was wearing a typical every day where sort of style green and pink Chinese style clothing. The other had long blue hair wearing a dark blue top and jeans. The two women looked rough for wear.

The other duo consisted of an attractive blonde with long hair wearing brown boots and sleeveless jean jacket and jean skirt over a black over top shirt which was worn over a white striped shirt and black stockings with a belt.

The other had shoulder-length black hair and dark blue eyes in comparison with the blondes light blue eyes. Underneath his hair, he had two gold hoop earrings. Around his neck, he wore an orange bandanna. He wore a short sleeve black shirt with the Red Ribbon Army's logo, and underneath, he wore a long sleeve white shirt. He also wore a belt to hold up his blue jeans which have a tear below the knees of the left leg and blue and white shoes.

Deciding to take the time he had the figure drew in the energy or what was left of that type of energy around the earth as he listened to the conversation with his sensitive hearing. The androids seemed to be looking for someone. Whoever it was the woman was keen on not revealing his location. Though before the figure attacked something the woman said struck out to him.

'You monsters have taken my home, my family, everything from me. My only regret is not living to see the day you two are destroyed. To watch as you know true terror and be faced knowing your impending death is moments away. But soul less monsters like you wouldn't understand something like that. All you know how to do is kill!''

''Just kill her already. The old shrew obviously isn't going to talk!''

Warping down there just in time he blocked the indexed fire blast from the female.

''Who the hell are you supposed to be?'' The male demanded as the blond male ignored him.

'''re Bulma Briefs aren't you?'' Naruto asked as he kneel down to check to see if the bluenette was injured.

Slowly getting over her shock the woman quickly nodded. ''Who...who are you?'' she asked, startled and confused.

''Naruto...Just call me Naruto.'' He introduced as he took something out of his pants pocket and handed it to her. ''For your's a potion and it should heal her.''

''Hey I'm talking to you!''

Naruto merely raised his hand and blasted a beam of energy at the male who deflected it.

''These must be android Seventeen and Eighteen. It's a shame this dimension is one of the few my brother's notes are sparse on. Briefs Bulma-san I suggest you take your friend and go. I'll be with you as soon as I destroy the androids.'' He said, subtly creating a copy of himself to make sure they would get out of there in time not to be caught up in the fight.

''You're a cocky one aren't you? What makes you think the likes of you can beat us when the best this planet had to offer and the Saiyans couldn't?'' The blonde android taunted.

''You're's a shame I have to destroy you.'' Naruto stated as his hair spiked up slightly and a gold aura surrounded him.

''And what are you supposed to be? Some long lost Super Saiyan or something?'' Seventeen mocked. ''We've seen it all before, but since Trunks is hiding we need a new toy to play with. You will do...'' Seventeen was so busy boasting he didn't notice Naruto appear right next to him with a regular Rasengan sized ball of energy aimed at his head.

''SEVENTEEN! WATCH OUT!" Eighteen cried out as Seventeen dodged at the last second. The blast singed off a few hair as well as did nearly two kilometers worth of damaged to the already nearly destroyed town.

''Sent to the wrong time.'' he said as his breath went cold. ''I've been sent to the wrong time and I'm a bit pissed. So do me a favor and just die quickly.''

''Cocky bastard! I'll show you what happen when you...''

''I'm not in the mood!'' He roared as he sped up at the Android before he could finish and slamming his fist in the jaw, sending him hurtling backward into a half destroyed skyscraper.

Before 17 could recover Naruto shot forward and kneed him in the stomach, then spun and deliver and deliver an enjoying close hand slam him to the ground.

Naruto used his speed to shift backwards to dodge an High-Pressure Energy Wave from 18. Making use of her faster then light speed he focused the momentum of the punch and punched the Android right where her stomach would be. She staggered back, her face contorting into extreme pain as she vomited vile. While Naruto often held an ideal that extreme violence against women was cowardly and unforgivable he didn't demean to go as far as to never fight against them. They were just as capable as taking a punch as they were throwing one.

Naruto knew that holding back as such would piss off and demean the women who were true warriors that fought along side of him. Gender did not decide superiority. Going weaker and fighting against the weaker sex and training them in the 'softer' styles of fighting when they were capable of doing just as well or better then there male counterparts was another insult. No...he would not toy around with these evil incarnations. His limited knowledge of this dimension afforded him enough to know that these versions could not and would not be saved.

Before she could respond he grabbed her by the collar and flung her into the other Android and ascended to his Hyper State, attending to finish this battle with one move. It was over kill really, his speeds beyond their comprehension. Raising his hand up high he released the Chaos Energy from his body in one climatic Chaos Blast as the entire town up to the point of the nearest life was reduced to a chaos induced crater. Powering down to his base state he went to in the direction of where the life force of his copy was.

Naruto arrived just in time to find the other woman, still unconscious in the couch and Bulma Briefs in the remains of a kitchen brewing tea. ''It's not much...but it's something.'' Naruto accepted the tea with a thank you.

''Who are you? Why are you here and are the Androids?'' The hopefulness in her tone would be hard to miss.

''The Androids are no more. I was sent here to recruit powerful allies by my brother to help our cause to dethrone powerful and corrupt deities and as for who I I said my name is Naruto. I am a relic from the old time. A Tentai so to speak and among restoring my family I hope to bring balance to many worlds. Are the Earth Special Forces really...dead?'' He asked as the blue haired woman nodded.

''All of them. The androids hunted them down and killed them one by one. My Son, Trunks, went back into the past to give at least a different time line a chance and find a way to stop them, but two years have passed since he left and...'' Her hands were trembling, grief stricken her face.

Naruto placed a comforting hand on her hands. ''I know what it feels like to loose family. I even know what it feels like to loose a child. No parent should ever have to loose there child. I will make sure the tragedy that befell this time line won't happen to it's equivalent. If my knowledge is correct this dimension's time should be one of the more linear and restrictive. Being only two or three other possible time lines. There should only be one at a point of time prior to this one. I will make sure the counterparts of that world won't suffer.''

A sad smile crossed the woman's face. ''It's funny you know. You remind me of a dear friend of mind. Whenever he was here it felt like no matter what there was always a faint glimmer of hope.''

''I get that comparison all the time. How I can pull out hearts from the deepest darkness, but to that extent it's not true. There are some so far gone even I can't save them. If I could it would be an absolute and...''

''Any Absolution is evil.'' Bulma finished for him. ''You should get out of those old rags.'' The woman noted, as Naruto looked as bloody and tattered clothing. ''I think I have some of my husband's old things in an underground bunker at the ruins of Capsule Corp. They're one size fits all so they should work.''

''I thank you for your hospitality. I really did rush from my previous travel experience to this one.'' Naruto took off his skirt and placed it over his shoulder. ''At the very least I can air out.''

As Bulma's eyes took a glance at Naruto's body she couldn't help, but blush and quickly turned away. She felt a small pool of shame building inside of her. Shame that she found this mysterious teen attractive. Sure he seemed much older then he was, but he looked to be no older then 18 or 19 while she was in her forties. Sure it had been a long time since she had been with a man, over a decade now since Vegeta died, but she had long since grown and matured from the immature, selfish, shallow, and lustful to a small extent teenage girl that she was.

She wasn't going to jump some mysterious stranger because he was attractive. That much she was completely positive of. She glanced in Naruto's direction once. Okay so she was almost certain she wasn't going to jump him. A groan was the raven haired woman jarred her from her thoughts. She went over to the woman and crouched down next to her.

''Chi-Chi...are you okay?''

''Uugh...B-Bulma?'' The woman identified as Chi-Chi groaned out. ''Are we dead?'' She asked as she looked around.''I don't see Vegeta anywhere so I assume we're not in hell.''

Bulma sighed, ''You're definitely feeling better.''

''What happened?''

''I guess this is where I elaborate my whole name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Tentai. I know it's weird for me to have three last names, but the Tentain culture embraces all family names. Anyway I think I might be able to save this world yet.'' The blond said as he began explaining what he had in mind.

Six months had passed since Naruto had first arrived to that time period. Six months since he learned the events of the world from the two women, from their perspectives at least. Six months Naruto theorized on how to bring them in a dimension where time streams were different. Usually there were loop holes or more then one method, but this dimension seemed oddly specific for some reason. He even went as far as seek the advice of the higher deities of the dimension. Gathering all that he needed Naruto began the trip back into the past.

Standing opposite of him was a Shinsei Bunshin he created with minimal power. He was going to send it and the two women back into the past to change things. He could only hope that the trip would be successful while he actually observed the time streams for any possible 'jumps' and appearances by Alkino or anyone else of the likes.

Far too many times had the Devourer gained power and knowledge from his fallen enemies. Gaining the power from beings capable of destroying planets was not something he could allowed. So even if that meant sending a minimal powered Shinsei that would probably just be outpaced by the strongest fighters and hardly contribute anything it was a choice he had to make. After all his purpose was to recruit the Z-Warriors ''not fight their battles for them.''

Unfortunately not everything had gone according to plan and from the get go major changes had occurred. If killing a single butterfly outside of a controlled setting could end the human race then the addition of two new lives on Earth would changed the Multiverse by far.


Chapter End


Hope you guys are enjoying the remake of the story. Like I said I'm going back, fixing mistakes and maybe even combine chapters as rework the stories.

Aah yes the NarutoxDBZ story is up and running. No random Saiyans being sealed inside of Naruto for some retarded reason (over being fused with him.) No Z-warriors appearing out of nowhere to train Naruto and gang. (I mean come on. Don't you hate it when Harry Potter characters are overpowered or Naruto characters underpowered in the crossovers when it's clearly obvious the latter could trounce the former as the good lot of them (Wizards and Witches in general) in Harry Potter Cannon are cowards (See the over 1,000 magical crowd fleeing from 10 death eaters in book 3 I think?) who are hopeless (most of them) without their wands and nearly hardly anyone of them could hope to even match the speeds Naruto characters move at let alone the raw power a Jinchuuriki like Naruto would posses. If the gap between those two are huge then the gap between Naruto and DBZ is Ri-goddamn-dicilous.

You're just not going to have Goku show up and train Naruto and gain the power to blow up planets or suddenly go Super Saiyan. Once Naruto goes Super Saiyan...that's it. No Naruto character should be able to touch him. Of course people get retarded and give Kakashi a power level of either 30 or 50 thousand. Maybe 20. I forgot what the fic was.

Which is why I go with a Multi-series. I mean the Bleach crossovers I can mostly understand. You die and you gain Reiyaru?(Or Reisei I'm having a brain fart moment.), but sometimes the whole the Bijuu are hollow things just make you go meh along with other things. Like Naruto gaining the power of the hollows through their mask or weapons that someone happen to be sealed or something despite supposed to be being part of their wielder's souls or something. ( A lot of crossovers seem to go retarded. I know I follow a lot of cannon when I write stories, but that's to keep me from doing something retarded like having Naruto as a Ten-Masked Hollow or something. Which I think I read in a fic once.)

Which is why a Super Powered (Chaos empowered) Super/Hyper Naruto along with an unspecified amount of years worth of training and being a reborn deity works in being able to fight and beat the androids with ease. He's trained in a believable amount of time (having longevity or eternal youth. How ever you want to see it.) instead of the around ten years time of being trained by the Z warriors as a lot fanfics seem to have.

Anyway what happened during the six months will be disclosed in flash backs. I also wanted to show that Naruto may not always be able to travel to one planet to the next without worry. The DB/Z/GT portions and some sagas themselves will be broken into a several of series worth of fics themselves. But that we will get to another time. Took me forever to write this and hopefully I will begin the Metroid addition to this series as well. That's right folks, like I did with Charm I'll have a decent and long written crossover of NarutoxMetroid as well.

Negima in the near future seems good and possibility being even the CGI cartoon 'Reboot!" A toonami classic most of you probably don't even remember. Now with that I say good night as I try to update Elemental Nation Duelist before turning in for school tomorrow.

Oh and yes the OC female Saiyan dubbed Jasmine will also be making her Debut in the Saiyan Saga incarnation along with some other interesting OCs and twists I have planned.